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June 2nd, 2023

Shooting Industry June Issue Focuses on Gun Safety & Security

shooting industry safety gun protection june 2023 issue

Shooting Industry magazine has released its first-ever “Safety Issue” this month (June 2023), coinciding with National Safety Month. Among the many articles in the June issue are three major features which can benefit gun owners and range operators. These articles cover Firearms Safes (large and small), Eye and Ear Protection, and general range Health and Safety procedures.

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Gun Safe Trends for Large Vaults and Portable Units

shooting industry safety gun protection june 2023 issue

In this month’s featured Gun Safes article, SI writer Shannon Farlow spoke with Stephen Hall of Lock It Up Safe Company; Brice McCunn, of Iowa Safe Company; and Larry Hyatt, president of Hyatt Guns.

SI: Which types of gun safes are the most popular these days?

Hall: In our store, we tend to divide safes in a few categories such as pistol/travel, “home safes” (which usually means 44″ and shorter, small safes (think 1–20 rifles), big safes (20+ rifles) and extra-large safes, which can have capacities of close to 100. We seem to rotate through all of them pretty consistently, but if I had to pick one that’s a bit slow it would be the medium sizes such as 60″ tall and between 36″–42″ wide. Oftentimes, I think people want something much smaller or much larger.

McCunn: In Iowa, we’ve noticed a trend of larger safes being sold. For instance, 72″ tall safes are by far the most popular for our region, but we do sell a variety of sizes.

Hyatt: Small handgun safes remain our top sellers. We use these as add-on sales for every gun sold in our store and we offer a discount at point of purchase.

SI: How popular are portable gun safes?

Hyatt: These are our top sellers by a significant margin. They are an inexpensive way to allow gun owners to secure their firearms, while still allowing easy access to them, both in the home and on the go.

Hall: Securing a firearm in a car is probably the most popular thing small handgun-style safes are utilized for. Vaultek has done a phenomenal job of addressing this with their LifePod and Barikade line of travel safes. They come in a variety of sizes, colors and features. Vaultek has biometric options along with keypad options, creating an option for most shoppers.

Eye and Ear Protection

shooting industry safety gun protection june 2023 issue

Eye and ear protection are vital for all gun owners. And visitors to shooting ranges should rent/borrow eye and ear protection if they don’t have their own gear.

Store owners interviewed by Shooting Industry noted that safety gear sells well: “Out of all the stuff in the shop, they’re probably the easiest things to sell, maybe other than ammo,” confirmed Tim Van Leiden, owner of The Gun Guys in Kansas. Indeed, this stuff is pretty much a mandatory part of every shooter’s kit, suggests John Stephenson, general manager of Metro Shooting Supplies in Missouri. Accordingly Metro Shooting promotes eye and ear protection for all customers.

There is a trend to shooters getting electronic muffs. These offer excellent protection against high-decibel sounds while still allowing shooters to hear range commands. Plugs alone can work well, but plugs under electronic muffs may be the best option. Plugs under muffs can provide maximum sound protection (with 6-8 dB NRR better than typical muffs alone), while allowing shooters to hear instructions and communicate with fellow shooters.

Shooting Range Safety and Health Programs

shooting industry safety gun protection june 2023 issue

In a detailed “Best Practices” artile Dale Krupinski explains how to maintain effective range safety and health programs, and keep indoor ranges safe for workers and customers. Among the key points covered in the article are:

1. Frequently inspect the shooting range for safety hazards.
2. Conduct lead dust and noise exposure tests for range workers.
3. Provide safety and health training to range managers and employees.
4. Communicate safety and health protocols to contractors working at the range.
5. Regularly verify that the safety and health programs are working as intended.

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June 2nd, 2023

How to Clean Your AR-15 — Three Good AR Maintenance Videos

Barrel cleaning AR15 bolt carrier carbon Jerry Miculek gas key direct impingement

Let’s face it, AR-platform rifles run dirty, at least compared to typical bolt-action rifles. The AR-15 works by piping gas from the barrel back into the bolt carrier, causing the bolt to unlock and the carrier to move the bolt backward. The “exhaust gas” from the barrel contains soot and carbon. The carbon will form hard deposits on the bolt. In addition, the carbon can combine with lube on the bolt carrier to make a nasty, paste-like sludge. This can be particularly problematic when the black paste pollutes the ejector and extractor recess.

This Editor has inspected dozens of ARs over the years. Other than mag-related malfunctions, the most common cause of AR cycling problems I found was oily gunk in the extractor and ejector areas. Many AR owners overlook these critical areas. Look at an AR that hasn’t been cleaned properly and you’ll probably find black gunk (and small brass shavings) in the ejector and extractor recesses.

If you want to keep your black rifle running smoothly and reliably, you must clean it regularly and follow the correct maintenance procedures. Here are three videos that explain how to properly disassemble and clean AR-platform rifles. And then they cover the essential lubrication ARs need to run reliably.

Take-Down and Full Cleaning of AR15 by Jerry Miculek

Here ace shooter Jerry Miculek takes down and cleans an AR-platform rifle belonging to his daughter Lena. This is a good video because Lena’s rifle was “run hard and packed up dirty” so you can see where carbon and grease build up. This 35-minute video is very thorough. Jerry is one of the nation’s top action carbine shooters, so listen carefully to his advice on cleaning and lubrication.

General AR-15 Maintenance and Lubrication

There are various schools of thought on AR lubrication. Some guys like to run “wet” with lots of CLP, while others choose to focus lubrication on the key spots that receive the most friction and wear, such as the contact point for the bolt carrier. We do advice check the ejector recess and extractor spring recess frequently as gunk can get in there, causing malfunctions. Here is a good video from Pew Pew Tactical — a 7-minute guide to cleaning and lubricating AR-platform rifles. This shows important details for both the upper and the lower.

How to Clean Your AR-15 Bolt Carrier Assembly

This video offers very specific advice on the bolt carrier group, which receives the dirty gas directly from the barrel. Be sure to check the extractor and ejector recesses. That’s where old lube, brass shavings, and carbon accumulate. Follow the directions in this video for lubrication, and don’t over-lubricate the bolt carrier — that will only capture more carbon.

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June 2nd, 2023

Brownells Warehouse Inventory Clearance Sale — June 2023

Warehouse Inventory Clearance Sale brownells

Right now, Brownells is running a big Warehouse Inventory Clearance Sale with 59 popular items on sale. There are big discounts on rifles, pistols, AR parts, chassis systems, optics, and ammunition. Right now you can save 20% or more on many of these discounted guns, scopes, and accessories.

Warehouse Inventory Clearance Sale brownells

Select Items on Sale Now

Here are eight notable selections from the 59 products currently listed in the Brownells Warehouse Inventory Clearance Sale. There are many other great bargains, but these seemed especially good:

Warehouse Inventory Clearance Sale brownells

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