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June 19th, 2013

LED Light Strip for Reloading Presses from Hornady

Hornady has a handy new product will helps eliminate shadows when you’re working in your reloading area. Hornady’s Lock-N-Load LED light strip places light right where you need it. This is especially useful when using a progressive press. With progressives, you need to watch multiple cartridges in various stages of loading. Good lighting helps you ensure cases aren’t split, powder levels are correct, and bullets are seated straight.

Designed to be affixed to your press, the light strip mounts six (6) long-lasting LED lights in a line. The low-profile light strip has an adhesive backer for easy attachment. Just “peel and stick” to attach the LED strip directly to your press. Watch the video below to see how it’s done.

While Hornady’s light strip was made to be attached to loading presses, this useful device can be affixed anywhere you need extra light on your loading bench or work areas. The strip plugs into any 110 volt outlet, so you never have to replace batteries. The LED strip retails for about $15.00. CLICK HERE for more details. led light strip hornady reloading press

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June 19th, 2013

Magpul Introduces New 40-Round Magazine for AR Platform

Magpul is now offering 40-round capacity PMAG GEN M3 magazines for AR-platform rifles chambered for .223 Rem/5.56×45. Just 2 1/8″ longer than a 30-round Magpul magazine, the new 40-rounder will fit and function in standard AR mag wells. Magpul claims that: “The new PMAG 40 is just as reliable, durable, and compatible as the PMAG 30.”

Magpul’s new 40-round magazines should prove popular with 3-Gun competitors. The extra 10 rounds can reduce the number of mag changes, which should allow 3-gunners to shave seconds off stage times. As with other latest-generation PMAGs, the new PMAG 40s feature an over-insertion stop catch that prevents the magazine from being slammed too far into the gun during fast changes. This stop catch prevents mag damage and lessens the chance of a malfunction. For LEO and Military personnel using select fire ARs, Magpul notes that: “The optimized magazine spring can handle feeding at cyclic rates over 1150 rounds per minute.”

Major vendors, such as Brownells, will be selling the PMAG 40s very soon. Brownells is charging $19.95 for the PMAG 40, product #100-012-633WB. We expect these things to sell like hotcakes. The editors of note: “These magazines are going to be incredibly popular. Everyone likes extra ammo, even when it’s hard to find. And when most magazines with capacities greater than 30 run $40-$50, at these prices Magpul is going to tear through their competition.”

Magpul PMAG 40 40-round magazine

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