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November 7th, 2023

F-Class Long Range Nationals — Klemm and Basalla Champions

nra f-class national championships long range 1000 yards

We congratulate Ian Klemm (F-TR, left below) and Matthew Basalla (F-Open, right below) — the 2023 NRA F-Class Long Range National Champions! The NRA F-Class championships were held at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility outside Phoenix, Arizona. The 2023 Long Range F-Class Nationals ran November 2-5, following the Mid-Range F-Class Nationals held October 29 through November 1st.

nra f-class national championships long range 1000 yards

F-Open Long Range Championship

Matt Basalla (1594-101X) earned an impressive victory in F-Open, followed by Peter Johns (Second) and Norm Harrold (Third). Matt only dropped just 6 points across the three days, while Peter dropped 7 and Norm 8. Impressively Matt recorded 101 Xs during the match. Mid-Range winner John Masek told us that this was “Crazy good shooting in some tricky conditions”.

nra f-class national championships long range 1000 yards

F-Open Individual Results | F-Open Team Results

Team Lapua/Brux/Borden Wins F-Open Team Event
It went down to the wire in the F-Open Team Competition. Team Lapua/Brux/Borden finished first with 1593-95X. Team Long Shots was tied on total points with 1593 but took second on X-Count with 93X. Both those teams had shooters with superb 400-24X scores. Team Lapua also set a Nationals one-phase team record of 800-53X, breaking the previous record of 800-42X set in 2014 by the Long Shots. The top individual performance in the Team match was a 400-29X by Johnny Ingram of Team Bayou Boyz.

nra f-class national championships long range 1000 yards

nra f-class national championships long range 1000 yards

Conditions at the Long Range Championships
John Masek, 2023 F-Open Mid-Range Nat’l Champion, told us about the conditions during the Long Range phase of the F-Class Nationals: “Conditions for the Long Range F-Class Nationals were oddly deceiving. We started out Thursday with some mild cross winds that would switch quickly, but if you were patient you could shoot in steady conditions. It was clear that those at the top of the leaderboard had figured that out as there were quite a few shooters who dropped from zero to a just a couple points.

Friday was a pretty close repeat of the previous day and if you had figured out the previous day’s conditions you were in the top half, but there were plenty of people who struggled and dropped quite a few points. The final individual day on Sunday started in totally different conditions with a pretty decent head wind that was quickly moving the flags left to right. If you weren’t paying attention, you could easily get blown out to the left or right in the blink of an eye. The final relay was back to a crosswind with some tricky angle changes. Over the three days there was plenty of wind to help push the top shooters up, leaving no doubt that Matt Basalla was top F-Open shooter, and earned his victory.”

F-TR Long Range Championship — Ian Klemm Wins Again

In the F-TR division, Ian Klemm put in a great performance to secure his fifth National F-TR LR Championship finishing with both high score and top X-Count (1580-82X). Ian has previously won in 2021, 2020, 2018, and 2017. To secure FIVE titles in 7 years is mighty impressive. Certainly it can be argued that his FIVE F-TR Long Range Championships earn Ian the “F-TR GOAT” title (greatest of all time). Keith Trapp finished second (1578-74X) while Oleg Savelyev took third place (1575-72X).

nra f-class national championships long range 1000 yards

F-TR Individual Results | F-TR Team Results

nra f-class national championships long range 1000 yards

Team Vortex Wins F-TR Team Event
As captain of Team Vortex, Ian Klemm also was part of the winning F-TR squad which scored 1588-76X. Team Vortex member Keith Trapp finished with a 400-19X, not dropping a point. He was the only F-TR shooter to have a 400 in team competition. The Bridgeville Long Range F-TR squad took second place with a 1580-61X score.

nra f-class national championships long range 1000 yards

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November 7th, 2023

CMP Advanced Maintenance Class (AMC) Rifle Clinics in 2024

cmp marksmanship advanced maintenance class clinic Alabama talladega

After a long hiatus, the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Advanced Maintenance Classes (AMC) will return in 2024. These clinics, run by expert instructors, show students how to assemble vintage rifles. Those interested in the AMC may register through the CMP website. Registering for multiple classes is permitted, but no applicant will be selected for more than one slot.


cmp marksmanship advanced maintenance class clinic Alabama talladegaThe Advanced Maintenance Class (AMC) is a three-day course in Anniston, Alabama with training from the CMP Custom Shop staff. Topics such as head space, barrel installation, component purpose/function, general rifle assembly, rifle/component maintenance and various accuracy techniques will be covered using instructional videos and visual presentations. Along with classes for individuals, the Custom Shop will host four “Buddy Class” dates — reserved for applicants wishing to attend with a designated partner.

This is not an inexpensive program. Total cost for the 3-day 2024 AMC sessions will be $2,350 ($1,200 for tuition + $1,150 for Expert rifle). The $1,200 tuition fee will be billed immediately after purchasing the course from the CMP eStore (with $150 of class tuition fee considered as a nonrefundable “registration fee”).

CMP Advanced Maintenance Clinics 2024 Class Dates:

Class 1: February 27 – 29, 2024
Class 2: March 1 – 3, 2024 – BUDDY CLASS
Class 3: June 25 – 27, 2024
Class 4: June 28 – 30, 2024 – BUDDY CLASS
Class 5: August 20 – 22, 2024
Class 6: August 23 – 25, 2024 – BUDDY CLASS
Class 7: October 22 – 24, 2024
Class 8: October 25 – 27, 2024 – BUDDY CLASS

In conjunction with the classroom sessions, students will receive individualized instruction and assistance from Custom Shop staff. Students will also visit Talladega Marksmanship Park to view the grounds and test-fire their personally-crafted rifles.

cmp marksmanship advanced maintenance class clinic Alabama talladega

NOTE: As the classes are very popular, registration will be based on a lottery system. Registration for the lottery will open November 27 and run through December 22, 2023.

cmp amc garand clinic classThe Fine Print:
Total cost for the 2024 AMC will be $2,350 ($1,200 for tuition + $1,150 for Expert rifle). The $1,200 tuition fee will be billed immediately after purchasing the course from the eStore ($150 of the class tuition fee is a nonrefundable “registration fee”). Late cancellations, made within 30 days of the class start date, will be subject to forfeiture of an additional $300. Deadline for class payment is 2/16/2024.

Registration Lottery:
Registrants will become part of an electronic lottery used to randomly assign the 20 available seats for each class date. An additional 20 participants will be assigned to a stand-by list for each date. These stand by lists have been established due to a historically high cancellation rate.

For any questions regarding the 2024 AMC or for online registration questions, please contact Hector Lopez-Perez in the Custom Shop at or call (256) 835-8455, ext. 513.

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