April 15th, 2024

Bargain Finder 447: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

NOTE: All listed products are for sale to persons 18 years of age or older. No products are intended for use by minors.

1. Palmetto SA — Stoeger STR-9 Pistols, $199.99 w/$50 Rebate

stoeger str-9 str-9c 9mm luger pistol sale factory rebate
After rebate, incredible deal on very good 9mm pistols

German gun-maker Stoeger makes excellent pistols. Accuracy and reliability is very good and we like the trigger better than the Glock. Right now 9mm Stoeger STR-9 pistols are on sale at Palmetto State Armory for just $249.99. That’s a great deal — but it gets even better! Through April 30, 2024, Stoeger has a $50 Mail-in Rebate. That lowers your net cost to just $199.99 — a third of the price of a Glock. For this same $199.99 price choose one of three models: Standard STR-9 (4.17″ bbl, 15+1), Compact STR-9c (3.8″ bbl, 13+1), and Sub-Compact STR-9sc (3.54″ bbl, 10+1).

2. Creedmoor Sports — Anniversary 45 Days of Deals

sale discount product
Attractive prices on wide variety of products

Creedmoor Sports is marking its 45th Anniversary this month with a major sale on a wide variety of products including scopes, reloading presses, dies, shooting accessories, competition sights, plus bullets and brass. CLICK HERE to see all the current sale items. If you are looking for brass, many types of quality Peterson and Starline brass are on sale now.

3. Grafs.com — Frankford Arsenal F-1 Press, $122.99

frankford arsenal f-1 single stage press
Versatile press, good primer exit, plus built-in light

Here’s a handy, single-stage press with some cool features. The new Frankford Arsenal F-1 press has an open front for easy case placement, plus a built-in LED lamp at the top (great for inspecting cases). And after decapping, spent primers go straight down a tube into a handy, clear, twist-off catch cylinder (as on a Forster Co-Ax). We think this would be an excellent secondary press used for decapping or bullet seating. This intro price — just $122.99 at Graf & Sons — is a great deal. NOTE: This press does NOT have priming capability — you must prime cases with a separate tool. Also, the power cord for the LED light is NOT included. For more details see Frankford Arsenal F-1 Press Review.

4. Midsouth — Rifle Basix Triggers and Trigger Components Sale

Rifle Basix trigger, Howa, CZ, Marlin, Ruger, Winchester spring replacement
Trigger assemblies for Rem, Winchester, Ruger, CZ, Marlin and more

Rifle Basix makes a wide variety of trigger components for custom rigs as well as factory rifles. There are complete trigger sets for Rem 700 and Howa/Weatherby types. In addition there are upgraded parts for factory triggers including: Savage, Ruger, CZ, Marlin, and Winchester and more. Right now at Midsouth you can get major savings on the full range of Rifle Basix triggers. Get complete Rem 7/700 trigger sets starting at $124.99, with Ruger and Marling upgrades for just $89.99.

5. EuroOptic — SIG Sauer Optics Sale, Save up to 42%

sale discount product SIG Sauer optic scope
Huge savings on scopes, binoculars, laser rangefinders, and red dots

Right now EuroOptic.com is running a big sale on SIG Sauer optics products. You’ll find savings up to 42% on quality scopes, binocs, and rangefinders. Along with the items shown above there is a great combo deal with a Sierra 3BDX 3.5-10x42mm riflescope w/KILO2800 Rangefinder for just $449.99, a $200 savings. This is a great package for game hunters.

6. Harbor Freight — Apache 9800 53″ Rifle Hard Case, $169.99

rifle case sale
Excellent, rugged rifle case at a very good price

When flying or driving it’s vital to protect your rifles. A good hard case option (at a great price) is the APACHE 9800 Weatherproof Protective Rifle Case. On sale for $169.99, this 53″-long case is $150.00 less than an equivalent-size Pelican case. Constructed from durable polypropylene, this quality hard case can protect long guns from from impact, moisture, and dust. The built-in purge valve equalizes pressure so you can open the case after changing elevations. NOTE: Case interior dimensions are 50⅜” by 13⅝”.

7. Bullet Central — ThorroClean Bore Cleaning System, $21.49

thorroclean sale
ThorroClean is ultra-effective, and favored by many top shooters

You can clean rifle barrels faster and more efficiently with the modern twin-bottle ThorroClean System from Bullet Central. We’ve been told by championship-class shooters that this stuff works exceptionally well — way better than most other conventional bore cleaners. The ThorroClean System has two elements. First use the bore cleaner fluid. Then follow with the bore flush liquid. This unique two-part system is extremely effective at removing both carbon residue and copper.

8. Amazon — Caldwell AR-500 Steel Targets, starting at $16.99

Caldwell AR500 steel yellow target gong
Great deals on durable AR500 steel targets — watch video below right

Caldwell’s bright, easy-to-see steel targets come in multiple shapes and sizes for competition, training, and recreational use. Made of AR-500 grade hardened steel, these bright yellow targets can withstand thousands of rounds. Rated up to a 3000 fps impact velocity and a 3500 ft-lb impact energy, these targets come in seven styles and sizes with three hanging solutions. These bright yellow Caldwell AR500 Steel Targets (#ad) are on sale now on Amazon, starting at just $16.99 for the 5″ Gong Target.

9. Midsouth — SnapSafe TrekLite TSA Pistol Lock Box, $29.99

Snapsafe treklite XP FDE pistol handgun lock box safe
Good, lightweight pistol box for travel — TSA approved lock

When traveling by air with a handgun, the pistol must be in a case with a TSA-approved lock. The Snapsafe Treklite XL Lock Box complies with TSA rules. It will hold two compact pistols or one larger pistol with magazing (which must be UNLOADED). Made with a strong polycarbonate case, This lightweight (2.2 lb) lock box is one-third the weight of a steel box. Right now the Treklite XL FDE Lock Box is just $29.99 at Midsouth, 25% OFF the regular price.

10. Amazon — NEIKO 6″ Digital Calipers, $24.99

neiko digital caliper sale
Good, reliable digital calipers at attractive price

Every handloader needs to measure shoulder bump, cartridge length, and other dimensions. A good set of calipers is essential. If you need calipers, check out the NEIKO Electronic Digital Calipers (#ad). The tool’s body/frame is constructed of finely polished stainless steel with a knurled thumb roller and locking screw that ensures smooth sliding and accurate positioning. If you’re getting started in reloading or are looking for a back-up set of calipers, this is a good option.

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