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April 13th, 2023

Save $100 on Quality TRX-925 Scale at Creedmoor Sports

Creedmoor Sports TRX-925 gram precision reloading scale sale $100 off saving

Need a high-quality reloading scale, but can’t afford an $800 A&D force restoration scale? Then you’re in luck. Starting at 12:00 pm Central Time on Thursday, April 13th, 2023, you can get the excellent Creedmoor Sports TRX-925 scale for $249.95. The deal — a whopping $100 savings off the regular $349.95 price — works for the first 249 customers. Don’t delay — this is a limited $100 Off Sale.

NOTE: This $100 OFF Sale is Good for the First 249 buyers ONLY!
The Sale commences at 12:00 noon Central on Thursday, April 13, 2023

About the Creedmoor Sports TRX-925 Precision Scale
The Creedmoor Sports TRX-925 scales are produced in an ISO9001:2008 approved facility and utilize laboratory-grade electronics, including carefully-tuned and optimized strain gages. The TRX-925 also includes an anodized static-free powder pan, 925 Grain maximum capacity, and a modular draft shield.

Creedmoor Sports TRX-925 gram precision reloading scale sale $100 off saving

The TRX-925 measures powder weights in GRAINS not grams. The vast majority of scales on the market utilize grams as their native unit of measure and simply convert the measured weight from grams to grains by using a formula. Unfortunately, this method of behind-the-scenes conversion can cause rounding errors that affect the reported weight. This TRX-925 scale offers true +/-.01 grain resolution for superior weighing accuracy.

To ensure that the TRX-925 maintains the level of precision that serious reloaders demand, each Creedmoor Sports TRX-925 comes standard with three F-1 class calibration weights (2g, 10g 50g) each with its own protective storage case.

Creedmoor Sports TRX-925 gram precision reloading scale sale $100 off saving

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April 13th, 2023

Top 10 Lever Guns of All Time — Do You Agree with This List?

Greatest top 10 lever RifleShooter magazine Winchester Savage Ruger

A while back, RifleShooter Magazine released a list of the Ten Greatest Lever-Action Rifles of All Time. Writing for RifleShooter, Brad Fitzpatrick examined a wide selection of lever guns produced in the past 150 years, and came up with this short list of ten “all-star” lever action rifles:

Rifleshooter marlin 336 1894 1886 lever gun

1860 Henry Rifle
Browning BLR
Marlin 336
Marlin 1895/444
Ruger 96/44

Savage Model 99
Winchester Model 1873/73
Winchester Model 1888/88
Winchester Model 1892/92
Winchester Model 1894/94

As with all “Top 10″ lists, this will be controversial. Where is the Winchester model 1866 “Yellowboy”, the favorite of Native Americans? Where is the iconic Winchester model 1895, the beloved gun Teddy Roosevelt called “Big Medicine”? But other choices are hard to fault. The Henry Rifle, the first popular cartridge lever gun, surely belongs on the list. And, believe it or not, the Winchester Model 94 is the best-selling sporting rifle of all time in the USA, according to RifleShooter.

Greatest top 10 leer guns yellowboy 1866

Greatest top 10 leer guns yellowboy 1866

So what do you think of RifleShooter’s Top 10 list? Does it make sense, or did RifleShooter magazine get it wrong? NOTE, on the Rifleshooter Lever Gun Page, to see descriptions/photos of ALL the guns, you need to click the gray arrows that appear (barely) below each gun description (see below). That will scroll through the ten guns horizontally, back and forth.

Rifleshooter marlin 336 1894 1886 lever gun

Fitzpatrick writes: “The lever action played a very legitimate role in America’s westward expansion. It could bring meat to your table or protect your land and assets against rustlers. Nostalgia aside, the lever gun is an effective hunting tool for those willing to live within its limitations. While it can’t beat a bolt gun with a light trigger and free-floated barrel in a long-range shooting competition, a lever action in the right hands can be rather accurate, especially given new advancements in rifle design and bullet technology.”

Historic American Arms — Teddy Roosevelt’s Lever Guns
These two lever action rifles, owned by President Theodore Roosevelt, are part of the NRA Museum collection. First is a Winchester 1886 rifle known as the tennis match gun because Roosevelt used winnings from a tennis match to buy it. Below that is a suppressed Winchester model 1894 rifle. Roosevelt liked to shoot varmints around Oyster Bay (Long Island, NY) with this gun so he wouldn’t disturb his neighbors — the Tiffany and Du Pont families.

Teddy Roosevelt Winchester 1894 1886 lever gun

Teddy Roosevelt Winchester 1894 1886 lever gun

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April 13th, 2023

Females Purchase Firearms in Increasing Numbers

jessie harrison women female gun owners dan wos

Women are becoming an increasing percentage of firearms owners. Gun ownership is no longer male-dominated. One study suggests that, in recent years, nearly half of all new gun sales have been to women. In addition, it is estimated that women now represent 42% of American gun owners, and that number increases with every passing year.

Gun journalist Dan Wos of The Loaded Mic podcast channel has made interesting observations about the increase in gun ownership by ladies. Citing a series of studies, Wos observed that women in the USA are now buying nearly half of all new firearms. Many of these ladies are first-time gun owners who are motivated by a desire for self-protection.

On, Dan Wos has an article “Don’t Believe the Spin: Women are Empowering the 2nd Amendment”. Here are highlights:

Let’s look at the actual numbers. In 2021 a Harvard University study found that nearly half of all gun purchases between 2019 and 2021 were by women. 42% of gun owners in America are women (a 14% rise over the previous five years.) The total number of women who became gun owners during that two-year period is almost 3.5 million.

In an article by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, it was said that “women accounted for about half of all gun purchases between 2019 and 2021, and that new gun owners are more likely to be female.” This [indicates] the trends in firearm purchases moving forward.

Not surprisingly, the largest spike in gun sales occurred during and shortly after the violent left-wing riots in several cities across America in 2020. According to a survey conducted by Professor Matt Miller at Northeastern University, between January 2020 and April 2021, gun purchases rose from 13.8 million to 16.6 million. Almost 50% being women and approximately 5.4 million brought [firearms] into homes that had not previously had them.

About Dan Wos and The Loaded Mic
The Loaded Mic is a one-hour, weekly web show hosted by Second Amendment Advocate, author and commentator Dan Wos. Dan became a popular and respected voice in the gun rights community after the release of his book Good Gun Bad Guy, now a three-book series. You can access full episodes in video format on The Loaded Mic’s Rumble Video Channel.

Dan Wos loaded mic good gun bad guy book purchase

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