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July 20th, 2018

Black Rifle Bargains — $125 Rebates on Bushmaster and DPMS

Bushmaster DPMS Rebate July 2018 Mid-year special sale $175

Looking for your first black rifle, i.e. an AR-platform semi-auto? Now is a great time to buy. Gunmakers stepped up AR production dramatically in 2015-2016, to satisfy high demand by citizens who feared that a Democratic Presidential victory would result in bans on semi-auto rifles. Well Hillary Clinton lost, so the panic buying ended. That means there is an over-supply of ARs at this time. So AR manufacturers are cutting prices and offering significant money-back rebates.

Bushmaster Rebate Form | Bushmaster Rebate Information Page

Perhaps the most attractive AR offers right now are the Bushmaster and DPMS Mid-Year Rebates. You can save $125.00 on the most popular Bushmaster and DPMS models. Bushmaster QRC rifles are $75 off, while the DPMS Oracle models (both .223 and .308) are $50 off.

You will want to act soon to qualify for these Mid-Year promotions. You have two more weeks to buy — Both Bushmaster and DPMS Rebate programs end July 31, 2018.

Bushmaster DPMS Rebate July 2018 Mid-year special sale $175

DPMS Rebate Form | DPMS Rebate Information Page

Bushmaster DPMS Rebate July 2018 Mid-year special sale $175

DPMS/Panther Arms makes a wide variety of rifles, including AR10-type rifles that handle the .308-Win family of cartridges. DPMS’s GII Series is an AR10 evolution with lighter weight and more AR15 parts interchangeability. DPMS claims the GII is “the lightest, most reliable, technically advanced .308 MSR”.

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November 23rd, 2015

Bargain Finder 10: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

Accurateshooter Bargain Finder Deals of Week

At the request of our readers, we have launched a “Deals of the Week” feature. If this proves popular, we’ll try to run this every Monday. Here are some of the best deals on hardware, reloading components, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

1. Remington — $100.00 Cash Back on Rem 700 BDL and CDL

Remington 700 Black Friday $100 Off special

Remington is running a Black Friday factory mail-in rebate program. This can save you $100.00 on Remington 700 CDL and BDL rifles. Remington is also offering $50-$75 Rebates on Rem 700 SPS, Rem 700 ADL, and Rem 783 rifles. CLICK HERE to download PDF Rebate Form.

2. Bruno’s — Krieger Barrels $25.00 Off Plus FREE Shipping

Krieger Barrel Deals of Week $25.00 Off special

Krieger makes some of the very best barrels you can buy. With demand for Krieger cut-rifled barrels being so high, you can expect to wait 3 months or so for a new barrel. Or, you can order from a vendor that maintains Kriegers in inventory. Right now Bruno’s is offering $25 off all Krieger barrels in stock, plus FREE shipping. A variety of lengths/contours are available in .22, 6mm, 6.5mm, 7mm, .308, and .338 calibers. CLICK HERE for Barrel Inventory list.

3. Brownells — Magnetospeed Sporter Chronograph $159.99

Brownells Black Friday Sporter Chronograph

You won’t find a better deal on a Magnetospeed Chronograph anywhere. This chrono fits to your barrel so you don’t have to walk downrange to fiddle with a tripod-mounted unit. As part of the Brownells 3-Week “Back to Black” promotion, this Sporter Chrono is marked down to $159.99 for the next few days. Don’t hesitate — this is a killer deal on a very good product.

4. Southern Shooters — Savage A17 in 17 HMR

Savage A17 varmint semi-auto Rifle Blow-back delayed

The Savage A17 is an impressive new semi-auto rifle. With its delayed blow-back mechanism, the A17 can safely handle the added pressure of the 17 HMR cartridge (unlike some previous designs). Though some owners have complained about a stiff trigger (and hard-to-seat magazines), overall the A17 is a very good design — a great choice for small varmints.Now you can purchase one for under $355.00. Southern Shooters is currently offering the A17 for just $352.62. The A17 was named Guns & Ammo Rifle of the Year.

5. Botach Tactical — Double Rifle Padded 36″ Case with Straps

Molle Gun Case Tactical Double Rifle Bag Botach

Here’s a nice case for short carbines or hunting rifles. This double Gun Case will transport TWO (2) 35″ rifles inside the main double compartments. This is a nice set-up for hauling a couple of varmint rifles or an AR with a collapsible stock. Three large external pockets will carry magazines, range-finders and other gear. This rugged case includes nice padded shoulder straps so you can carry your rifles backpack-style. Right now this double gun case is just $49.00 from Botach Tactical. That’s $99 off the original price. The case is offered in tan, OD green, or black.

6. Amazon (EuroOptic) — Zeiss Victory Laser Rangefinder

Savage A17 varmint semi-auto Rifle Blow-back delayed

A few years back, we comparison tested four laser rangefinders — a Nikon, Leica, Swarovski, and Zeiss. To make a long story short, three out of four testers preferred the Zeiss PRF Victory. While larger and heavier than the Leica CRF 1600, the Zeiss Victory PRF was easier to hold steady, and it ranged as well as the Leica (and better than the Swaro and Nikon). Now the Zeiss Victory is on sale for $649.00, making it $150.00 cheaper than Leica’s CRF 1600. With this price advantage, we think the Zeiss is the smart choice (unless you need an ultra-compact unit). A recent LRF comparison test in the UK reached the same conclusion.

7. Brownells — Stripped AR Lower Just $39.99

Anderson AR15 stripped lower $39.99 bargain

This is the lowest price we’ve seen on a lower with a solid warranty. This Anderson Mfg. Lower sells elsewhere for up to $79.99. If you’re planning a budget AR build, you can start with this inexpensive lower and put the money you save into a top-quality barrel.

8. — Thanksgiving Ultrasonic Cleaner Sale ultrasound ultrasonic deal bargain Black Friday

For Thanksgiving Week, has slashed prices on all its Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines. These start at just $31.95 (for 1 pint capacity), and run up to 9 liter capacity for the biggest jobs. We like the 2.5 liter unit which has been marked down to $89.95 from $199.95. That’s a good price for a 2.5 liter machine.

9. Bushmaster — $200 Cash Back on Select AR & ACR Models

Savage A17 varmint semi-auto Rifle Blow-back delayed

Looking for a Black Rifle on Black Friday? Here’s a sweet deal from Bushmaster. Now through November 30, 2015 you can save $200.00 on a variety of semi-auto “modern sporting rifles” from Bushmaster. This includes AR-clone rifles as well as Bushmaster’s gas piston operated ACR series rifles. You save $200.00 through a $50 Rebate combined with a $150.00 Black Friday Bonus.

10. Gander Mountain — $20 and $50 Discount Coupon “EARLY20″

Gander Mountain Coupon Code

As a lead-in to Black Friday, Gander Mountain is offering online shoppers $20.00 off a $100.00+ purchase and $50.00 off a $250.00+ purchase. Simply use Code EARLY20 during checkout. This coupon works through midnight on 11/24/2015. Also, during Black Friday (11/27/2015), Gander Mountain will offer big discounts on Liberty Gun Safes.

Credit EdLongrange for finding the Bushmaster Rebate Offer.
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May 16th, 2014

Changes at Remington — Jobs Moved, Product Lines Consolidated

Remington Outdoor Company Huntsville, AlabamaRemington Outdoor Company (formerly the Freedom Group), announced some big changes yesterday. A half-dozen product lines were consolidated, some small manufacturing facilities were targeted for shut-down, and a host of jobs are being “relocated” to Remington’s new Huntsville, Alabama factory. In addition, certain product lines now being made in Ilion, New York, will be shifted to Alabama.

Remington spokesman Teddy Novin declared: “[On May 15, 2014] we announced the consolidation of multiple company plants into our Huntsville, Alabama facility. This was a strategic business decision to concentrate our resources into fewer locations and improve manufacturing efficiency and quality. We are working hard to retain as many [workers] from the affected facilities as possible.

Doors Closing at Small Plants Around the Country
Numerous production facilities (currently operated by Remington sub-brands) will be shut down in multiple states, with business functions moved to Remington’s new 500,000-square-foot facility in Huntsville, Alabama. Most importantly, Bushmaster rifle production and the Remington 1911 production lines will be relocated from Ilion, New York to Huntsville. The DPMS plant in St. Cloud, Minnesota will be shuttered, with production shifted to Huntsville. Suppressor-maker Advanced Armament Corp. (AAC) will close its Lawrenceville, Georgia facility. Para-Ordance pistol production will halt in North Carolina and be shifted to Huntsville. Likewise,the Montana Rifleman (Kalispell, MT), TAPCO (Kennesaw, GA), and LAR Manufacturing (West Jordan, UT) production facilities will all be closed, with future production moved to Alabama. Below is a complete list of the consolidations and plant closures:

Sweet Home, Alabama — These Operations Will Be Moved:

  • Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC, moved from Lawrenceville, GA)
  • Bushmaster (moved from Ilion, NY)
  • DPMS – Panther Arms (moved from St. Cloud, MN)
  • LAR Manufacturing (moved from West Jordan, UT)
  • Montana Rifleman (moved from Kalispell, MT)
  • Para-Ordnance (moved from Pinevile, NC)
  • Remington 1911 (moved from Ilion, NY)
  • Tapco (moved from Kennesaw, GA)

We are also informed that some of the operations currently conducted at Remington’s Elizabethtown, Kentucky firearms plant and R&D facility will be moved to Huntsville, GA. However, we don’t have more specifics at this time.

Remington Logo Outdoor Company Ilion New York

The original Remington Arms Company was founded in 1816. Today’s Remington Outdoor Company, Inc. produces firearms, ammunition, and related outdoor products. The Firearms segment manufactures and sells sporting shotguns, rifles, handguns, modular firearms, and airguns under numerous brands including Remington, Bushmaster, Dakota, DPMS, Harrington & Richardson, Parker Gun, Marlin, Nesika, and Para-Ordnance. The Ammunition segment produces loaded ammo and bullets under Remington, UMC, Barnes, Dakota, and other brands. According to Businessweek, Remington Outdoor Company currently has 3,800 employees. George K. Kollitides is the Chief Executive and Chairman of the Board.

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June 8th, 2013

Match Report: Remington-Bushmaster Long-Range Regional

The 2013 Remington-Bushmaster Long Range Regional was a smashing success at the Reade Range (Fallen Timber, Pennsylvania) last weekend. Some 98 competitors filled out four relays on the 25-target range.

This match has grown into a premier shooting event at one of the finest rifle range in the East. Paticipants shared $7000.00 worth of door prizes. In addition, nine Remington firearms (along with $5000 in cash prizes) were awarded to winning shooters and teams.

Everything went smoothly thanks to the dedicated involvement of so many people including Jennifer Litz, Amanda Litz, and Michelle Gallagher. Jennifer has been helping Michelle run the Berger Southwest Nationals for the last several years, so this year Michelle returned the favor by traveling to Pennsylvania to assist with Jennifer’s match.

The Friday morning practice session was well-attended, as was the team match. The range heated up to 90+ degrees Friday afternoon, but there were still fourteen, 4-shooter squads that stayed to compete in the afternoon including three full F-TR teams from Michigan.

$7000 Worth of Door Prizes Handed Out
Saturday opened with a greeting from Remington representative Ken Roxburgh and Range officer Tom Ferarro. Shooting commenced, and at the end of Day 1, the leaders had made themselves known. After the day’s shooting, food was served by the range. Following the meal, Applied Ballistics presented the door prizes. There were over $7000.00 worth of prizes. That means that every one of the 98 competitors took home an item from the prize table.

Sunday began with a sprinkle of rain in the morning. Bill Litz hit the F-TR class hard Sunday morning with an impressive 198-8X, which he followed up in the second match with a 194-6X to take the lead. In F-Open, Tom Delovich, Jim Murphy, and Tony Robertson all had strong starts and it was anyones match. In the Sling class, North Carolina all star Kent Reeve shot his Palma rifle in the masterful way that he does to the tune of 599-31Xs which won the day shooting against any rifles on the any-sight day. This was tremendous shooting by one of the worlds best.

Remington Provides Nine Long Guns to Top Shooters
Dinner was served as final results were being compiled and then final performance-based awards presented. In all, Remington awarded nine (9) firearms to the winners, who also received medals, and over $5,000 in cash winnings.

Organizer Bryan Litz states: “Based on this year’s attendance and success, the event is likely going to fill up next year and will be limited to 100 competitors. Remember to get your registration in early.”

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August 18th, 2012

Scott Blackwell Takes Over as President of Freedom Group

Freedom GroupFreedom Group, Inc. (FGI), is the “1000-pound gorilla” in the gun industry, a holding company that owns/operates gun brands Remington, Bushmaster, Marlin, DPMS, H&R, and Dakota Arms. FGI also owns Barnes Bullets, Eotec Optics, and AAC Suppressors.

To help run this large enterprise, FGI recently promoted Scott Blackwell to the position of FGI President. Blackwell previously served as FGI’s Chief Sales & Marketing Officer. Blackwell has worked in the firearms industry for the last 15 years. After leaving Beretta, Blackwell started as President of Bushmaster Firearms in 2006, becoming Remington President of Sales and Marketing in 2007, rising to FGI Chief Sales Officer later that year, and finally becoming the FGI Chief Sales and Marketing Officer two years ago.

“Scott’s leadership, institutional knowledge and strategic thinking make [Blackwell] a natural fit as President,” said George Kollitides, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of FGI. As FGI President, Blackwell will oversee all revenue, branding, marketing and communications for FGI.

Blackwell stated: “Since 2006, I’ve been fortunate to have a leading role in the development and expansion of FGI,” said Blackwell. “To become President of FGI, representing the tens of millions of hunters, shooters, gun owners and first responders who use our products every day, is a life’s dream. With a company history almost as old as the Republic itself, I understand the importance of not merely passing along our legacy, but improving it. We are more than a gun company; we are a defining part of American culture. This is our path forward, and as President of FGI I look forward to guiding us there.”

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June 10th, 2012

Remington-Bushmaster 2012 Long Range Regional Championship

The Remington-Bushmaster 2012 Long Range Regional Championship was held at Reade Range in Fallen Timbers, Pennsylvania on June 1, 2, and 3. We had a great turn out of over 60 shooters. Half of these shooters showed up on Friday to participate in the practice and team match. The weather had other plans for the shooters though and the second half of the team match was rained out.

Reade Remington Long Range RegionalSaturday started off sunny, but cool and windy, with 62 shooters registering in Sling (43), F-TR (7) and F-Open (12). Pit service was provided by the Boy Scouts, and had a rocky start. With the help of some shooter volunteers, pit operations smoothed out throughout the day and the first three 1000-yard Matches ran without incident. The wind pretty much held a steady 2 MOA left throughout the day, and some high scores were fired.

After the Saturday matches were finished and daily scores posted, Bryan Litz conducted a wind clinic, and then the Reade Range Staff provided a wonderful meal of ca-bobs, salads, fresh fruit and beverages. Then came the prize raffle. Over 50 prizes were raffled off, including a Vortex Spotting Scope, gift certificates, and other merchandise items worth over $6000.

Sunday morning started off overcast and the same wind as the day before. Conditions remained constant and the pits ran smoother than ever with more volunteers helping the scout troops. Rain was forecasted to start at 3:00 pm so the shooters were eager to move through the matches and beat the rain. Mission accomplished, as a cease fire was called just before 3:00 pm, ending the last match. Scores were quickly figured and awards were promptly given. Bryan Litz, of Applied Ballistics LLC, announced the winners of each individual match, Tom Ferraro announced the aggregate match winners, and finally Ken Roxburgh presented the winners with guns on behalf of Remington-Bushmaster. The rain showed up as the final name was announced.

Bryan Litz remarked: “We would like to thank everyone who participated in this match and all of those who helped make it a great weekend. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again next year!”

Reade Remington Long Range Regional

Final Scores:
Sling Class F-TR F-Open
1st: Bryan Litz 1194-70 1st: James Crofts 1141-27 1st: Don Nagel 1172-41
2nd: Trevor Hengehold 1190-65 2nd: Brad Sauve 1134-25 2nd: Bob Woodward 1169-49
3rd: Jon Howell 1188-60 3rd: William Litz 1122-19 3rd: Jim Murphy 1159-38
Gun Winners by Gun Class:

High Palma: Bill Bowers 1180-43
Any/Iron: Bryan Litz 598-36
Any/Any: Jon Howell (pictured) 597-35
Jr. Any/Iron: Tommy Ferraro 557-12
Jr. Any/Any: Joe Hendricks Jr. 571-14

High Grand Senior: David Brantner 1164-42
High Senior: Gerry Sanders 1179-47
High F-TR: James Crofts 1141-27
High F-Open: Don Nagel 1172-41

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March 14th, 2012

Freedom Group Appoints George Kollitides as New CEO

George K. Kollitides, IIGeorge Kollitides has been appointed acting Chief Executive Officer and Executive Chairman of the Board for Freedom Group, Inc. (FGI). Kollitides, a hunter, shooter and firearms enthusiast, sits on three NRA Committees, is a trustee of the NRA Foundation and is a director of the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association. He is a past director of the Safari Club International Connecticut Chapter. Kollitides was previously a managing director of Cerberus Capital Management, where he was the architect of FGI and its lead director. Kollitides stated, “I am ecstatic to join the FGI team, where we have the greatest employees and a 200-year history of 100% American-made [products].”

In an interview with John Zent, editorial director for NRA Publications, Kollitides was asked how the Freedom Group can support hunting, the shooting sports, and gun-owners’ rights. Kollitides answered: “Our job is to build the best products possible, provide good manufacturing jobs for Americans and represent our investors’ best interests. If our efforts succeed in growing our user groups, shooters, hunters, the military and law enforcement, they will have a much louder voice in public policy. The key for us is to strengthen our industry and strengthen our users, customers, and partners. Doing that by making relevant, quality product, along with education and access, we think, is the right way to go about it, and so we are working with state and local governments, not-for-profit hunting and shooting organizations, and, of course, the NRA.”

Freedom Group Companies

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January 8th, 2012

Cost-Cutting Capitalist Robert Nardelli Named Remington CEO

Nardelli Remington CEO logoNew Chief Executive at Remington Arms
Robert L. Nardelli has been selected as the new CEO of Remington Arms Company. Remington is part of the Freedom Group, Inc., which is owned by Cerberus Capital Management, a private holding company. Prior to taking over the reigns at Remington, Nardelli has served with Cerberus as a leading executive.

Nardelli’s Chrysler Years
Mr. Nardelli joined Cerberus in the spring of 2007, and, shortly thereafter, was named Chairman and CEO of Chrysler Motors Company, LLC. He was noted for aggressive cost-cutting at Chrysler and for improving build quality which reduced warranty claims. Nonetheless, Chrysler filled for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2009, and Nardelli was replaced as Chrysler CEO by Italian Sergio Marchionne who has guided the Detroit automaker from bankruptcy to profitability.

Nardelli Aggressively Cut Costs and Streamlined Operations at Home Depot
Before his stint at Chrysler, Nardelli served as Home Depot’s Chairman and CEO. Prior to that, Nardelli was CEO of General Electric Power Systems. Nardelli’s tenure as head of Home Depot was controversial. Using the Six Sigma management strategy he learned at GE, Nardelli dramatically overhauled Home Depot. He streamlined operations, most notably implementing a computerized automated inventory system. Many of those moves were effective (revenues rose from $46 to $81.5 billion in six years) but Nardelli’s autocratic management style turned off employees and the public. Nardelli was notably criticized for cutting back on knowledgeable full-time employees with experience in the trades and replacing them with part-time help with little relevant experience. This move reduced costs, but hurt customer service. Home Depot’s stock price stagnated, and the company lost market share to Lowe’s. Nardelli left Home Depot with a massive $210,000,000 severance package — a “golden parachute” that drew criticism from Home Depot shareholders (and members of Congress).

Nardelli Remington CEO logoChanges Ahead for Remington?
Will Nardelli shake up Remington the way he did Home Depot, streamlining operations and laying off senior employees? Will we see further consolidation of manufacturing among Freedom Group brands? Only time will tell. Nardelli’s policies will be formulated, to be sure, to match the larger objectives of Cerberus. But Nardelli has a reputation as a tough cost-cutter, so changes may be in store for Remington Arms Company, the oldest continuously-operating manufacturer in North America.

About Freedom Group, Inc.
Freedom Group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of firearms and ammunition. The Freedom Group embraces multiple brands including Remington, Marlin, Harrington & Richardson, New England Firearms, L.C. Smith, Parker, Bushmaster, DPMS/Panther Arms, EOTAC, and INTC.

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October 17th, 2011

NRA Debunks Claims that George Soros Controls Freedom Group

The NRA Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) has issued a statement regarding the internet rumors that George Soros in some way controls Cerberus Capital Management, or the Freedom Group of companies. As we have stated in the Daily Bulletin, Soros has no connection to the Freedom Group or Cerberus Capital Management (a holding company that owns the Freedom Group). Claims that Soros is involved in Cerberus or the Freedom Group are 100% false. Here is the NRA ILA statement first issued on October 14, 2011:

From the NRA ILA:
Recently, an old rumor regarding Cerberus–the private equity firm that owns Freedom group, a holding company that in turn owns a number of firearms manufacturers, including Remington, Marlin, Bushmaster, and DPMS–was in some way tied to George Soros.

This rumor is completely false and baseless.

NRA has had contact with officials from Cerberus and Freedom Group for some time. The owners and investors involved are strong supporters of the Second Amendment and are avid hunters and shooters. In reality, at no time has George Soros ever been a part of the ownership group of Freedom Group or Cerberus, and as a privately-traded corporation, there is no possibility that he will be in the future.

This unsubstantiated rumor has caused a great deal of unnecessary concern for gun owners. NRA-ILA urges our members to take great care before repeating baseless rumors[.]

On July 12, 2012 the NRA-ILA posted a follow-up:

An old rumor has once again resurfaced alleging that Cerberus–the private equity firm that owns Freedom group, a holding company that in turn owns a number of firearms manufacturers, including Remington, Marlin, Bushmaster, and DPMS–is in some way tied to George Soros.

This rumor is completely false and baseless.

Following is a statement from Freedom Group, Inc., addressing the rumor:

Despite rumors to the contrary, Cerberus Capital Management, L.P., the firm which owns Freedom Group. Inc. (FGI), the holding company for such firearms manufacturers as Remington, Marlin, Bushmaster and DPMS, is in NO WAY affiliated with anti-gun activist George Soros.

George Soros has never been a part of Freedom Group or Cerberus. Further, as Cerberus is a privately owned corporation, run by sportsmen, shooters and firearms enthusiasts, we can say with great sincerity and certainty that George Soros will never be a part of the Freedom Group family of companies.

“If anyone should know whether George Soros is affiliated with either Freedom Group or Cerberus, it’s me,” said George Kollitides, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of FGI. “I spent the last eleven years of my career at Cerberus and just recently stepped down to become executive chairman and chief executive officer of FGI. I did this in order to devote 100 percent of my time, effort and passion to a company I spent years building. I can emphatically proclaim, without the slightest of doubt, that George Soros has never, does not and never will own or be affiliated with Cerberus or Freedom Group.”

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October 15th, 2011

Free High Power Shooting Clinic in Arizona on October 19th

Team Remington/Bushmaster shooters will be conducting a free shooting clinic in conjunction with Western CMP Games and Creedmoor Cup Matches held at Ben Avery Shooting Facility outside Phoenix, Arizona. The clinic will be held at the Activity Center on Wednesday, October 19, 2011. The clinic commences bright and early, at 7:30 am, kicking off the Creedmoor Cup phase of events (Oct. 19-23). CLICK HERE for Western CMP Games Program and Schedule (PDF).

Creedmoor cup Jonathan Ocab Photographer

What the High Power Clinic Will Cover
The free shooting clinic will be conducted by team coach Ken Roxburgh, and Team Remington/Bushmaster members. The clinic will offer formal classroom instruction, practical application, dry and live fire training, and demonstrations by some of the world’s leading high power service rifle and match rifle competitors. Clinic Topics will include:

Fundamentals of High Power Shooting
Positions — Standing, Sitting, Prone
Trigger Control and Aiming
Courses of Fire
Effects of Weather
Wind Reading

Weapon handling and safety
Competition Data book
Range Etiquette
Rifle Care and Cleaning
Assembly/disassembly of Match Guns

Creedmoor cup Jonathan Ocab Photographer

How to Sign Up for the FREE High Power Clinic
Interested shooters can register for the Team Remington/Bushmaster High Power Rifle Shooting Clinic at the CMP website. There you can learn more about the clinic and download the Registration Form. Participants are encouraged to bring their shooting equipment and rifles; ammunition is not required for the course. To prepare you may want to read our article on the Basics of High Power Competition.

service rifle

If you’re interested in watching a real pro shooting Service Rifle, here’s former National Champion (now Creedmoor Sports G.M.) Dennis Demille, shooting 300-yard Rapids from the prone position position. This was filmed at last year’s Southwest Nationals. You’ll see him adjusts his sights while looking through the spotter. Then watch how calm and steady Dennis stays from shot to shot. That comes with years of practice and training.

How about a bolt gun? This next, high-def video was taken by our friend Jonathan Ocab a competitive shooter and talented photographer from Southern California. It shows Dennis Demille shooting the 200-yard Rapids (sitting position) with a Tube 2000 bolt-action gun. Notice the quick reload after he empties his first magazine.

Editor’s Note: Both Remington and Bushmaster are Freedom Group Companies. The Freedom Group is owned by Cerberus Capital Management, a private holding company. Now, please read carefully, because there is much mis-information floating around the internet currently. Georges Soros, either individually or as part of an investment group, does NOT own or control Cerberus. Repeat George Soros does NOT own or control Cerberus. Nor does he (or his investment companies) own or control any of the Freedom Group of companies. Got that?

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March 24th, 2011

Bushmaster Production Moved to New York

The Freedom Group, Inc. (FG) announced that Bushmaster Firearms Int’l production has been moved to the Freedom Group’s Ilion, New York facility, where Remington rifles (and other FG family brand firearms) are crafted. Bushmaster guns were previously built in Bushmaster’s Windham, Maine factory which is slated to close its doors at the end of this month, with a loss of 73 jobs. Freedom Group expects to create 40-50 new positions at the Ilion, New York facility as a result of the relocation.

The Freedom Group is one of the largest firearms manufacturers in the world. Among its product brands are: Remington, Bushmaster, DPMS/Panther Arms, Marlin, H&R, Parker, EOTAC, Mountain Khakis, AAC, and Dakota. A Freedom Group press release states: “The Bushmaster brand and products remain key strategic assets within the Freedom Group portfolio. The manufacturing relocation will have no impact on customers or the existing supply base”. John Trull, the Freedom Group’s Firearms Marketing VP, added: “We are committed to the Bushmaster brand, its core product offerings and bringing innovative new Bushmaster firearms to our customers.”

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October 15th, 2010

Bushmaster Recalls ACR Rifles Due to Potential for Full-Auto Fire

Bushmaster ACR Recall

Bushmaster has issued a recall of ACR semi-auto rifles because they may malfunction and go “full-auto” with a single pull of the trigger. While Bushmaster says this problem “may develop with a small number of ACR rifles”, Bushmaster is recalling the whole production run: “All Bushmaster-produced ACR Rifles are impacted by this notification.” Here are the key terms of the ACR RECALL:

“Bushmaster Firearms International, LLC has become aware of a possible firearms performance issue that may develop with a small number of ACR rifles and we are requesting you discontinue use of this rifle immediately, and contact us at your earliest convenience so that we can make the necessary arrangements to have the rifle returned to us for inspection and update if necessary.”

“During routine test firing, Bushmaster discovered a design flaw which could result in multiple rounds firing continuously when the trigger is pulled. This unexpected firing of multiple rounds creates a potentially dangerous situation.”

Click Here for complete text of Bushmaster ACR Recall Notice (PDF)

If you have a Bushmaster ACR Rifle:

  • Stop using the rifle immediately.
  • Contact the Bushmaster Customer Service Department: 800-883-6229
  • Get Return Authorization (RMA) code from Bushmaster and ship gun to:

Bushmaster Firearms International, LLC
Attention: Dept. ACR
999 Roosevelt Trail
Windham, ME 04062

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April 17th, 2010

Freedom Group Files for Public Offering This Year

Want to own a piece of Remington? And throw in Bushmaster, Marlin, DPMS, H&R and EOTAC for good measure? Well you may have your chance later this year. The Freedom Group, a holding company owned by Cerberus Capital Management, is planning to “go public”. Last fall, the Freedom Group filed a preliminary S-1 prospectus with the SEC. This launched the process of regulatory approvals needed for a Freedom Group public offering. Three weeks ago, the Freedom Group filed an amended S-1 in preparation for an IPO in the second half of 2010.

We’ve all been watching the Freedom Group gobble up one firearms-maker after another over the past few years, building the colossus of the gun industry. (See Acquisition Timeline.) Now the Freedom Group claims to be “the largest manufacturer of commercial firearms and ammunition” in the world. The Freedom Group conglomerate includes more than a dozen leading brands: Advanced Armament, Barnes Bullets, Bushmaster Firearms, Dakota Arms (including Miller Arms and Nesika), DPMS/Panther Arms, EOTAC, INTC, Marlin (including H&R, New England Firearms and L.C. Smith), and Remington Arms. With its series of acquisitions (most recently Advanced Armament and Barnes), the Freedom Group has become a dominant player in the Shooting Sports and Security Industries. In its SEC Filings, the Freedom group declared $54.5 million in net income on $848.7 million in net sales.

When will the Freedom Group launch its IPO and how much will shares cost? That information has not yet been revealed, but documents filed so far definitely point to a public offering sometime this year. Will buying shares in the Freedom Group prove a good investment? Well if you had bought gun company stocks immediately after the November 2008 election you could have tripled your money. However, some experts say Cerberus’ decision to take the Freedom Group public indicates that the “blush is off the rose” and the gun industry may be facing lean times ahead, with reduced profit potential and slower growth. For cynics, the IPO announcement confirms that Cerberus plans to “take the money and run” — disposing of the Freedom Group before its profitability declines.

CLICK HERE to download Freedom Group S-1 SEC Filing (3rd Amend.)

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December 18th, 2009

Remington/Bushmaster ACR Debuts in Black Livery

What may be the very first production, civilian Bushmaster Adaptive Combat Rifle (ACR) was presented to Florida shooter J. James, who was the winner of an Advanced Armament Corp. (AAC) silent auction for the rifle (with AAC silencer). AAC was recently acquired by Remington Arms Co. as a Cerberus Freedom group company, along with Bushmaster. That’s how AAC got its hands on the first civilian ACR. The upper receiver is stamped S/N GR00100 and “MODEL – BACR”. Interestingly, the rifle is also stamped “CALIBER – MULTI”. Everybody has been clamoring for photos of the actual production version of the ACR. Well, here they are.

ACR Rifle Bushmaster

James had the weapon professionally photographed, and posted the images on and

ACR Rifle Bushmaster

ACR Rifle Bushmaster

Links to other photos:
Left Side | Right Side | Grip | Stocks | Gas Block | Lower with Fixed Stock | Lower and Fire Control Group | Barrel with Piston Kit

The new ACR features a 16″ barrel with m4 profile. A 4th Generation rail system offers removable Picatinny rails. James’ gun came with two (2) stocks, both the new-style, spring-lock folder and the fixed stock. The charging handle is ambi-dextrous and can be flipped left or right, as well as up and down. James reports that the ACR exhibits good fit and function. He says the trigger is “100% better than the SCAR” and is very crisp.

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October 20th, 2009

Cerberus Plans IPO for Freedom Group Companies (Remington, Bushmaster, Marlin, DPMS, H&R)

If you had purchased Ruger (RGR) or Smith & Wesson (SWHC) stock after the November election, you would have seen your investment grow almost three-fold. Ruger stock now trades at over $13.00 after hitting $4.52 last fall. If Remington, Bushmaster, Marlin and other Freedom Group companies “went public”, could they ride the coat-tails of Ruger and S&W, and succeed collectively as a publicly traded stock? Cerberus, a private holding company that controls the Freedom Group, apparently thinks so.

Cerberus Freedom Group IPO

Cerberus Plans IPO for Remington and Freedom Group
A surge in gun sales has pushed the stock prices of major firearms manufacturers upwards. Will that trend continue? We can’t say. However, the money men at Cerberus Capital Management, which owns Remington, Bushmaster, Marlin, and other Freedom Group companies, have decided that the time is ripe to “go public” and start selling stock. According to a 10/19 report in the Wall Street Journal Blog, Cerberus plans an initial public offering (IPO) for its Freedom Group companies. The Freedom Group is comprised of Advanced Armament Corp., Bushmaster, Dakota Arms, DPMS, Eotac, H&R, L.C. Smith, NEF, Parker Gun, Remington Arms Company. Advanced Armament Corp. (AAC) is the latest addition to the Freedom Group collection, having been acquired just this month and placed under the Remington Military Products Division.

In its report on the pending Freedom Group IPO, the Wall Street Journal Blog cited When Cerberus acquired riflemaker DPMS in 2007, we wrote: “One positive aspect to Cerberus’ involvement in the gun industry is that the huge political clout Cerberus commands as the ‘rescuer’ of Chrysler Corp. should undermine efforts to ban AR-platform rifles. Cerberus is big enough to make waves in Washington. Money talks in politics and Cerberus has lots of it.”

Is the timing right for a gun-company IPO? The stock-market continues to move upward, and gun and ammunition sales remain very strong. On the other hand, the panic buying of black rifles has tapered off and AR-platform gun prices are now dropping back to “pre-panic” levels. Morever, at the end of each calendar year there are usually major stock sell-offs. That could drive down prices of Ruger and Smith & Wesson, which could dampen enthusiasm for a Freedom Group IPO. On the other hand Remington is an historic brand with a strong customer base, and Remington/Bushmaster are poised to take an increasing share of lucrative military contracts. With its new ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle), Remington could well win the contract for the AR15’s replacement. And, even if the US military sticks with Stoner’s 50-year-old AR design, Bushmaster can fill that need, though it has strong competition from Colt and FN Herstal.

A cynical observer might say that Cerberus is simply looking to grab easy profits by “flipping” arms companies it acquired at fire-sale prices. Given the huge run-up in Ruger and S&W stock prices over the past 12 months, Cerberus may figure that investors will be hungry for Freedom Group shares. Right now may be the best time to take the Freedom Group public while gunmakers are still considered a “hot property” on Wall Street. In six months that could change.

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