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May 7th, 2011

Tactical Titanium — X-Treme Ti Actions Fitted in AI Stocks

X-Treme Shooting Products now has its new Titanium Short Actions and Long Actions in production. Made from Grade 5 Ti-6Al-4V Titanium, these are the only custom Titanium actions currently manufactured in the USA. The long and short X-Treme Ti actions are available with +20 MOA Taper Titanium Picatinny Scope rails and Titanium Recoil Lugs. The .338 Actions will be coming soon, and will be offered with +20, +25, and +30 MOA Taper rails and integral recoil lugs.

X-Treme Products Titanium action

We thought you’d enjoy some views of the short and long Ti actions, fitted in tactical rifles. Shown below is and X-Treme Titanium Short Action in the regular Accuracy International AICS 2.0 chassis stock. This rifle features a Krieger fluted barrel (chambered in .260 Rem), withe an X-Treme 2-stage trigger, and Nightforce 5.5-22×56 NXS scope.

X-Treme Products Titanium action

The slide show below features the X-Treme Titanium Long Action in the new Accuracy International AX chassis stock. This impressive beast also has a Krieger barrel, but chambered for the 6.5×284 cartridge. The gun also has an X-Treme 2 stage trigger, and a Nightforce 5.5-22×56 NXS scope.

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September 13th, 2010

New “Pro Series” Tactical Rifle Cases — Good Quality, Great Value

Pro Series Tactical Rifle Caseby Zak Smith
The simple and well-made rifle cases my dad and I used when I was a kid are hard to find and don’t fit the kinds of long-guns I shoot most these days: long-range precision rifles and AR-15s. There are plenty of “tactical” rifle cases on the market, but between poor construction and bad design features, it’s hard to really like most of them. One notable poor design feature is putting the zip opening on the bottom of the case (opposite the carry handle). The use of junky, low-quality zippers is another all-too-common defect.

MidwayUSA’s new “Pro Series” tactical rifle cases happily do not have those problems. The cases work well and have some good features. You can select between “tactical” black or a handsome OD green. Three sizes are offered, giving buyers a choice of 35″, 43″, or 47″ overall case lengths. Right now through the end of September, 2010, both colors and all three sizes are on sale.

I am not a fan of overloading rifle cases with a lot of extra junk, or bulky pockets that encourage it. The MidwayUSA case has plenty of internal compartments, and a large external pocket that may fit a compact M4/AR-15. Inside the main compartment, there are Velcro retention straps to hold your gun in place. The case also has angled, internal slash pockets on both ends. These help protect the muzzle on one end and help secure the buttstock on the other end.

Pro Series Tactical Rifle Case

Although the case is designed more for an AR-15 (with a half-dozen magazine pouches on the outside), I threw my Accuracy International AW — chambered in .260 Remington — into the case and took it down to the Sporting Rifle Match held at the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, NM. Although the bolt rifle wouldn’t normally fit in an AR case, with the AW’s stock folded, it fit perfectly with room to spare.

Editor’s Note: The 47″ version of the case can swallow fixed-stock rifles with barrels up to about 25.5 inches. In the 43″ Pro Series case, a non-folding Accuracy International AW with 20″ barrel plus factory muzzle brake fit fine, with no clearance problems.

I don’t use a thread protector on the rifle’s muzzle when the suppressor is removed, so the muzzle “pocket” in the MidwayUSA case was nice. My suppressor, rear shooting bag, and some ammo went in the outer pocket. The top zipper opening is reminiscent of the full-on sniper drag bags, or more pertinently, easy to pull the rifle out with the bag set on the ground or in the bed of my truck.

Pro Series Tactical Rifle Case

With a glut of rifle cases on the market, the MidwayUSA Pro Series is built well and has pricing that cannot be beat. Now through September 30, 2010, the Pro Series Cases are on sale at MidwayUSA. 35″ models are $38.99, the 43″ case is $42.99, and the largest 47″ case is $44.99.

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August 5th, 2008

Video Highlights from 2008 'Steel Safari'

Zak Smith, an experienced practical/tactical shooter and 3-gun competitor, has prepared a video of the 2008 Steel Safari. This match is a unique test of practical shooting skills, conducted in “wild” field environments. Competitors must range and make shots at unknown distances, and sometimes at extreme angles. As you have to cover significant distances carrying rifle and gear, the match can also be a physical challenge. This is certainly no Benchrest match!

2008 Steel Safari

The Steel Safari demands a variety of practical rifle skills, including target recognition, range estimation, wind doping, trail skills, and marksmanship. Competitors must navigate through rugged terrain, then locate and range targets, and make first-round hits in often difficult field conditions. To learn more about the Steel Safari, visit Zak’s website,, and read his MATCH REPORT.

YouTube Preview Image

Steel Safari Bloopers (Rifle Reliability) Video
If you enjoyed the match highlights video, you’ll also enjoy Zak’s “Bloopers” video. In this compilation from the Steel Safari, you’ll see a variety of firearm malfunctions in the field. Thankfully, none of the problems caused injury, but in this video you’ll see bolt actions that refused to feed or eject, or simply wouldn’t go bang. If you think bolt action rifles are fool-proof, this “bloopers reel” may change your opinion. Watch the video and you’ll see that even $4,000+ rifles sometimes give their owners fits.

YouTube Preview Image
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