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April 4th, 2023

Organize Your Long Guns in Gun Safes with Rifle Rods

Gun Storage Solutions Rifle Rod Kit

Running out of space in your gun safe? Here’s a clever product that will allow you to store more long guns in your current vault. The plastic Rifle Rods from Gun Storage Solutions slip in long-gun barrels and then grip the shelf above using Velcro pads. This allows you to nestle your rifles and shotguns much closer together than with the conventional racks provided with most gunsafes.

The handy Rifle Rods are offered in bright orange or basic black. We prefer the orange rods (shown above with the Velcro “receiver” shelf liner provided with the Rod Kit).

Gun Storage Solutions Rifle Rod Kit

Rifles with narrow furniture (such as lever guns) can be placed very close together, saving lots of space. For benchrest or varmint rifles with wider fore-ends, you won’t benefit as much. Note that, in the photo above, all of the guns are fairly slim — none have wide fore-ends. Still we think these Rifle Rods could open up 12″ or more horizontal clearance in a medium-sized safe — that could easily allow you to store six (6) more guns in two rows, as shown.

Rifle Rod Kits Starting at $22.95
A kit with 5 Rifle Rods and loop fabric shelf liner costs $22.95 on, while the 10-Rod Kit with liner costs around $34.95. That’s a lot cheaper than buying a new safe. A six-pack of additional Rifle Rods costs $19.95 on Amazon. You can also purchases rods and fabric directly from Gun Storage Solutions.

WARNING: Always REMOVE Rod from barrel before taking gun to the range. Never place live ammunition in a gun with storage Rod in the barrel!

Product tip from EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.
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April 4th, 2023

Powder Valley Now Sells RCBS Presses, Dies, Tools and More

powder valley rcbs fred huntington Vista Outdoor

Powder Valley now offers RCBS Reloading tools and components as part of PV’s large selection of shooting sports and reloading products. So now, when ordering powder, primers, brass, ammo, and bullets, you can also add dies, reloading tools, and even a RBCS reloading press. “Powder Valley already offers an extensive line of reloading components, including Federal, Speer, and Remington bullets, CCI and Federal primers, and Alliant powders. The expansion of our Reloading Tools and Equipment line makes perfect sense” said Bill Clinton, CEO of Powder Valley. “This is one more way we can [benefit] our Customers and serve their reloading needs”.

CLICK HERE to see the wide variety of RCBS products now in stock at Powder Valley. You’ll find powder dispensers, priming tools, reloading presses, case prep tools, plus a wide selection of reloading dies.

A Short History of RCBS (And the Origin of the “RCBS” Name)
powder valley rcbs fred huntington Vista OutdoorRCBS was founded in 1943 by Fred T. Huntington in Oroville, California. Huntington was a dedicated shooter but found it difficult to obtain quality varmint bullets. However, after reading about making a die to swage .22 rimfire cartridge cases to form jackets for bullets, he began to craft his own dies in the back room of his father’s Oroville laundry and dry-cleaning business. Because the resulting bullets were used to shoot rock chuck varmints, he named them Rock Chuck Bullet Swage dies, later shortened to RCBS.

RCBS soon outgrew this modest beginning. By 1958, RCBS expanded to a 7,500-sq-ft factory that quickly grew to 50,000 square feet. With time, more expansions have occurred, but RCBS stayed near its roots. Oroville is still the major location for RCBS production. RCBS is now a subsidiary of Vista Outdoor, which also produces Federal and CCI ammunition and primers, Alliant powder, and many other products.

Visit to see Powder Valley’s full inventory of RCBS products.

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