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October 23rd, 2022

Sunday GunDay: Kelbly’s Nanook MG — 7.9-Lb LR Hunting Rifle

Nanook MG Kelbly action hunting steel

When a hunter treks deep into the backcountry, he wants a tough yet light-weight rifle that’s easy to carry. But if the hunter is pursing very big game, such as a mature bull elk, he needs a rifle capable of shooting a large-caliber bullet at serious velocities. That’s what Kelbly’s offers with the impressive Nanook MG rifle. Built on a magnesium chassis, with a 26″ carbon-wrapped barrel and folding stock, the 7.9-lb Nanook MG is a long-range hunting rifle that’s easy to carry, yet can effectively shoot big-caliber cartridges capable of taking very large game.

Nanook MG Kelbly action hunting steel

The Kelbly’s Nanook MG offers the benefits of a chassis rifle with lighter weight through the use of carbon fiber components. Take a look — you’ll see carbon pistol grip, carbon cheek riser, and even a carbon buttstock beam. And the buttstock folds 180-degrees behind the chassis. This allows convenient carry when strapped to a backpack. With its folding stock, the Nanook MG is quite “packable” even with a 26″ barrel that allows high velocities from .300 PRC, .300 Norma Magnum, or .338 Lapua Magnum cartridges.

Nanook MG Kelbly action hunting steel RMEF rocky mountain Elk Foundation
Photo courtesy Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF). CLICK HERE to DONATE to RMEF.

Nanook MG — Modern Chassis Rifle for the Long Range Hunter

The Nanook MG is a modern, light-weight chassis rifle optimized for medium- and long-range game hunting. Key Nanook MG components are low mass, allowing an overall weight of just 7 lbs. 14 ounces (before scope) even with a 26″ barrel. The heart of the rifle is Kelbly’s new light-weight Nanook action that weighs just 26.5 ounces. The barreled action rides in a magnesium XLR Element 4.0 MG chassis fitted with a carbon fiber hand grip and cheek riser to save those precious ounces. To ease packing the rifle, the chassis is fitted with a folding buttstock. This allows the rifle to have a proper 26″-long barrel to deliver high velocity with big cartridges.

Nanook MG Kelbly action hunting steel

The carbon-wrapped Heavy Palma Contour barrel is crafted by Preferred Carbon and fitted with self-timing Klaw Muzzle Brake. Kelbly’s states these barrels give excellent 3-shot accuracy, enough shots for any hunting situation. That accuracy is aided by a premium Bix’N Andy Dakota trigger set at a crisp 2.5 pounds.

Nanook MG Kelbly action hunting steel

Q & A with Ian Kelbly about the Features of the Nanook MG Rifle

Q: What were Kelbly’s design goals in making the Nanook MG rifle?

Kelbly: Our design goal was to create an optimized long range hunting rifle. We wanted something easy to pack (i.e. light-weight with a folding stock), that still had a fairly long 26″ barrel. This barrel length allows the hunter to take full advantage of the .300 PRC, .300 Norma Magnum, or .338 Lapua Magnum cartridges. We also wanted to showcase our new Nanook action, fitted to a modern chassis rifle that was light enough for mountain hunting.

Q: What are the best features of the Nanook MG Rifle?

Kelbly: There are many important features in this turn-key hunting rifle. The magnesium XLR Element chassis boasts high strength and ruggedness, with no more weight than a synthetic stock. The carbon-wrapped barrel from Preferred Barrels offers ample length for high velocities, but significantly reduced weight compared to a normal stainless barrel. The Bix’N Andy Dakota single-stage trigger provides a super-crisp break with the adjustability of a high end competition trigger.

Q: What factors favor a Chassis Rifle for long-range hunting?

Kelbly: The XLR Element 4.0 MG chassis offers the modularity of a modern precision rifle, including a full-length ARCA Rail for bipod/tripod attachment, but with the weight of a synthetic stock. The chassis also features M-Lok slots for for attaching any accessories that the hunter would want. Another key feature is that this chassis design allows you to fold the buttstock for scabbard packs and easy carrying.

Nanook MG Kelbly action hunting steel

Q: How do the carbon-wrap barrel and folding stock benefit the hunter in the field?

Kelbly: The carbon barrel allows us to remove significant weight from the rifle. We also specify the rifle with a carbon buttstock and hand grip to allow for more weight savings. The folding stock makes transport and packing much easier by reducing the overall length. Carbon barrels are well-suited for hunting, as they have proven to be very repeatable on cold bore and follow-up shots. The only thing a carbon barrel can’t do well is sustained rapid fire for many shots, but that is not needed for big game hunting applications.

Nanook MG Kelbly action hunting steel

Q. What are good chambering options for the Nanook MG Rifle?

Kelbly: We offer the Nanook MG in .300 PRC, .300 Norma Magnum, and .338 Lapua Magnum. All chamberings include a self-timing Klaw Muzzle Brake.

Kelbly’s Nanook Steel Action — Strong Yet Light-Weight

Nanook MG Kelbly action hunting steel

The two-lug Nanook action, at just 26.5 ounces, is extremely light for a steel action. The action body is made of 416R steel while the bolt is 4140 steel. This action features built-in Picatinny rail, while the bolt boasts an aluminum handle plus teardrop bolt knob.

How to Make Your Elk Hunt a Success

A North American elk hunt represents the adventure of a lifetime for many. Before heading out on an elk hunt, you want to maximize your chances of success by having the right equipment, and by doing your homework before the hunt. This National Shooting Sport Foundation (NSSF) video offers good advice on planning your first elk hunt.

Nanook MG Kelbly action hunting steel RMEF rocky mountain Elk Foundation
Success! Elk hunt photo from West Canyon Ranch, a private hunting ranch in Utah.

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October 23rd, 2022

Three Great Articles — Not Just for Ladies website NRA lady shooter hunting

In April 2020, the National Rifle Association (NRA) launched, a website dedicated to the fastest-growing group of firearm owners — America’s women. This website serves the increasing number of female gun owners, huntresses, and competitive shooters. Female involvement in firearms is growing significantly. Consider these numbers: Statistica estimates that 19% of women in the USA owned firearms in 2020, while 23% of women surveyed in a 2011 Gallup Poll stated they owned a gun.

Pistol Marksmanship training book
Jessie Harrison is one of the greatest female pistol shooters on the planet.

Here are three excellent Articles from the website, all worth reading. For each example, Click the Photo or direct link to read the full article on

1. Flying with Firearms — What You Need to Know

We recommend that any gun owner, female OR male, should definitely read this article. It is one of the better discussions on the web of airline travel with firearms, covering international travel as well as domestic flights. The article notes that you should obtain U.S. Customs Form 4457 before flying overseas with a firearm.

NRA Women airline travel flying with gun TSA International domestic

“Flying with a gun is actually a lot easier than you’d probably expect. You need a couple of specific gear items, and you need to know the proper procedure, but it’s a relatively simple process. I’ve flown with long guns and handguns dozens of times around the country and around the world. The process is generally the same, but with some additional steps and maybe additional hassle depending on the airport [and personnel.]” READ FULL ARTICLE on

2. Modular Safes — Smart Option for Easier Moving

The second article features a great video showing how to assemble a modular safe in under 30 minutes. This article also explains the benefits of modular gunsafes — primarily easier transport and installation.

NRA Women modular safes assembly video

“Modular safes have been around for a few years now and are becoming more popular. Here’s why: The safe comes delivered to you in panels, so you can bring them into your home one at a time and put it together anywhere you like. This makes it easy to carry up and down stairs, onto elevators or anywhere! Security — Is it as secure as one that comes pre-assembled? The answer is, absolutely.” READ FULL ARTICLE on

3. Rimfire .22 LR Handguns for Self-Defense

This article looks at a wide variety of .22 LR pistols and revolvers. The author discusses the pros and cons of a rimfire defense gun, concluding that while the stopping power is limited, having some protection is better than going unarmed.

.22 LR rimfire pistols defense

“Over the last few months we’ve seen the launch of new handguns chambered for .22 LR that sport the same looks and features as center-fire handguns designed for daily concealed carry. The models I’ve had a chance to work with so far include the compact Taurus TX22 semi-automatic pistol, the pocket-size Ruger Lite Rack LCP II, Kel-Tec’s P17 semi-automatic and the Taurus 942 8-shot snubnose revolver.” READ FULL ARTICLE on

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October 23rd, 2022

You Only Have One Set of Eyes — Protect Them

Sherri Gallagher
Sherri Jo Gallagher, the second woman in history to win the NRA High Power National Championship, sports Eye Protection at Camp Perry. The first lady High Power Champion was Sherri’s mother, Nancy Tompkins.

In response to a Bulletin article about Protective Eyewear, one of our Canadian readers posted a personal story. His account demonstrates the importance of wearing eye protection whenever you shoot — no matter what type of firearm you are using — even air rifles. We hope all our readers take this to heart. All too often at rifle matches we see shooters, even some top competitors, risking their vision by failing to wear eye protection.

Eye and Hearing Protection are now MANDATORY for Highpower Rifle competitors and Pistol shooters in all CMP-affiliated matches. The 2020 CMP Highpower Rifle, Pistol, and CMP Games Rulebooks all contain the following rule: “All competitors and competition officials are required to wear appropriate eye and hearing protection when on shooting range firing lines during highpower rifle or pistol firing. All competitors must comply with this requirement before they can participate in a CMP sponsored or sanctioned competition. Competitors are responsible for selecting their eyewear and hearing protection.”

2020 CMP Civilian Marksmanship program rules Highpower High Power mandatory eye protection

Red Ryder BB Gun safetyEye Protection — Lesson Learned
by Nicholas from Canada
As a boy on a mixed farm on the plains the first shooting stick I owned was a Red Ryder BB gun. My Dad bought it for me as I showed a keen interest in the shooting and hunting sports. I was about 9 years old at the time.

We had literally thousands of sparrows in our large farm yard and they liked to roost on the steel railings in the barn loft. I took to slowly thinning out their ranks by flashlight at night as these little winged pests settled in the farm buildings.

One evening as I slayed sparrow after sparrow in the barn loft — with about a dozen farm cats following me to consume these easy meals, I fired at another bird centered in my flashlight beam.

However, my aim was a bit low — and the copper pellet hit the steel beam square on. Instantly I felt a sharp pain as the BB bounced back and hit me squarely between the eyes on the bridge of my nose – drawing blood from the partial penetration into the skin. A half inch either way and I’d have lost an eye!

Never, never, never shoot at any target with a steel background with any firearm, even a BB gun – is the hard lesson I learned, and wear the best shooting glasses that money can buy!


Editor’s Comment: Among competitive pistol shooters, the use of safety eyewear is universal. You’ll never see Rob Leatham, Julie Golob, or Jerry Miculek competing without eye protection — for good reason. The handgun sports’ governing bodies effectively enforce mandatory eye protection policies. We wish the same could be said for competitive rifle shooting. We often see benchrest, High Power, and F-Class competitors shooting without eye protection. We’ve heard all the excuses, yet none of them trump the safety considerations involved.

We recommend that all shooters and hunters employ eye protection whenever they use firearms or are at a location where live fire is taking place. You only have two eyes. A tiny bullet fragment or ricochet is all it takes to cause permanent blindness in one or both eyes. As rifle shooters, we place our eyes a couple inches away from a combustion chamber operating at pressures up to 70,000 psi. I know quite a few guys who will religiously put on safety glasses when running a lathe or a drill press, yet the same guys won’t use eye protection when shooting their rifles — simply because it is “inconvenient”. That’s nuts. It doesn’t matter is you are a cub scout or a multi-time National Champion — you should wear eye protection.

I will give you a personal example. A year ago I was shooting a 9mm pistol. One of the cartridges had a primer burst outward blowing small particles, some brass, and a piece of the pistol’s extractor right back into my eyes. Thankfully I was wearing good wrap-around safety glasses. No injuries at all. But without those safety glasses, this could have been very serious. I always wear safety glasses with ALL firearms. Shown below is the same kind of primer blow-out I experienced, but with a .270 Win rifle cartridge.

primer blow-out safety glasse

Be wise — protect your eyes. To learn more about eyewear safety standards, and to learn about the latest options in ANSI Z87-certified protective eyewear, read our article on Eye Protection for Shooters.

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