April 30th, 2024

Last Day Today for Smith & Wesson Wheelgun Rebate

smith wesson revolver wheelgun wonderland rebate J-frame k-frame l-frame n-frame S&W
Act soon for $50 or $75 rebate on high-quality revolvers

Smith & Wesson Wheelgun Wonderland Rebate, Save $50 or $75

Want a great revolver? We think everyone should have at least one quality Smith & Wesson wheelgun. There’s even a rebate available — but you better act fast — today (April 30, 2024) is the last day you can make a qualifying S&W revolver purchase.

Right now you can get a significant S&W Rebate on both compact carry revolvers and full-size wheelguns. For the smaller J-Frame (with $50 rebate), we like the Model 638 with alloy frame and shielded hammer. You can also get a big $75 rebate on the bigger K-, L-, or N-frame revolvers. In .357 Magnum, we like the modern L-Frame Model 686. NOTE: To get the rebates, purchases must be made before midnight on 4/30/2024 — so don’t delay.

smith wesson revolver wheelgun wonderland rebate J-frame k-frame l-frame n-frame S&W

Smith & Wesson’s J-Frame revolvers are great carry guns. We recommend the ultra-lightweight Model 638 and Model 642 Airweight wheelguns, which each weigh under one pound (14.6 oz. empty)! We like the Model 638 because it has a shielded internal hammer, so you can shoot single-action if you wish.

Rebate Applies to Popular Rimfire Revolvers as Well

The rebate is good for a wide variety of revolvers, including popular rimfire revolvers. We have an K-frame Model 617 .22LR revolver that has shot thousands of rounds. It is very accurate, with a superb trigger. Rimfire revolvers are great for training and plinking.

smith wesson S&W model 648 revolver wheelgun .22 WMR Winchester magnum rimfire 6
NOTE: There is currently a $75 S&W Rebate available for this Model 648 K-frame revolver. Qualifying purchases must be made between February 1, 2024 and April 30, 2024.

Along with its .22 LR wheelguns, S&W now offers the Model 648 in .22 WMR (Winchester Magnum Rimfire). This stainless Model 648 brings a more powerful cartridge to S&W rimfire revolver fans. Built on S&W’s medium K-frame, the 8-round Model 648 is designed for small game hunting and target shooting. The .22 WMR is definitely a much more potent varmint cartridge than the .22 LR. You have more downrange energy plus a flatter trajectory.

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