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November 4th, 2023

Saturday at the Movies: F-Class Showcase for Nationals Week

F-Open Ben Avery Phoenix Arizona F-class video saturday showcase erik cortina f-class john masek bisley f-tr

The 2023 NRA F-Class National Championships are underway right now at the Ben Avery Range outside Phoenix, Arizona. There are two divisions: F-Open and F-TR. The F-Class Championships have two segments, Mid-Range and Long Range. The Mid-Range Championships ran from October 29 through November 1st, while the Long Range Championships commenced on November 2, and conclude on Sunday, November 5. See details of the 2023 F-Class Championships, including the course of fire, on the Desert Sharpshooters 2023 F-Class Nationals Program page.

» 2023 NRA F-Class Nationals Results Page (F-Open & F-TR)

For this Saturday Video Showcase, we feature five F-Class videos. These segments cover F-Class equipment, reloading, load testing, marksmanship, wind-reading and competition.

F-Class Competition — On the Firing Line at 2020 Nationals

This 12-minute video by F-Open ace Erik Cortina shows the action at the 2020 F-Class Nationals held at the Ben Avery Range outside Phoenix. Erik, who shoots with F-0pen Team Lapua, explains how team competition differs from the individual matches. Wind calls are made by the team’s wind coach. The shooter focuses on the trigger pulling.

Erik Cortina SW Nationals F-Open

Reloading for F-Class — Tools and Techniques

In this video, Erik Cortina, the 2023 SW Nationals F-Open Champion, and member of Team Lapua, provides a break down of the process he goes through to reload his match ammo for competition. Eric covers all phases of reloading: bullet sorting, case prep, priming, powder measuring, and bullet seating.

Load Development Procedures for F-Class — Seating Depth

F-Open Ben Avery Phoenix Arizona F-class video saturday showcase erik cortina f-class john masek bisley f-tr

In this video, 2023 NRA Mid-Range National Champion John Masek (aka “F-Class John”) explains how he does load development in an efficient and reliable manner. He specifically focuses on testing for optimal seating depth. With 229,000 views, this is the most-watched video on F-Class John’s popular YouTube channel. Viewers have praised this video: “This was a great video, really appreciate the explanation about how you bracketed the jump and why you chose the closest.”

F-Class Competition at Bisley Range in the UK

Bisley England UK f-class

Every wondered what F-Class competition is like in England? There are different staging rules and different targets with “V” for a center hit vs. “X” at USA F-Class matches. This video covers the 2015 F-Class Championship held at the famed Bisley Range in England, UK. To learn more about F-Class in the UK, For more on F-Class, visit

Wind-Reading for Long-Range Competition

In this excellent video Keith Glasscock explains how to read the wind and even predict wind changes in cycling conditions. Keith notes that you should look at environmental features and mirage, not just wind flags. Keith is one of America’s best wind gurus — he was a team wind coach and he has finished second three times in F-Open division at the F-Class National Championships.

Bryan Litz F-Class F-TR 2015
Here is the sleek, carbon-stocked .308 Win rifle Bryan Litz used to win both the 2015 Mid-Range AND
Long-Range F-TR Championship at the Ben Avery Range in Phoenix, Arizona.

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November 4th, 2023

The AR Addiction — The Compulsion to Buy More Guns

Hoarding AccurateShooter Forum AR

Forum member Kevin (aka “N10Sivern”), revealed he needs some help with a compulsion — a compulsion to keep buying more and more guns and ammo. Particularly ARs, all shapes and sizes of ARs. Way too many ARs. You could say he has an ARdiction….

In a Forum Thread, Kevin posted: “I may need an intervention. Trying to clean my office and pulled this stuff out. I’m missing an AR10 lower somewhere and an AR15 upper. I’ll find them before the day is done. I have a big box full of parts as well, and 4 barrels still in the cardboard tubes. Sigh. This is gonna be a lot of Cerakoting for me.”

Another Forum member said: “For the love of God, man. Delete this thread lest you be accused of hoarding!”

Kevin replied: “I guess I am hoarding a little. But it’s good hoarding right?”

And then he posted this “Mail Call” photo:

Hoarding AccurateShooter Forum AR

Kevin’s caption: “It only gets worse. Mail Call today: 20″ .308 Ballistics Advantage barrel, 26″ Savage 25-06 barrel, 700 pieces of .38 special, 300 pieces of .357 magnum, 500 pieces .308 Win, gas tube, Hornady Modified Case Gauge. I have more crap on the way too.”

Forum Member’s Chime In…
Kevin’s “Need Intervention” post drew plenty of comments from other Forum Members:

“God! It is so refreshing to see that my illness is widespread with little hope (or desire) for a cure. I smiled reading each post.” — Gary0529

“You know you have a problem when you open a drawer and find components you forgot you bought.” — JoshB

“It’s not hoarding if you intend to use it. Says he who has 12,000 primers.” — Uthink

“I guess I’ll go ahead and volunteer to help you with your obviously much needed intervention… send me the pictured items and then you’ll no longer have to deal with those nasty temptations. Just think about it, you’ll have less clutter in your office plus you’ll not have to fret over the need for any cerakoting either. I’m just one human being volunteering to help out another fellow human being who needs help!” — PikesPG

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November 4th, 2023

Learn About Optics and Hunting with Leupold Podcasts

Leupold Stevens Core Insider Podcast audio hunting shooting radio show

With days growing shorter and winter on its way — here’s a great audio “infotainment” resource to help fill those long winter nights. Leupold offers podcasts, 40-75 minutes in length, on a variety of topics of interest to hunters and precision shooters. A podcast is like a radio show that’s available 24/7, at your convenience. To “tune in” via your home computer or mobile devices, just visit the Leupold Podcast Page.

CLICK HERE for All Leupold Core Insider Podcasts »

Oregon-based optics-maker Leupold & Stevens (“Leupold) offers the “Core Insider” podcast series. These podcasts deliver hunting advice and recount successful hunting trips — such as Caribou hunting in Alaska. Other Leupold podcasts provide optics info, industry intel, and tech tips. Leupold’s Core Insider podcasts can also be accessed directly from From the Leupold Podcast Home Page, you can stream the podcasts live or download for later listening.

You can also stream these podcasts via iTunes, Google Podcasts and Spotify.

The Leupold Core Insider Podcasts cover a wide variety of shooting and hunting topics. One early episode features Leupold team members Kyle Lamb and Buck Doyle discussing long-range shooting, while recent Episode 55 explains how Binoculars and Rangefinders function. There are now 96 Leupold Podcasts available online for FREE.

Episode 2, Long-Range Shooting. Click to launch Leupold Ep. 2 Podcast Page:

Leupold Stevens Core Insider Podcast audio hunting shooting radio show

Episode 55, How Binoculars and Rangefinders Work. Click to launch Leupold Ep. 55 Podcast Page:

Leupold Stevens Core Insider Podcast audio hunting shooting radio show

Episode 36, The Art of Wild Game Cooking. Click to launch Leupold Ep. 36 Podcast Page:

Leupold Stevens Core Insider Podcast audio hunting shooting radio show

There are now ninety-six (96) Leupold Core Insider Podcasts. Here are ten of our favorite episodes. Click links below to access:

Leupold Stevens Core Insider Podcast audio hunting shooting radio showEpisode 94: Anyone’s Hunt Colorado Rifle Elk
Episode 56: Hunting Elk in Utah with Wild Country Outfitters
Episode 54: How to Select a Riflescope for Your Budget
Episode 52: Randy Newberg’s Top 5 Glassing Tips
Episode 44: Understanding Rangefinder Technology, Myths, and More
Episode 41: Precision Rifle Competition Shooting with Jon Pynch
Episode 37: Q&A with Leupold Technical Service
Episode 26: Understanding Your Shooting System 101
Episode 7: Predator Hunting with Jeff Thomason
Episode 6: Trendsetters — Women Who Hunt

Access Leupold Core Insider podcasts from iTunes, Google Podcasts, or Spotify. You can also get Core Insider podcasts on Core Insider videos can be found at

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