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June 3rd, 2023

Saturday Movies: Entertaining, Informative Guns & Gear Videos

Guns & Gear Gun Talk Gresham 14th season free videos

Examples of Guns & Gear Videos from GunTalk YouTube Channel
Guns & Gear is a leading gun-centric resource with hundreds of informative videos. Produced by Tom Gresham, Ryan Gresham, and the Gun Talk team, Guns & Gear showcases new products in the firearms industry. Each episode features interviews with industry experts/instructors, range demonstrations, tips, and training techniques. Guns & Gear content is all FREE — you can watch hundreds of videos from Guns & Gear past seasons via the Guns & Gear Archive on And there are 900+ Guns & Gear videos on YouTube as part of the GunTalk Media YouTube Channel.

Popperpalooza — Shooting 100 Steel Popper Targets with AR15

This fun video shows the ability of a modern sporting rifle (MSR) to drill a host of reactive steel targets with speed and efficiency. Using a Springfield Armory Saint AR-15, top action shooter Rob Leatham takes on “Popperpalooza” — a set-up with multiple rows of 100 steel “popper” targets. Shooting reactive targets is fun because you get instant gratification with the sound of the hit and the movement of the target as it falls down, swings, or spins.

Savage 110 Precision Field Test and Review — 6.5 Creedmoor

Looking for an accurate, value-priced chassis rifle for PRS/NRL production class competition? Or would you like to shoot a big magnum in ELR matches? The Savage Arms 110 Precision is a good choice. These Savage 110 chassis rifles show excellent accuracy, and the barrel nut system allows easy installation of pre-fit barrels. Priced at $1649 MSRP, the Savage 110 Precision features an aluminum MDT LSS XL Cerakoted chassis and a 24″ barrel with factory muzzle brake. Chamberings offered are: 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win, .300 PRC, .330 Win Mag, and .338 Lapua Magnum.

Reloading Basics with Gavin Gear of

In this Range Ready Tip, Gavin Gear of explains the basic equipment one needs to reload rifle cartridges. Whether you’re an experienced reloader, or aspire to be one, you’ll find Gavin’s explanations helpful. He covers the key procedures — case sizing, priming, powder dispensing, and bullet seating. This Range Ready Tip features Hodgdon powders and Nosler bullets, with Lyman reloading presses and tools.

How to Improve Organization of Your Gun Safe

Many gun owners can benefit from this video which shows how to arrange the long guns and handguns in your gun safe. The video shows how to use rifle rods and handgun hangers to organize your gun safe contents in the most efficient manner. This can both make it easier to access your guns and can also help protect your valuable firearms from scraping and contact damage. Note: We recommend you put both rifles and pistols in rust-blocking sleeves for long-term storage.

Guns & Gear Goes to GAP Grind — Leading Pro/Am PRS Match

For this video, Gun Talk’s Kevin “KJ” Jarnagin attended the Bushnell GAP Grind, a huge PRO-AM PRS match held annually in Tennessee. The GAP Grind, the largest, most popular PRS match in the world, draws nearly 400 amateur and pro shooters. Recognized as the premier PRO-AM precision rifle match with both individual and team competition, the GAP Grind has introduced thousands of new shooters to the sport since its inception. This 2-day, multi-stage PRS match is known for being very challenging.

Optics — Angled and Straight Spotting Scope Designs Compared

Spotting scopes come in two basic styles — straight and angled. The angled version is the most common because it can be used from all shooting positions — even prone (just rotate the spotter around its centerline). If you are spotting from a sitting or standing position, with the spotting scope on a tripod, a straight spotter may work best. That way your head/neck/torso is not bent down and you can instantly see a full view ahead just by moving your head slightly away from the lens. In this video, Gun Talk’s Kevin “KJ” Jarnagin covers the pros and cons of Straight vs. Angled spotting scopes. KJ uses Leupold SX-4 Pro Guide HD15-45x65mm spotting scopes in both straight and angled configurations.

Norma TAC-22 Rimfire Ammo — Great Bang for the Buck

Norma TAC-22 ammunition is widely available for under $4.50 for a 50-round box. This is very good .22 LR ammo for the price. We’ve used this ammo in rimfire tactical rifles and it shoots as well as some other brands costing twice as much. For plinking or fun target work you should give Norma TAC-22 a try. In this video, Norma’s Daniel Cox and Guns & Gear’s Chris Cerino conduct a range test showing TAC-22’s accuracy and reliability. Right now you can get a 500-round brick of TAC-22 from J&G Sales for just $38.95.

Guns & Gear Gun Talk Gresham 14th season free videos

Other Recommmended Guns & Gear Broadcasts

Guns & Gear broadcasts are hosted online via and the Guntalk YouTube Channel. There are now over 930 Guns & Gear videos on YouTube. The shows can also be accessed free via Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV channel. On cable television, Guns & Gear airs on the Sportsman Channel: Wednesday at 2:00 pm, Thursday at 8:30 and 11:30 pm, Friday at 2:30 pm, and Monday at 5:00 am.

Below are links to five past Guns & Gear shows we recommend. These feature some impressive rifles and pistols, notable new optics, and good travel advice for gun owners. Click a link below to open the show list for a particular season. Seasonal show previews will then display top to bottom in numerical order. Then look for the particular show number and click on it.

Season 13, Episode 7: Colt Anaconda, Frankford Arsenal X-10 Progressive Press, SIG Sauer Red Dot optics

Season 12, Episode 12: S&W M&P 15-22, S&W .22 LR Victory

Season 11, Episode 30: Long-Range Riflescopes from Crimson Trace

Season 10, Episode 8: 6.5 Creedmoor – What It Is, and What It Can Do

Season 10, Episode 30: Traveling with Firearms (Gun Cases and Air Travel)

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June 3rd, 2023

Excellent Winchester Online Resource for New Shooters

Winchester new shooters training website videos

To help serve America’s many millions of new gun owners, Winchester offers an online information site for first-time ammunition and firearms buyers as well as those just getting started in the shooting sports and hunting. Winchester’s New Shooters Site has many helpful articles plus a series of informative videos.

Winchester new shooters training website videos

Winchester Videos (click links to watch)

Getting Started as a Gun Owner
Four Main Gun Safety Rules
What to Look for in a Gun Range
Your First Time at a Gun Range
Safe Gun Training at Home — Dry Firing
How to Safely Store Guns at Home
How to Safely Store Ammo at Home
Best Guns for Beginners

Where-To-Shoot Nationwide Listings

Winchester’s New Shooters Site also incorporates the NSSF’s WHERE-To-SHOOT Resource, the internet’s most comprehensive listing of gun ranges. The Where-to-Shoot section makes finding a local range easy. Simply input your location and max desired distance, and the site will generate a list of nearby indoor and outdoor ranges with a Google map.

Winchester new shooters training website videos

Access Content on Social Media Platforms Also

Winchester’s information for new shooters will be featured on as well as on Winchester’s Facebook Page, Instagram Site, and YouTube Channel.

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June 3rd, 2023

CaseCruzer Handgun Transport Cases — The Best You Can Get

CaseCruzer gun pistol case revolver magnum 6-pack 5-pack 4-pack 3-pack

A California company, CaseCruzer, makes the nicest multi-pistol hard cases we’ve ever seen. With capacities from 2 pistols to 6 pistols, these lockable range cases hold handguns securely in angled “quick-draw” slots. In addition to the molded pistol carriers, there are slots for magazines together with a separate compartment for muffs, ammo, and other accessories. The base Quick Drawer 3-Pack and 4-Pack cases are quite expensive at $416.22, but they offer outstanding protection with great usability. We have never seen better handgun transport systems with nice vertical compartments for magazines. Water-tight and dust-proof, CaseCruzer cases are airline approved (ATA 300).

4-Gun Case
CaseCruzer gun pistol case revolver magnum 6-pack 5-pack 4-pack 3-pack

The smart design of the “Quick Draw” CaseCruzer cases lets you keep your pistol locks in place during transport. There is enough clearance to stow the pistols securely even with bulky trigger-guard locks.

5-Gun Case
CaseCruzer gun pistol case revolver magnum 6-pack 5-pack 4-pack 3-pack

Wheelgunners will like the CaseCruzer Revolver 6-Pack. CaseCruzer also offers a Quick Draw case that holds six semi-auto pistols with magazines. The semi-auto 6-Pack is offered with optional wheels.

6-Gun Case
CaseCruzer gun pistol case revolver magnum 6-pack 5-pack 4-pack 3-pack

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