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April 13th, 2021

Tactical Showdown: Ruger Precision Rifle vs. Accuracy Int’l AX

Ruger Precision Rifle Mad minute Accuracy International AX

Can a $1300 Ruger compete with a $7000 high-end sniper rifle from the UK? That was the question posed a few years back by Frank Galli, Head Honcho of Sniper’s Hide. Galli, aka “Lowlight”, conducted an interesting comparison test, running the $1300 Ruger Precision Rifle (RPR) vs. a $7000 Accuracy International AX in a 450-yard “mad minute” drill. The goal was to see how many shots could be put on a 12″ steel target in one minute. Both rifles were chambered for the 6.5 Creedmoor and were fed with Hornady 140gr Amax ammo. The much cheaper Ruger did surprisingly well, though the AI AX did come out on top. Galli got 19 rounds on target in one minute with the AI AX compared to 14 rounds with the Ruger.

Watch the “Mad Minute” face-off in this video:

Galli notes: “The target is 450 yards away, and, as noted in the video, we have winds gusting anywhere from 10 to 18 mph out on the Front Range of Colorado today. So my job is to not only hit the target as fast as possible, but to also manage the conditions.

In Summary
Frank Galli says the Ruger offers a lot of bang for the buck:

“For those looking to get into competitive tactical shooting, like a PRS Event, there is absolutely no excuse. This rifle will allow you to be competitive, the only thing that would hold a person back is themselves. The more this rifle is shot, the more impressive it is. Would I trade my Accuracy International for one? Well, odd question, but no. However for those on a budget I would recommend the Ruger in a heartbeat.”

Upgrades for Ruger Precision Rifle — RPR Enhancements

Ruger Precision Rifle Mad minute Accuracy International AX

After conducting this test, Galli added some upgrades to his first-generation RPR, with bolt-on parts. Improvements included new barrel, stock, grip, and handguards. The first video below runs through the selection and installation of parts, while the second video shows the upgraded RPR being tested in the field. These two videos have been watched over half-a-million times combined. Note, the current-generation RPR has different handguards than shown in the photos.

Magpul MOE Grip
Magpul PRS Stock
Seekins Precision “Triangle” Handguards
LongRifles Inc. (LRI) Aluminum Bolt Shroud
Custom K&P “Pre-Fit” Barrel from LRI (chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor)

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December 20th, 2020

Sunday GunDay: Precision Rifles — PRS/NRL Rig Showcase

PRS NRL precision rifle showcase GAP Defiance 6mm Creedmoor Manners stocks
PRS/NRL precision rifle of Forum member D.Stone.

This Sunday GunDay article showcases multiple PRS/NRL tactical-type precision rifles. All these impressive rigs are featured in a long-running thread in our AccurateShooter Forum. In that thread, titled Post Pics of your PRS Match Rifles, you’ll find dozens of current PRS/NRL competition rigs. These feature a wide variety of actions, stocks, optics, muzzle devices, and support bags.

Many guys who posted photos of their PRS/NRL rifles also listed the rifles’ components, optics, triggers, and other accessories. If you are thinking about building a rifle for PRS/NRL competitions, or just for fun field-style shooting and varmint hunting, definitely delve into today’s Sunday GunDay story. You’ll find good suggestions about chambering, barrel contours, and optics choices. In addition, many of the photos feature bipods, tripods, and various support bags. This is a quick way to compare accessory components.

Matt’s Duo at the Range

Forum member “Matt_3479″ posted two of his tactical rifles during load development at the range. These two rigs are quite different. The upper rifle features a Defiance Deviant action with TriggerTech special in a Manners T5A Elite stock with Mini Chassis. The barrel is a 27″ Hell’s Canyon 1:9.5″-twist chambered for the .300 Norma. Matt says he is still working on his load tune, but the cartridge is able to drive 215gr bullets at 3150-3200 FPS.

PRS NRL precision rifle showcase GAP Defiance MPA Chassis stocks

The second rifle (below) boasts a Terminus Zeus action with TriggerTech Diamond trigger. The chassis is a Kinetic Research Group (KRG) Whiskey 3–Gen 6. The barrel is a 26″ K.S. Arms Ltd. 1:7″-twist chambered for the 25 Creedmoor cartridge. Matt says this 25 Creedmoor cartridge will drive 131gr bullets at 2890 FPS.

PRS NRL precision rifle showcase GAP Defiance MPA Chassis stocks

Wooley’s Wicked Accurate 6mm Creedmoor

This tack-driving 6mm Creedmoor from Forum member “Wooley” shows how accurate that cartridge can be with in a good rifle with a great barrel. This Nightforce-equipped rifle produced a 0.217″ 5-shot group with Hodgdon H4350 powder. Impressive!

PRS NRL precision rifle showcase GAP Defiance MPA Chassis stocks

Tactical .223 Ackley in Accuracy Int’l Chassis

This handsome tripod-mounted rig belongs to Forum member “Hoser”. This now features a Terminus action with barrel chambered for the .223 Ackley. Hoser is happy with his new 3-lug action: “Very happy with the switch to a 3-lug Terminus action, it feeds like butter. I have about 500-600 rounds on the action and it keeps getting smoother. I finally threw my Bighorn TL2 and 3 in the trash [due to crappy feeding] — a good call. Bighorn used to be such a top-shelf company too.”

PRS NRL precision rifle showcase GAP Defiance MPA Chassis stocks

MPA Comp Duo — Upgrades in Progress

These two rifles belong to Forum member “GoLong”. While they both feature MPA Comp chassis systems, if you look carefully, you’ll note that each has a different butt pad and grip. Owner Golong tells us he is planning some upgrades: “I am moving the gray chassis to a different action and going with an Accuracy Int’l AI AX chassis. I also ordered up a lateral-adjustable cheek piece and … a thinner butt pad from MPA. I am also moving from the MPA mounts for both of these and replacing them with SPUHR 4002s.”

PRS NRL precision rifle showcase GAP Defiance MPA Chassis stocks

Tactical Trio — 6.5 Creedmoor, 6mm Creedmoor, .223 Rem

Here are three rifles all belonging to Forum member “300 Whisper”. They are all fitted in Manners stocks. At left is a 6.5 Creedmoor with Defiance action. In the middle is a 6mm Creedmoor with Defiance action. And on the right is a .223 Rem with factory Tikka tactical barreled action. For middle rifle optics, 300 Whisper notes: “I am debating on putting on a DMRII or another SWFA HD on the 6CM.”

PRS NRL precision rifle showcase GAP Defiance 6mm Creedmoor Manners stocks

6.5 Creedmoor (left) — GAP built Defiance Deviant, Bartlein 24″ med Palma 1:8″-twist barrel, Manners T4A stock (mini chassis), Timney Calvin Elite trigger, metal cerakoted matte brown. Scope: SWFA HD Mil FFP.

6mm Creedmoor (middle) — Alpha Omega build Defiance Tenacity, Bartlein heavy Palma 26″ 1:8″-twist barrel, Manner T2A with Mini Chassis, TriggerTech trigger, Area 419 brake, metal Cerakoted matte black. Scope: Bushnell DMRII with G2 reticle Mil FFP.

.223 Rem — (right) Tikka Tac3 barreled action, varmint contour, 1:8″-twist, Timney trigger, Manners PRS1 stock with Mini Chassis and ARCA rail, Metal Cerakoted matte black, Surefire brake, Atlas bipod. Scope: Bushnell DMR mildot Mil FFP.

Pair of Rifles in Accuracy Int’l Stocks

Here is a nice pair of rifles belonging to Forum member “M16_4_Real”. The top rifle, in an AI AE MKII folding stock, has multiple barrel/chambering options: Gradous 6 Dasher, A-Team Precision 6 Dasher, Accurate Ordinance 6.5×47 Lapua, and Accurate Ordinance 6XC. The optic is a Premier Heritage 5-25x56mm Gen2 XR in Nigtforce UL Ti Rings. There are Area 419 Hellfire brakes on two of the barreld. The owner runs a Samb300 thumbrest plus 3D-printed data card mount. Ammo is held with a MDT 12-rd Dasher mag. The sandbag is a Waxed Canvas OG Game Changer Git Lite.

PRS NRL precision rifle showcase GAP Defiance 6mm Creedmoor Manners stocks

PRS NRL precision rifle showcase GAP Defiance 6mm Creedmoor Manners stocksThe lower rifle, in an AI AX chassis with Kelbly Atlas action, also has multiple variants: Kelbly 6 Dasher, Kelbly 6.5×47 Lapua, and PBB 6GT (new GAP cartridge). The Steiner T5Xi 5-25x56mm SCR optic rides in Nightforce UL TI rings. The 6.5 barrel has a PVA Jet Blast brake, while the 6mm barrels can use Area 419 Hellfires.

Other accessories include: MHA ARCA rail, Samb300 thumbrest, Hoptic USA 2-rd Quiver, Yow-Tech data card mount, and RDS E-Dope Card. The bags show are a SAP Lightweight rear bag, plus a Sticky Pint Size Game Changer Git Lite.

Tripod Details — Behind the two rifles is a high-tech Innorel RT90C Carbon Fiber Bowl Tripod equipped with Innorel BH-55 ball head, Bushnell Bino Mount, Kydex Timer Mount, Raush Tripod Hammock, and 6″x9″ clipboard. Gear on the tripod includes: German Precision Optics 10x50HD Binoculars, Kestrel 5700 Sportsman, and Amazon touch screen timer.

Rock Solid Chassis with Defiance Alpha 11 Action

This rig belongs to Forum member “Eric 32″. That chassis may not be familiar to many readers. It is a Rock Solid brand chassis, featuring MST vertical grip. As built by GA Precision, this rifle boasts a Defiance Alpha 11 action from Short Action Customs (SAC) with Huber 2-stage trigger. The barrel is a Bartlein 1:8″-twist chambered for 6XC and fitted with SPR barrel “bugnut” and Area 419 Hellfire brake. The Schmidt & Bender 5-26x56mm P4F scope rides in a Spuhr 4003 mount.

PRS NRL precision rifle showcase GAP Defiance 6mm Creedmoor Manners stocks
PRS NRL precision rifle showcase GAP Defiance 6mm Creedmoor Manners stocks

6mm Dasher in Manners TCS Stock

We don’t know much about this cool rifle, except that it is chambered for the ultra-accurate 6mm Dasher and the action sits in a Manners TCS Stock. Maybe the proud owner, Forum member “jsimonh”, can provide some details in the comments. We just like the camo paint scheme, great ergonomics/adjustability, and suppressor with matching camo cover.

PRS NRL precision rifle showcase GAP Defiance 6mm Creedmoor Manners stocks

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September 29th, 2019

Sunday GunDay: Five “Frankenguns” from our Forum

Exo skeleton frankengun Shelley Davison Tinkertoy 30 BR spare parts

What’s a “Frankengun”? Well it’s a one-of-a-kind rifle that has been pieced together from a variety of different parts and components. It might be a little bit Bolt Gun mixed with a little bit AR-15. Or it might feature some home-made components unlike anything you’ve seen before.

We’ve selected these four Frankengun rifles from a current thread in our Shooters’ Forum.

Frankengun #1 — The EXO (as in Exo-Skeleton)

Exo skeleton frankengun Shelley Davison Tinkertoy 30 BR

Forum member jm850 calls this tube-framed wonder the EXO (as in “exo-skeleton”). He says: “This is a prototype I designed around a few core concepts that stick out to me on a traditional configuration. Eliminating stresses, lowering recoil moment, and improved barrel cooling. I’m really happy with it so far.”

The EXO is a very unique rifle. We’ve never seen anything like this since the late Shelley Davidson’s famous Tinkertoy Rifle, a brilliantly innovative 30BR that actually won matches. The Tinkertoy, shown below, was truely radical, but it worked ! Could this have been an inspiration for jrm850’s EXO rifle?

Shelley Davison Tinkertoy 30 BR

Frankengun #2 — Moosberg MVG in LSS Stock with BipodeXt

Exo skeleton biponeXt frankengun Shelley Davidson Tinkertoy 30 BR

Forum member BallisticXLR has created something very weird to say the least. It started out as a basic, bone-stock Mossberg MVP Varmint in .223 Rem. Then the transformation began: “I replaced everything except the receiver. It now has an LSS stock, PSG-1 grip from DPMS, XLR butt stock, PT&G lug and barrel nut, Columbia River Arms 26″ barrel with Sonoran coral snake Cerakote, A2 flash hider, Timney and Jard triggers (depending on what I’m doing), and a USO B17 which is now a USO 3.8-22×44.” That long extension tube under the chassis is a BipodeXt from Accuracy Solutions.

Frankengun #3 — A Chassis Rig in 25 Creedmoor

Exo skeleton frankengun Shelley Davidson Tinkertoy 30 BR

This Frankengun belongs to Forum member Geraldgee. This “black and blue” rig features a mag-fed Kelbly Atlas action in a McCree’s Precision G10 Chassis. The barrel is a Bartlein Rem Varmint Contour, 1:7.5″-twist 4 Groove, chambered for the 25 Creedmoor. There are some interesting .25-Cal bullets coming on the market now. You can make the brass by expanding 6mm Creedmoor, or necking down 6.5 Creedmoor.

Frankengun #4 — MDT Chassis, Fore-end Whittled by Spook

Exo skeleton frankengun Shelley Davidson Tinkertoy 30 BR

Here’s a real collection of odds and ends, but Forum member Spook says it shoots well, and is a great example of “Left-over parts made useful again”. This mix-n-match Frankengun features a Remington M7 action with PT&G bolt. The barrel is a stainless Pac-Nor chambered in 6mm SLR. The barreled action is carried in an MDT Chassis with rear folding buttstock. Up front is something unusual, a Delrin fore-end that owner Spook “whittled in the mill”.

Frankengun #5 — 6.5×47 in Accuracy Int’l Stock

6.5x57 Accuracy International Krieger barrel
CLICK photo for full-screen version.

Forum member CT10Ring kicked off the Frankengun thread with this rifle. It’s actually not that shocking, but you rarely see a BAT action in an Accuracy International stock. The BAT VR action is mated to an AI Mag and set up in an AI folding stock. On top is an “old school” Nightforce Benchrest scope. The barrel is a very heavy Krieger chambered for the 6.5×47 Lapua. CT10Ring say the barrel alone weighs about 9 pounds, and the gun “shoots better than [he] can”.

Post Pictures of Your Frankenguns in our Forum
So do you have a favorite Frankengun resting in your gun safe? If you do, visit our Shooters’ Forum and post a description and some photos in the Frankengun thread.

Exo skeleton frankengun Shelley Davison Tinkertoy 30 BR

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September 18th, 2019

REVIEW: AIM Field Sports FS-42 Rifle Bag with Shoulder Straps

AIM field sports carry bag folding rifle FS-42 FS case backpack

AIM Field Sports FS-42 Rifle Carry Bag (Shoulder Pack)

Gear Review by Jason Baney
I recently had the opportunity to test out the AIM Field Sports FS-42 rifle carry bag from the UK. This brand, while not well known in the USA, is popular throughout Europe as AIM makes incredibly robust and well thought-out gear. In addition to AIM’s house brand, AIM also sells OEM gear for other well-known companies, so this outfit is well-versed in the market and know what works and what doesn’t. These are incredibly well-made bags at a very fair price (£157.50, about $196.00 USD). I expect we will see more AIM rifle bags come to the U.S. market in the coming years.

AIM field sports carry bag folding rifle FS-42 FS case backpack

About the Rifle — Accuracy International AX in 22 Creedmoor
The rifle in the photos is Jason’s new “Groundhog Laser”, chambered in 22 Creedmoor. Jason reports: “The Accuracy Int’l AX platform lets me swap barrels quickly and the Tangent Theta scope allows quick zero resets when switching barrels. The suppressor is a Silencerco Omega and the scope mount is an ERATAC adjustable. With the 24″ 1:8″-twist Bartlein 5R barrel and a healthy charge of H4350 it runs a 75gr Amax just a touch under 3500 FPS for a 1000-yard come-up of about 5.3 mils!”

Jason added: “Even my 6-year-old son loves to shoot the rifle (with the LOP set at minimum). The boy took the first 7 groundhogs with it over a 2-hour span. I took 4 that day as well — an epic groundhog adventure. My son also recently shot this rifle at 1000 yards. On his very first 1K outing, he went 10 for 11 shots on a 2/3 IPSC target!”

For me, the FS-42 was intended to carry my Accuracy International AX (another fabulous tool from the UK) to and from the range, matches, and groundhog fields. While AIM Field Sports makes several types of Carry Cases and Drag Bags, this FS-42 is the model for right-side folding stock rifles up to a length of about 41.5.” AIM’s FXS-42 would be the choice for similar length rifles but with a butt-stock that folds to the left.

AIM field sports carry bag folding rifle FS-42 FS case backpack

Good Shoulder Strap System Provides Comfortable Carry
The backpack straps received quite a bit of use and are well designed and rugged — you hardly know they exist until you deploy them for use. I actually enjoyed carrying my heavy rifle even when loaded with a tripod (strapped on the external loops), ammo, bipod, mags, suppressor, camera gear and a couple bean bags. It had no problem handling my heavy rifle and gear. Even with a 24″ barrel with suppressor mounted, and large Tangent Theta 5-25 scope the bag had plenty of room to secure and protect it.

AIM field sports carry bag folding rifle FS-42 FS case backpack

The FS-42 gives plenty of room for support gear and has many well placed straps and reinforcements to keep your rifle in place and protected in transit. The more time I spend with it the more features I notice. It is obvious that these bags were designed by shooters. While no soft case/drag bag can quite offer the same protection of a hard case, it is much less cumbersome and holds about the same amount of gear. It is so well thought-out there is even a spot for a cleaning rod along the spine of the case!

Overall, the AIM FS-series bags are well-made, well laid-out and a great value in a world where some similar bags can be nearly twice the cost. These AIM bags are a great alternative to dragging heavy hard cases around.

Final Thought: “The FS-42 Bag is excellent — I dig it. It has worked well for all tasks. The only thing I would change is a bit more padding where the bag lies on your low-back/pelvis area.”

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June 2nd, 2017

Accuracy International — Factory Tour Video from the UK

accuracy international suv AT

accuracy international suv ATWho wouldn’t like a look inside the Accuracy International (AI) factory in England? Thanks to The Telegraph, a British media outlet, you can do just that. The Telegraph got its cameras inside AI’s production facility “at a discreet location on the outskirts of Portsmouth”.

Accuracy International is perhaps the most noted manufacturer of bolt-action sniper rifles in the Western world. AI was founded in the 1980s by Dave Caig, Malcolm Cooper, and Dave Walls, three competitive rifle shooters. The company took its name from Cooper’s shop: Accuracy International Shooting Sports. The first project was a smallbore target rifle for civilians. Then the trio decided to build a 7.62×51 sniper rifle, inspired by a UK Ministry of Defense (MoD) competition to replace the venerable L42A1.

Video Showcases Accuracy International’s Products and Production Facilities

Working in a garage workshop, Walls and his partners combined their knowledge of target shooting with input from active military personnel to create the first AI sniper rifle, the L96A1. This ground-breaking design won the MoD contract and immediately proved successful in the field. In an interview with The Telegraph, Walls explained: “The company’s early success was based on not just the what the founders knew from target shooting but also what they learnt from the users, the military users. They went out and they sought inputs from those users, and based on that they designed their very first sniper rifle, and it was very successful.” Today Accuracy International continues to make rugged, versatile, and ultra-accurate sniper rifles for military, law enforcement, and private use.

This Accuracy International AT (on gimbaled mount) is not your average SUV Accessory.
accuracy international suv AT

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December 16th, 2016

Accuracy Int’l-Style .22 LR for Rimfire Cross-Training and Plinking

Keystone Arms Crickett CPR Precision Rifle AICS Accuracy International Int'l Tactical Chassis Rifle Rimfire .22 LR 22LR

Keystone Sporting Arms has created a new rimfire rifle that shares the looks and ergonomics of the Accuracy International AICS. Keystone’s new Crickett Precision Rifle (CPR) is a single-shot .22 LR bolt action rifle that uses the barreled action from the Crickett series of rifles. Trigger pull weight is 2.5-3.0 pounds. The AICS Classic-style stock is ambidextrous, but only a right bolt, right port version of the CPR is offered at this time, model KSA2150. Stock length of pull is adjustable (via spacers) from 11.5 to 13.5 inches, and there is an adjustable cheek-piece.

The Crickett Precision Rifle should be available in January 2017 and retail for approximately $310.00. This small .22 LR bolt action should appeal to Accuracy International fans who want a rimfire rifle for low-cost cross-training. This could also be a good first rifle for a young shooter. And if Dad owns a real Accuracy Int’l AICS rifle, the little AI clone would be a fun rimfire rig for son or daughter. That way the youngster(s) could shoot a smaller version of their parent’s rifle. Like father, like son (or daughter)!

Reader Boyd Allen likes this little rifle, which has a length of pull suitable for younger shooters: “I like seeing parents taking their kid(s) to the range, developing the next generation of shooters. For the price of what some guys spend on a set of fancy rings, you can purchase this little rifle and a youngster can enjoy shooting a rimfire that looks like the real-deal tactical rigs used by the ‘Big Boys’. That’s how you capture a kid’s interest.”

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December 26th, 2015

New Accuracy International Service Center in Colorado

Mile High Service Center Accuracy International

Here’s important news for owners of Accuracy International (AI) rifles. There is now an approved AI service facility in the United States: Mile High Shooting Center (Erie, Colorado). After Mile High’s tech team received extensive training at the AI production center in England, Mile High Shooting Center has been appointed the USA’s first Accuracy International Factory Authorized Service Center.

Mile High, owned by Randy and Diann Pennington, has been an AI distributor for many years and the Service Center will be run by professional gunsmith Adam Rehor. To contact the new Service Center, email or call (303) 255-9999.

Accuracy International AX Rifle
Mile High Service Center Accuracy International

Mile High Shooting Center is located in the Denver metropolitan area. The company has fully-equipped facilities to provide LEO and civilian users with factory standard spares, service, and repair for all Accuracy International rifles and equipment.

Mile High Shooting Accessories
3731 Monarch Street
Erie, CO 80516
Toll Free: 1.877.871.9990
Phone: 1.303.255.9999
Fax: 1.303.254.6572

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August 26th, 2015

Larry Vickers Shoots Long-Range with AI AX .338 LM

Larry Vickers Long range AI AX .338

In this video Larry Vickers tries his hand at long-range shooting, with assistance from Gunsite Instructor Walt Wilkinson, a .50-Cal Champion. Larry shoots an Accuracy International AX chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum, while Wilkinson pilots a .50 BMG Steyr HS-50 rig. Wilkinson mentors Vickers, covering the basics of long-range shooting from bipod. Over the course of the shooting session, Wilkinson debunks some common misconceptions while Larry attempts shots out to 1470 yards.

This video is fun to watch, but understand that this is intended more for tactical shooters who will be satisfied with one-MOA accuracy. Wilkinson says that, with the kind of tactical rifles being used, and factory ammo, achieving one-MOA groups at long range is a realistic goal: “A one-MOA gun… that’s what you’re looking for. In most cases, with the … environmental changes, the ammunition, and the rifle put together, a one MOA group is really what you should expect [at best].”

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January 12th, 2015

Accuracy International AX AICS Chassis — The New Hotness

Here’s an item for the tactical operators out there. On the new SnipersHide Forum you’ll find a thread titled AX AICS: The New Hotness. This is a very thorough Owner’s Review of the Accuracy International AX Chassis by “TriggerMonkey”. With eight large, detailed photos, this “show-all, tell-all” thread does a great job of describing and illustrating the AX chassis system. Here’s a short sample:

2014 AX AICS Chassis
A couple of years ago I took a chance and purchased my first Accuracy International chassis, specifically the AX AICS, for my Remington 700. I say I took a chance because there was the possibility that I wouldn’t like it, I’ve never really considered myself a chassis system type of guy beforehand but it had features that appealed to me. I had nothing to worry about as it turns out because I got great accuracy out of the rifle without having to bed it and the adjustability of the stock made it very comfortable to shoot. When I saw that Accuracy International was rolling a new version of the AX AICS last year I knew that I had to have one for an upcoming build. Well now that I have one in hand I can see that the differences go far beyond just the addition of a right-hand folding stock. Nearly every part has been revised from the previous generation so let’s go through some of them.

The 2014 AX AICS comes in a pretty non-descript cardboard box in two pieces, neatly packaged in closed cell foam to protect of dings and such in transit. I would say this is a step up from my first AX AICS where the packaging was sufficient but not nearly as nice.

With the 2014 AX AICS you get the following:

2014 AX AICS “Main Body”
KeySlot Forend
2 Short Picatinny Rails w/ QD Sockets
1 Long Picatinny Rail w/ QD Socket
1 Short Picatinny Rail
1 Harris Bipod Adapter
Assembly Instructions

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January 21st, 2014

New Armalite and Surgeon Rifles from Strategic Armory Corps

In a relatively short time, Strategic Armory Corps, LLC (SAC) has become a major player in the American firearms business. SAC has acquired three highly respected firearms manufacturers: Armalite, Surgeon Rifles, and most recently, McMillan Firearms. All three companies have been industry leaders in their market segments.

At SHOT Show 2014, the “Product Spotlight Team” visited the SAC booth. The video below features new rifles from SAC’s Armalite and Surgeon divisions. First up is the new, short-action Armalite AR-31, a .308 Win tactical rifle that borrows important design features from its big brother, the Armalite AR-30A1 (which is offered in .300 WM and .338 Lapua Magnum).

Armalite AR31 AR-31 .308 Winchester

Surgeon’s New CSR and PSR Rifles on Accuracy Int’l Chassis Systems
At SHOT Show, Surgeon showcased new modular rifles built on Accuracy Int’l Chassis systems. The CSR (Concealable Sniper Rifle) is a .308 Win built with a Surgeon 591 action. The CSR is featured in the video above. Surgeon’s PSR is a .338 Lapua Magnum built around Surgeon’s beefy XL action.

Armalite AR31 AR-31 .308 Winchester

Armalite AR31 AR-31 .308 Winchester

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August 10th, 2013

PT&G Now Carries Accuracy International Magazines

AI Accuracy Int'l magazines Pacific tool gaugeNeed quality magazines for your repeater rifle (with AI-compatible bottom metal)? Well Pacific Tool & Gauge (PT&G) now carries Accuracy International magazines — the best you can buy for many applications. AI’s steel mags feature a durable, corrosion-resistant coating. Both springs and risers (followers) are removable for cleaning. You’ll find PT&G is offering very attractive pricing on these AI mags — check the PT&G website for the latest prices.

PT&G’s AI magazine inventory includes:

.50 BMG: AW and AX 5-rd
.338 Lapua Magnum: AICS 5-rd, AW 5-rd, AX 10-rd
.223 Caliber: AI/AICS Polymer 10-rd
.300 Winchester Magnum: AICS 5-rd, AW 5-rd, AW 10-rd
.308 Win / 7.62×51: AICS 5-rd, AX AICS 5-rd, AE MK1 5-rd, AICS 10-rd, AW 10-rd, AX 10-rd

Mags may also be used for different calibers within same cartridge family. For example, the .308 Winchester magazines will work with .243 Win, .260 Rem, and 7mm-08 cartridges.

AI Accuracy Int'l magazines Pacific tool gauge

Product Tip from EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.
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January 21st, 2013

SHOT Show Report: Accuracy International PSR Rifle System

Accuracy International PSR sniper system

How would you like a modular precision rifle that can shoot .338 Lapua Magnum, .300 Win Mag, and .308 Win rounds — all from the same action and chassis? And how would you like to be able to swap calibers in the field (with barrel and bolt change-outs) with just a couple simple hand tools? This kind of rifle system is not just a pipe-dream. Accuracy International’s PSR Rifle system is truly three guns in one, and it’s now in production. Watch the video to see the features of this advanced modular rifle.

Scott Seigmund, V.P. of Accuracy International (North America), gave us a run-down on the features of AI’s new PSR (Precision Sniper Rifle) modular system. By changing barrels, bolts, and magazines, the gun can shoot three different cartridge types. All the equipment (including bipod, optics, extra bolts, barrels, and mags) are carried in AI’s fitted “deployment” box.

If the full $17,200 three-barrel system is not enough for you, and you need something even more exotic — AI offers a special take-down version of the PSR rifle. Scott showed us a complete .338 LM rifle (with 20″ barrel) stowed in a transport box smaller than a typical carry-on case. Scott said the price on the take-down system has not yet been set.

Accuracy International PSR sniper system

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January 17th, 2013

SHOT Show Sampler — Interesting Products for 2013

SHOT Show 2013 has been underway since Monday. This show seems bigger than ever, and the sheer number of noteworthy products on display is mind-boggling. We’ve seen some remarkable new scopes from Nightforce, Kahles, and IOR-Valdada. Dave Kiff at PT&G has some “game-changing” new products. Winchester’s new 17 Win Super Mag rimfire cartridge has generated lots of interest, and Savage showed off its new B.MAG bolt action chambered for the new cartridge.

Here’s a quick sample of some cool or interesting products we saw in action on Media Day or on display inside the Sands Convention Center. We’ll do more complete write-ups/reviews once we “back to the office” and have a change to digest spec sheets and edit video. But please enjoy this photo “sampler” from SHOT Show 2013.

New Kahles 10-50X Competition Scope, with Central (big wheel) Parallax Adjustment

New Savage B.MAG Rifle Chambered in 17 Win Super Mag Rimfire

Prototype “Tinkertoy” Benchrest Rifle from McMillan Built on “Alias” Action

New Datum Dial Ammunition Measurement System from Forster Products

New .338 Lapua Magnum Action and Complete .338 LM Rifles from Kelbly’s

Kelbly's Lapua .338 Panda Action Magnum

New Savage Bolt from PT&G with User-Adjustable Spring Tension

Kelbly's Lapua .338 Panda Action Magnum

Futuristic $22K Tracking-Point Rifle System with Automatic Ranging, Ballistic Calculation, and Aiming Solution

Trackingpoint Target Rifle

New .375 Caliber, 350 grain, ultra-high-BC Match-King Bullet from Sierra

Sierra .375 Bullet

Vectronix Laser Rangefinder Units ($1995.00 – $8510.00)

Vectronix LRF

Air Arms S400 Multi-Purpose Rifles (Regular and Biathlon Models)

Air Arms Air Rifles

Accuracy Int’l PSR Multi-Caliber Rifle System — ‘Takedown Edition’ in .338 LM

Accuracy International  PSR

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October 1st, 2012

Accuracy Int’l Discontinues AW 338 but AW 308 Remains

Accuracy International (AI) announced that its widely-respected AW 338 rifles will be “phased out” and replaced by AI’s more modern line of AX 338 rifles. AI explains that the AW-338 (chambered for the .338 Lapua Magnum) will go out of production because “the new AX 338 model of rifle has far more versatility and modularity.” However, please note the AW 308 chambered for .308 Winchester will continue to be produced, and it is still available to order.

Accuracy International AW338 AW 338


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April 4th, 2012

Kelly Bachand Returns to Top Shot as 1500-yard Shooting Coach field tester Kelly Bachand returns to Top Shot on the History Channel next week. Kelly is one of two “alumni experts” tasked with helping competitors attempt a 1500-yard shot. Along with fellow Top Shot alumnus George Reinas, Kelly guides Season 4 competitors through the longest-range marksmanship challenge ever undertaken on the Top Shot series. The show will air Tuesday, April 10th at 10:00 pm. Kelly tells us: “OK — I can finally talk about it! I’ll be on Top Shot again [next week]. I’ll be there trying to teach the shooters how to read wind so they can make a 1500-yard shot.” We asked Kelly if he was going to get one of those $2K Bass Pro gift cards for his efforts. Unfortunately the answer was ‘no': “No gift cards….Yeah I wish they gave me four of them to make up for all the elimination challenges in Season One!”

Kelly instructs this season’s competitors in the skills needed to make a hit at 1500 yards. At right, you’ll see Kelly doing something he’s becoming very familiar with — looking through a spotting scope. At the World Long Range Championships in Australia, Kelly’s spotting skills helped keep the USA Young Eagles in the center to win both Gold and Silver. The teaser for next week’s Top Shot episode shows competitors using an Accuracy Int’l AX 338 to engage a target 1500 yards away. To make shots at that distance successfully, you need to have rock-solid fundamentals, wind-reading abilities, and ballistics info. Tune in next Tuesday to see how Kelly works with competitors trying to make the longest shot ever attempted on Top Shot.

AI AX338 Bachand

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