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June 8th, 2023

Burris Optics Team Challenge Runs June 22-25 in Wyoming

burris optics team challenge wyoming june 2023

How’d you like to go to a beautiful 17,000-acre ranch in Wyoming this month, with a chance to win major prize money and valuable shooting gear? That’s the lure of the Burris Optics Team Challenge, a 3-day shooting competition scheduled for June 22-25, 2023, at a private 17,000+ acre ranch in Douglas, Wyoming. CLICK HERE to Register.

burris optics team challenge wyoming june 2023

The Burris Optics Team Challenge is a unique event with two-person teams competing in multiple shooting disciplines — long-range rifle shooting, pistol shooting, and shotgun shooting. The competition is designed to test participants’ marksmanship skills, as well as their ability to work together as a team. In partnership with Competition Dynamics, this match offers a world-class, cutting-edge competitive practical shooting experience is a beautiful, backcountry environment.

burris optics team challenge wyoming june 2023

The match takes place on a huge range located just outside Douglas, Wyoming. The terrain combines rolling hills and gradual inclines mixed with mountainous zones.

burris optics team challenge wyoming june 2023

Athlon Outdoors posted an interesting article about a young couple, Tyler Hughes and Rei Hong, who competed in this event a few seasons back, finishing 8th overall. Taylor said their experience was very positive: “Our focus was to go as hard as we could, improving our plan each day based on what we learned from each other. Most importantly, we never lost sight of having fun together.”

Participants in the Burris Optics Team Challenge will have the chance to win a variety of prizes, including optics, cash, and other shooting-related gear. In addition, the top-performing team will be crowned the Burris Optics Team Challenge Champions and awarded a grand prize.

Burris Optics Team Challenge Match Overview
Stages: 3 Field Hike (long); 2 Long Assault (timed, multi-gun style); 1 standards
The 3 Field Hike stages will involve significant movement on foot while engaging multiple targets
Rugged desert / mountainous terrain with natural hazards — Local altitude of 5200′
Targets — rifles to 1000 yards, carbine to 600 yards, and pistols to 60 nominal
Locate, range, and engage targets under strict time constraints
Competitors carry all gear used during the courses of fire
Almost all targets will be reactive armor steel plate
Unknown, various, and non-standard target sizes

Registration for the Burris Optics Team Challenge is now open, and spaces are limited. Interested participants can learn more and register online at the event website.

burris optics team challenge wyoming june 2023

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June 8th, 2023

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As we head into summer, many Americans will be spending more time at the range. And competitors will be shooting in rimfire and centerfire rifle matches throughout the country. Here’s an opportunity to learn competition skills, gun tuning methods, and reloading techniques from leading experts. A vast resource of great gun-related content available online for FREE. Check out the Shooting Sports USA Articles Archive. SSUSA maintains a vast digital library with hundreds of articles going back to June 2009.

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June 8th, 2023

Shoot Dime-Sized Groups “All Day Long” — Here’s the Trick

Dime size meme humor joke accuracy

We’ve all encountered those boastful guys at the range — you know, the ones who say their factory rifle will shoot “dime-sized groups all day long.” Well maybe they were actually telling the truth — it all depends on the size of the ten-cent piece. With the huge dime shown above, we think we could shoot “dime-sized groups all day long” — even with a pistol. After seeing this, one reader commented: “That’s great. So this means my groups are only around Quarter-sized!”

Credit Forum member DKhunt14 who started a thread with this humorous image in our Shooters’ Forum. Other Forum members gave examples of similar accuracy claims they’ve heard:

I ran into a local tactical guru a few years ago that topped any story I’ve ever heard yet. He claimed he could shoot a quarter-inch group every time at 300 yards — like no problem whatsoever. — IMMike

I had a guy tell me he dropped a doe at 420 yards with a M1 carbine, open sights. Never took a step. I’ll bet he also shot those dime-sized groups!– DJ Porter

Seems like we could substitute 1000-yard prairie dog (other small varmint) hits for dime-sized groups. They both happen “all day long”. — Dsandfort

Many folks come into my shop… and feel compelled to regale me with their life history with firearms. Head-shooting squirrels at 100 yards with a .22 short and iron sights, deer dropped at 500 yards with a .35 Rem, ground hogs taken with one shot across vast distances, etc. — and it would appear that every former SEAL, Marine or SF sniper lives in the general area. My Dad used to tell me that sometimes you just have to smile and nod a lot. Not always, but a lot.

I’m not a huge fan of Bass Pro Shop, but I DO appreciate Bass Pro’s motto: “Welcome hunters, fishermen and other liars.” Human nature can be so entertaining. — JLT

GET Your Own Giant DIME

By the way, if you want your own jumbo dime, offers 3″-diameter Roosevelt dimes for ten bucks. These would be good for range accuracy challenges. You could tell a buddy you can “put five shots on a dime at 200 yards”. Then whip out this slightly oversize 3-incher and see his face.

These could also serve as “gag prizes” at club shooting matches — giveaways for folks who want to say they shot a group at 200 or 300 yards that could be “covered with a dime” … a 3″ dime that is!

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