June 8th, 2013

Match Report: Remington-Bushmaster Long-Range Regional

The 2013 Remington-Bushmaster Long Range Regional was a smashing success at the Reade Range (Fallen Timber, Pennsylvania) last weekend. Some 98 competitors filled out four relays on the 25-target range.

This match has grown into a premier shooting event at one of the finest rifle range in the East. Paticipants shared $7000.00 worth of door prizes. In addition, nine Remington firearms (along with $5000 in cash prizes) were awarded to winning shooters and teams.

Everything went smoothly thanks to the dedicated involvement of so many people including Jennifer Litz, Amanda Litz, and Michelle Gallagher. Jennifer has been helping Michelle run the Berger Southwest Nationals for the last several years, so this year Michelle returned the favor by traveling to Pennsylvania to assist with Jennifer’s match.

The Friday morning practice session was well-attended, as was the team match. The range heated up to 90+ degrees Friday afternoon, but there were still fourteen, 4-shooter squads that stayed to compete in the afternoon including three full F-TR teams from Michigan.

$7000 Worth of Door Prizes Handed Out
Saturday opened with a greeting from Remington representative Ken Roxburgh and Range officer Tom Ferarro. Shooting commenced, and at the end of Day 1, the leaders had made themselves known. After the day’s shooting, food was served by the range. Following the meal, Applied Ballistics presented the door prizes. There were over $7000.00 worth of prizes. That means that every one of the 98 competitors took home an item from the prize table.

Sunday began with a sprinkle of rain in the morning. Bill Litz hit the F-TR class hard Sunday morning with an impressive 198-8X, which he followed up in the second match with a 194-6X to take the lead. In F-Open, Tom Delovich, Jim Murphy, and Tony Robertson all had strong starts and it was anyones match. In the Sling class, North Carolina all star Kent Reeve shot his Palma rifle in the masterful way that he does to the tune of 599-31Xs which won the day shooting against any rifles on the any-sight day. This was tremendous shooting by one of the worlds best.

Remington Provides Nine Long Guns to Top Shooters
Dinner was served as final results were being compiled and then final performance-based awards presented. In all, Remington awarded nine (9) firearms to the winners, who also received medals, and over $5,000 in cash winnings.

Organizer Bryan Litz states: “Based on this year’s attendance and success, the event is likely going to fill up next year and will be limited to 100 competitors. Remember to get your registration in early.”

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