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October 20th, 2013

22-6.5×47 vs. 22-250 Standard and Improved

In our Shooters’ Forum, there was an interesting discussion of the 6.5×47 Lapua case necked down to .22 caliber. Forum members discuss the pros and cons of a “22×47 Lapua” wildcat versus the classic 22-250 or a 22-250 AI.

Forum member SkeetLee asked: “I am considering a 22x47L or a 22-250 AI. I like the Lapua brass and I have heard some good accuracy reports from the 6.5×47 Lapua case whether it be chambered as a 6.5mm or necked down to 6mm or even 22 caliber. I don’t know too much about the 22-250 AI except that it’s pretty popular and it’s fast…. I don’t see much offered for reloading dies for the 22x47L. I know I can use a bushing die to neck size but what about full length sizing and seating dies? Does it make better sense to just go with the 22-250 AI?”

22-250 Ackley Improved

Respected Savage Gunsmith Fred Moreo, posting as “Medicineman”, offered this interesting advice: “Why not get the best of both worlds? I built a 22×47 Improved for my coyote gun. It is easy as just running the 22-250 AI reamer in .050″ short, and trimming the same amount off the dies. It is actually a little more efficient than the 22-250 AI. My best load for coyotes is a 65gr Sierra GameKing pushed by 39.4 grains of H4350 for 3750 fps. The Lapua brass will take more pressure than any 22-250 brass available, and last four times as long. The 65 Sierra GKs hit like a sledge-hammer, and were originally designed for shooting red kangaroos — they’re pretty tough from what I hear.”

22-250 Ackley ImprovedForum member Vic C. from Oklahoma has experience with the 22-250 AI, and has recently built a 22×47 Lapua. Comparing the 22-250 AI with the 22x47L, Vic tells us: “Accuracy should be very good from either caliber in custom barrels.” Vic continues: “I have two 22-250 AI barrels and a new 22X47 Lapua barrel that I’ve just started load testing. The 22X47 Lapua case capacity is slightly more than a standard 22-250 Rem and less than the 22-250 AI (fireformed). The advantage of the 22X47 L, of course, is the availability of Lapua brass. I have Remington, Winchester and Federal brass for the 22-250 AIs and prefer Remington which I’ve found to be quite good, but not up to Lapua standards of course.

Recently I’ve been shooting some reformed Norma 6XC brass in the 22-250 AI and find it to be of excellent quality. [Editor’s Note: Lapua also now makes 22-250 brass though it is currently hard to find.] Dies for the 22-250 AI are much easier to come by than for the 22X47 Lapua. For a coyote rifle, if you’re not saving the hides, I think either caliber would be a great choice. For a PD rifle I would go with the 22-250 AI because of much less work prepping the hundreds of cases needed.”

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April 30th, 2012

Low-Cost Varmint Bullets from Midsouth

Varmint Extreme .224 bulletsVarmint Bullets Starting at $7.85 per Hundred
If you’re looking for decent, very affordable .22-caliber bullets for varmint hunting, multi-gun matches, and fun shooting, check out the Varmint Nightmare X-Treme Bullets from Midsouth Shooters Supply. Sourced from an undisclosed premium bullet manufacturer, these .22-Cal Varmint Nightmare X-Treme bullets are proven performers. These bullets are offered in cannelured softpoint ($40.12), premium softpoint (no cannelure, $44.19) and hollowpoint ($46.59) versions in 500-count bulk packs. You can even buy the cannelured softpoint in jumbo 2000-count boxes for $157.05 (that works out to just $7.85 per hundred). Also on sale are 500-ct boxes of .204-caliber and 17-caliber Varmint Nightmare X-treme Bullets. Look no further if you need a good quality, low-cost bullet for a high-round-count varmint expedition.

Varmint Nightmare Bullets Field-Tested by recently tested Midsouth’s 55gr Varmint Nightmare bullets in a scoped AR-15 rifle, and concluded they work great. Loaded into Hornady brass with Hodgdon CFE-223 powder and CCI 5.56 primers, these inexpensive 55gr Varmint Nightmare bullets grouped consistently under an inch at 100 yards with “an off-the-shelf Rock River AR with no special bells and whistles.”

Midsouth Varmint Nightmare X-treme .224 bullets 22 caliber

The Blog reports: “Half price bullets for an AR-15 is a dream come true for many shooters. But is cheaper inferior? That is exactly our question as we take a look at the half-priced bulk purchase .223 ‘Varmint Nightmare’ bullets from Midsouth Shooters Supply. If you look at the prices of ‘name brand’ bullets for the AR-15, they run about $130-$170 per thousand. Varmint Nightmare bullets go for as low as $157 per two thousand, and even in the lowest quantity of 500 bullets, that box costs only $46.59 at Midsouth. We haven’t been able to test these half-price bullets on game, but the accuracy is great and they seem to be extremely consistent. For popping crows or prairie dogs for an afternoon, clanging steel for 3-Gun, or just heading out to the range … these bullets seem to be a great buy.”

CLICK HERE to read full Varmint Nightmare Bullet Review (Many Photos).

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January 29th, 2011

SHOT Show Report: Sig Sauer 1911-2 and P210 “Legend”

While our SHOT Show coverage concentrated mainly on rifles and rifle accessories, we did find two notable handgun offerings from Sig Sauer: 1) a new .22LR version of the 1911; and, 2) a re-introduction of the classic Sig P210, with some enhancements. There are a handful of 22-cal 1911s on the market. Some, like the Chiappa, leave much to be desired, both in functionality and build quality. By contrast, the new Sig Sauer 1911-22 looks and handles like a high-grade .45acp 1911. CLICK for More Photos.

Sig 1911-22

The grip safety and ambidextrous frame safeties work just like those on a well-built centerfire 1911. The frame ergonomics and grips are identical to the classic 1911 design. The sights are good, and most importantly, the single-action trigger is light and crisp — just as you’d expect on a good, tuned 1911. We were very impressed with the gun, especially after noting the MSRP is just $399.00. We should add, however, that Germany’s GSG also makes a similar 1911-22 that costs less. You can buy a GSG 1911-22 for about $350.00 at larger gun dealers. The Sig Sauer 1911-22 we tried had nicer grips and a lighter trigger pull than the GSGs we’ve sampled.

Sig Sauer 1911-22

Sig 1911-22 Photos courtesy Osage County Guns and

Sig Sauer Re-Releases P210 “Legend”
Prominently displayed at Sig Sauer booth was the Sig P210 “Legend”, an updated version of the classic Sig P210. The new version has been released with an American-style mag release at the rear of the trigger guard, and some subtle modifications. The original Sig P210 is a genuine classic, perhaps the most accurate 9mm duty pistol ever created. Because of the high quality of its construction and careful hand-fitting, the P210 has never been cheap. The latest “Legend” version will be priced about $2,200.00 in the USA.

The new P210 “Legend” continues to offer superb accuracy, with some enhancements for target shooters. As expected, the P210 Legend’s trigger pull was sweet indeed — light, crisp, with no creep. Let me put it this way — the Legend’s trigger is smoother and lighter than what you’ll get on most custom 1911s. The optional, new rear target sight has a 3-position slider that adjusts the zero for three different target distances. That’s a smart feature we’d like to see on other target pistols.

In the video below we show the Sig Sauer 1911-22 and Sig P210 “Legend”. The Video starts off with a visit to the Smith and Wesson booth.

YouTube Preview Image
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