March 24th, 2008

Hickory Ground Hog Shoot — April 5

The Hickory Shoot, the nation’s most popular groundhog shooting competition, is slated for April 5th this year. Now in its 28th year, this is the biggest Varmint competition on the East Coast, with over $4000.00 worth of prizes awarded each year, including $1000.00 in cash. Compete individually or as part of three-man teams. The entry fee is $25 per person, plus (optional) $10 extra per team. The match will be held in Vale, North Carolina. For MapQuest or Google maps, use this address: 8216 Will Hudson Road, Lawndale, NC 28090.

This year, there will be three targets, set at 100, 300 and 500 yards. (No unknown distance). In the past, 6BRs, 6BR Improveds and the mid-size 6mms have been the calibers to beat. To see what it takes to win, read this article about Harold Seagroves’ Spencer-built 6BR, which has won the Hickory Shoot multiple times.

seagroves hickory groundhog shoot 2007

The range will be open Monday-Friday preceding the match for practice. The match will start 8 o’clock sharp Saturday morning the 5th. If you have any questions call Larry Willis, Bulls Eye Sporting Goods, (704) 462-1948. This year the targets will be at known distances, 100, 300, and 500 yards. That should be a cake walk for you 1000-yard shooters.

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