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April 7th, 2023

NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits — Just One Week Away

NRA National Rifle association annual meetings exhibits convention pre-registration registration indianapolis convention center April 2023 indiana

The 2023 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits will take place at the Indiana Convention Center on April 14-16, 2023 in Indianapolis, Indiana. That’s just a week away, so folks planning to attend should get ready.

» CLICK HERE for Full List of NRA Exhibitors

The Exhibit Hall is open all three days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and will showcase over 14 acres of guns and gear from hundreds of manufacturers and retailers. The Hall will host approximately 800 exhibitors, with receptions and demonstrations. Attendees can see the latest guns, knives, optics, ammo and accessories available on the market today.

NRA meetings exhibits 2023 Indianapolis indiana nra-ila foundation dinner wall guns NRA meetings exhibits 2023 Indianapolis indiana nra-ila foundation dinner wall guns

For NRA members who did NOT pre-register, admission passes can be picked at the convention, at the Convention Center entrance area. Be sure to have ID and your NRA member number.

» CLICK HERE for EVENT Listings for NRA 2023 Annual Meetings

At the 2023 NRA convention, events include the NRA Foundation Banquet and Auction, the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum, plus multiple seminars. There will be appearances from notable celebrities, and a major Saturday concert. CLICK HERE for full Event Calendar.

NRA meetings exhibits 2023 Indianapolis indiana nra-ila foundation dinner wall guns

The NRA Convention is just 7 days away. If you plan to attend the 152nd NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits get your hotel booked right away. With the current policies coming from the White House, there has been no more important time to support the Second Amendment.

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April 7th, 2023

REMAGE Pre-Fit 6mmBR Conversion — How to Do It

Remage Savage Remington Rebarrel 6BR 6mmbr
Barrel nut system allows “Pre-Fit” barrel installation on a Remington action. CLICK photo to zoom.

REMAGE Project Report by Bill, Editor
Installing a new barrel on your Remington 700 (especially without a lathe) may seem like a daunting task, but thanks to companies like McGowen Precision Barrels and Criterion, there are easier alternatives. By adopting a Savage-style barrel nut on a 1 1/16″ thread for a Remington 700 receiver, pre-chambered (aka “pre-fit”) barrels can be easily swapped with just a few hand tools. This system is sometimes called a REMAGE conversion (for “REMington savAGE”). With simple tools a “Pre-fit” 6mmBR-chambered barrel was installed on the author’s Remington action — no machining or lathe-work required.

Remage Savage Remington Rebarrel 6BR 6mmbr

Using a few tools from Brownells: Remington 700 Action Wrench, Barrel Vise, Go and No-Go Gauges, Recoil Lug Alignment Tool, and a Savage Barrel Nut Wrench, I was able to swap the .308 Winchester barrel off of my Remington 700 short action and install the new McGowen pre-fit, pre-chambered barrel, converting it to a tack-driving 6BR (aka 6mmBR Norma).

The existing barrel is simply removed from the action (normally the hardest part) and the new barrel is screwed on with the Go Gauge in place. After headspace is verified with the Go Gauge, the barrel nut is tightened against the action and you are off to the range. It takes all of the machine work out of the barreling process.

Note: Because barrel nut has a slightly larger diameter, some stocks may require minor inletting. Also, if you are shooting fired brass from another rifle with the same chambering, you should FL-size the brass before loading it for your new pre-fit barrel. And always check the set-up with a dummy round loaded to normal cartridge length BEFORE you head to the range. With Pre-Fits, the freebore should be adequate for your cartridge, but always check and adjust your seating depth as needed.

remage 6mm BR 108 berger best group 360

My McGowen Remage barrel looks and shoots great. I’ve written two longer articles that provide greater detail about this project. To learn more about how the barrel was installed, read: Rebarrel a Remington 700 without a lathe: McGowen’s Remage barrel conversion. To see how the rifle performed at the range, read: McGowen Remage Barrel Review: Spoiler Alert — It Shoots!.

Bill has been a serious shooter for over 20 years. A former Marine Corps Sergeant, he’s competed and placed in High Power Rifle, ISPC, USPSA, IDPA, 3-Gun, F-Class, and precision rifle disciplines. In addition to being an NRA-certified firearms instructor and range officer, Bill has hunted big game in North America, South America, and Africa. Bill writes extensively about gunsmithing, precision rifles, and the shooting sports on his website.

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April 7th, 2023

SIG Sauer P322 Pistol — Good .22 LR Option for Fun & Training

sig sauer p322 .22 LR 22LR rimfire pistol optics ready

If you are looking for a versatile, well-crafted semi-auto .22 LR pistol, here’s an option you should definitely consider — the SIG Sauer P322. Introduced in 2022, this .22 LR rimfire pistol that should be popular with SIG’s centerfire handgun owners and anyone who wants a quality, polymer-framed .22 LR pistol. Th P322 offers excellent ergonomics and 20+1 capacity, making it good for cross-training and fun rimfire shooting.

This VIDEO explains the features of the new P322 (Loud Volume — turn down at work):

The new P322 was designed and built by SIG Sauer in the USA. It has many premium features, including an optics-ready removable rear sight plate allowing installation of a red dot optic without adapter plates. The P322 offers ambidextrous controls, interchangeable flat and curved triggers, and fiber optic front and rear sights. The P322 even comes with a threaded barrel adapter making it suppressor-ready right out of the box. And with a 20-rd magazine for 20+1 total capacity, the new P322 is the highest-capacity .22 LR pistol in its class. (And a mag extension is offered for 25-rd capacity).

Though it may look like a striker-fired pistol, the SIG P322 is a hammer-fired, single-action-only design (the hammer is enclosed by the rear of the slide). The P322 is blow-back operated with a fixed (non-tilting) 4″ barrel. This helps contribute to excellent accuracy and reliability.

Hands-On P322 Testing by 22Plinkster

SIG Sauer P322 Pistol Features:

Ambidextrous Controls With Reversible Magazine Catch
Optics-Ready Removable Rear Sight Plate
Fiber Optic Front and Rear Sights
Hammer-fired, Single-Action-Only, Fixed 4″ Barrel
Suppressor-Ready With Included Threaded Barrel Adapter
Interchangeable Trigger Shoes (flat and curved included)
20 Round Magazine Capacity (with +5 optional mag extension)

sig sauer p322 .22 LR 22LR rimfire pistol optics ready

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