October 12th, 2022

Creedmoor Sports Expands Facilities in Anniston, Alabama

Creedmoor sport anniston alabama al factory fort mcclellan

Creedmoor Sports produces premium precision shooting equipment, and is a major online vendor of ammo, reloading supplies, optics, tools, triggers, targets, rimfire rifles, and shooting accessories. It offers some of the best range carts, mats, shooting coats, and other shooting gear on the market. To assist its operations, Creedmoor Sports recently completed the purchase of four acres immediately adjacent to its current Alabama facility. The acquisition will support Creedmoor Sports’ “long-term growth objectives” and allow for facility expansion in the future.

Creedmoor Sports’ facilities are located on the grounds of historic Fort McClellan in Anniston, Alabama. The former U.S. Army installation is now home to a mix of private industry, government, and military training facilities. Since relocating to Alabama in 2013, Creedmoor Sports has enjoyed strong business growth. The company has recently become more vertically integrated by expanding its in-house manufacturing capabilities. This additional acreage will provide the infrastructure for further expansion in the areas of manufacturing, product development, and retail distribution operations.

Creedmoor sport anniston alabama al factory fort mcclellan

“Expanding our operational footprint has been a key element of our long-term growth plan for quite some time” said Bill Gravatt, Creedmoor Sports President. “The efforts of our hard-working, talented Creedmoor Sports team in areas such as product development, marketing, and operational efficiencies have created this need to expand. We’ve outgrown our current space, and to support our growth in current and new markets, we need to expand our campus. The fact we can do so right here on McClellan is really an honor. The historical significance of the area is appreciated by all of us at Creedmoor[.]”

“Our growth just over the past two years has us really pushing the limits of our current facility,” said John Teachey, V.P. of Operations and Marketing. “Bill touched on a critical point that the real impetus behind this endeavor has been our investment in growing the company; and that investment is working. Fueling this growth are aggressive new product development programs and market expansion plans which will push this need even greater in the not-to-distant future. Continuing to provide our best-in-class customer service, and delivering the products our customers want requires expansion”, added Teachey.

Tour of Current Creedmoor Sports Production/Warehousing Facilities

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