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February 20th, 2023

BargainFinder 387: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

NOTE: All listed products are for sale to persons 18 years of age or older. No products are intended for use by minors.

1. MidwayUSA — Electronic Muffs $59.99/Electronic Plugs $44.99

walker's electronic earmuffs buds plugs
Electronic earbuds are good for hunters, Muffs are tough yet comfortable

Good hearing protection is essential whenever you go to the range. We recommend muffs and/or plugs with at least a 24dB NRR (noise reduction rating). Having electronic amplification is very valuable as it allows you to hear range commands while still protecting against dangerous noises. Right now MidwayUSA is offering two excellent Walker’s hearing protection products. For a lightweight solution, the 29dB NRR Electronic earbud-type plugs on a rope-style connector are now just $44.99, a 50% savings. Or choose the 27db NRR electronic muffs for $59.99, a huge 66% savings over the regular $159.99 price.

2. Midsouth — Vihtavuori Powders with FREE Reloading Guide

vihtavuori midsouth powder reloading sale reloading book guide
Vihtavuori powders in stock at good prices with FREE Load Manual

Right now Midsouth has a large selection of rifle and pistol powders IN STOCK at attractive prices. And, this week, purchasers of Vihtavuori powders from Midsouth will get a FREE official Vihtavuori 100th Anniversary print reloading guide. Vihtavuori makes many great powders. N133 is the top choice of most short-range benchrest-for-group shooter. N320 is our favorite .45 ACP powder, and N550, with a burn rate between H4350 and H4831, works well for a variety of medium and large rifle cartridges.

3. Sentry Ammo — Norma 9mm Ammo, 1000 Rds $207.99

henry arms 9mm 9x19mm luger norma 124gr ammo ammunition free ammo can
Very high quality 9mm Norma 124gr FMJ 9mm ammo at fantastic price

Here is an absolutely GREAT DEAL for high-quality 9mm Luger ammunition. Right now Sentry Ammo is offering 1000 rounds of quality Norma 124gr 9mm bulk pack ammunition for $207.99. That’s just $0.21 (twenty-one cents) per round! With this special deal you even get a nice hinged polymer ammo can.

4. Locked & Loaded — Savage A22 FV-SR, $287.56

savage A22 semi-auto rifle sale NRL22

Good deal on reliable, semi-auto .22 LR rimfire rifle

NRL22 and PRS 22 disciplines are America’s fastest-growing forms of rifle competitions. If you want to try your hand at NRL22 without sinking a fortune, check out the Savage A22 FV-SR now on sale for $287.56, 18% OFF. This semi-auto rifle has shown good accuracy, and it comes complete with a Picatinny rail on top. The .22 LR Savage FV-SR model upgrades the original A22 platform with a button-rifled, 16.5″ medium-contour barrel, and threaded muzzle. The A22 FV-SR features a user-adjustable AccuTrigger and reliable straight blowback semi-auto action for fast follow-up shots.

5. Graf & Sons — CCI .22 LR Ammunition from $3.99/50

peterson brass ale
Quality CCI .22 LR ammo in stock at very good prices

With the growth of NRL22, PRS 22, and rimfire F-Class, more and more shooters are competing with rimfire rifles. And with action steel matches, rimfire pistol shooting is hugely popular these days. Thankfully, its still possible to get good rimfire ammo at reasonable prices. At Graf’s you’ll find good CCI .22 LR ammunition starting at just $0.08 (eight cents) per round. CLICK HERE for CCI .22 LR Deals.

6. Midsouth — RCBS Reloading Presses on SALE

midsouth RCBS rock chucker summit rebel single stage press sale
Quality RCBS Presses in stock now at very competitive prices

Midsouth Shooters Supply has discounted its line-up of RCBS Single-Stage Presses. For example Midsouth has the Rock Chucker Supreme Press at $169.99. That’s over forty bucks less than some other sellers charge. And you can get the new RCBS Rebel Press for $179.99, a solid deal. The innovative compact RCBS Summit press is now $199.99. We’ve used the Summit press. We like the open front and it works well for small reloading areas or at the range.

7. Amazon — Frankford Arsenal Perfect Seat Priming Tool, $52.59

Frankford Arsenal Perfect Seat Priming Tool primer
Precise Depth Control, 12 Shell Holders, Quick-Change, Carry Case

Seating primers to a consistent depth helps deliver enhanced accuracy and low ES/SD. However, most priming systems don’t allow precise depth control. If you’re looking for a priming tool that allows you to adjust primer seating depth, check out the Frankford Arsenal Perfect Seat Hand Primer. This tool comes in a protective case along with a full set of case holders and primer flip tray. A quick thumb release system allows you to switch from small to large primers quickly. Get this now for $59.99 on Amazon.

8. Amazon — Caldwell Resetting AR500 Popper Targets, $87-$99

popper target sale
Self-resetting targets made from good AR500 steel

Shooting at reactive targets is ton of fun, but no one likes trekking down range to reset them. Here’s the answer — sturdy, self-resetting AR 500 steel targets. These come complete with frames that raise them off the ground. Grab the Caldwell Prairie Dog Popper Target at $99.99 or the Caldwell Pepper Popper Target at $86.99. Both these targets tilt when hit for instant confirmation. Then the built-in, automatic reset spring lifts the steel back up so you don’t need to go down range.

9. CDNN Sports — Grid Target Packs starting at $1.99/12

cdnn champion grid sighting sight-in target color sale
Great deals on colorful Champion grid target packs

Grid targets are great for sighting-in your firearms or developing loads. Right now CDNN Sports has a great deal on Champion target sheets. Get a 12-Pack of Champion Shotkeeper Sight-In Targets for $1.99, grab a 12-pack of Champion Rifle Precision Targets for $2.49, or get a 10-Pack of Champion 5-Diamond Redfield Sight-In Targets for just $2.69. Both target sets feature colorful contrast and precise 1″-square grids to help you gauge your group sizes. NOTE: There’s also a 100-pack of the Champion Redfield Sight-In Targets for $11.99 (just $0.12 per target)!

10. Amazon — Ear Muffs (assorted colors) 26dB SNR, $15.99

ear muff sale
Good compact muffs for the price with a good 26db SNR

We say it all the time but don’t ever shoot without quality hearing protection. Consider these Vanderfield folding ear muffs. These come in a variety of colors (blue, black, brown, green, gray, red, purple, pink) so you can easily tell yours apart from others. The 26db SNR sound protection rating is above average for compact muffs. For maximum protection use plugs under the muffs. (FYI, “SNR” or Single Number Rating, is the EURO equivalent of the NRR noise rating in the USA.)

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February 20th, 2023

New ZEISS Flip-Up and Fold-Flat Lens Covers for Riflescopes

zeiss 2023 scope optic flip-up fold-flat pro lens cover

New for 2023, ZEISS offers added protection for ZEISS riflescopes in the form of ‘Flip-Up and Fold-Flat Pro Lens Covers’. These heavy-duty lens covers are designed with several key – and proprietary – features that set them apart from similar products currently available. Retail prices are $34.99 for the ocular (eyepiece) lens covers and $49.99 for the objective lens cover. The new accessories will be available from Authorized ZEISS Retailers in North America, beginning late April 2023.

zeiss 2023 scope optic flip-up fold-flat pro lens cover

“Our all-new flip-up lens covers are manufactured with a robust stay-secure dual-clamping system and provides OEM fitment for current ZEISS riflescopes; they also offer a few extra unique features as well,” said Kyle Brown – Director of Marketing/Product for Carl ZEISS SBE, LLC. “These lens covers remain open and secured in place when in the folded-flat, shooter-ready position — even under heavy recoil. They offer great protection from the environmental elements and will help keep those valuable lenses from getting scratched. The benefit is simple: clean and scratch-free optics at-the-ready. And clean optics will help you deliver precise and accurate hits on target.”

zeiss 2023 scope optic flip-up fold-flat pro lens cover

ZEISS will offer a total of nine unique lens covers sizes, each providing an excellent OEM fit for each ZEISS riflescope. All are made in the USA with Nylon 11 material to resist harsh UV light and maintain proper fitment – even with extreme shifts in temperature – and reduce weight. Each lens cover utilizes dual clamps with stainless steel hardware and springs to ensure long-term fit and serviceability. Both ocular and objective lens covers provide a fold-flat securing system which allows for the flip-up cap to be held in the shooter-ready position parallel with the scope’s main tube, and then remain there, secure during recoil.

Additional Proprietary Features
The design of the objective lens cover offers two unique, proprietary features: 1) The integrated spare battery containment system provides a spare battery when and where it’s needed most; 2) The on-board Torx® wrench containment system provides a secure and out-of-the-way, yet handy, location for keeping this valuable turret tool where it belongs. These features provide great benefits for hunters and shooters.

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February 20th, 2023

Funny Wisecracks from the Shooting Range Range Humor joke funny quote

Shooting can be a frustrating sport at times, prompting shooters to say some funny things in the heat of the moment. Here’s a collection of humorous range ripostes, supplied by Shooters’ Forum members (who are listed after each quote). Enjoy.

CLICK HERE for full Forum Funny Saying Thread.

“I paid to use all of the target and I’m getting value for money on all of the real estate!” (Macropod)

“At 65 years of age, 1000-yard benchrest is better than sex, because a relay lasts 10 minutes!” (The Viper)

“How did I do?” “Well the gun went off and nobody got hurt, we can build on that….” (Mr. Majestic)

“Treat that trigger likes it’s your first date, not like you’ve been married to it for 20 years.” (Jet)

“It’s a good thing broad sides of barns aren’t at many shooting ranges.” (Rocky F.) Range Humor joke funny quote
Target photo by Forum member RyanJay11.

“It was an 0.2″ group! Well, err, except for that flyer….” (Dsandfort)

“It’s not the arrow, it’s the Indian.” (Rocky F.)

“I can’t understand it. That load worked good in my other barrel”. (Hogpatrol)

“You bakin a biscuit?” Said to me as I was sitting at the bench ready to shoot with a cartridge in the chamber of a hot gun, taking longer than necessary. (Ebb)

“Shooting groups is easy. Just put the last three between the first two.” (Uthink)

Shooter 1: “Hey you cross-fired on my target!”
Shooter 2: “Well you cross-fired on mine first!”
Shooter 1: “Yeah but you could have at least shot an X like I did on yours.” (At Raton — Rocky F.)

“I had a bughole going and my second shot dropped straight down!” (JDMock)

“The nut came loose on the end of my stock.” (TXDan)

“That’s a pretty eight.” (REastman quoting James Crofts)

“I almost shot a record.” (Jay Christopherson)

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