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March 26th, 2008

Berger Releases new Non-VLD 30 Caliber Bullets

Erik Stecker of Berger Bullets just let the cat out of the bag. Berger will be releasing four (4) new 30-caliber non-VLD bullet designs to supplement its line-up of .308 match bullets. The new bullets will be offered in 155.5 grain, 175 grain, 185 grain, and 210 grain weights. These will employ a more “classic” non-VLD design that is load-length tolerant. Like Berger’s recent, successful 108gr, 6mm tangent-ogive match bullet design, the new 30-caliber projectiles should work well seated OFF the lands, and should be relatively insensitive to cartridge load length. Match shooters should find that these bullets are easier to tune, and should function well when loaded to max magazine length. Berger’s new 155, dubbed the “155.5 Palma”, is designed specifically for Palma shooters who prefer to seat their bullets off the lands. This is a new shape and is designated “155 point 5″ to distinguish it from Berger’s current 155gr Match BT, and 155gr Match VLD, which will both continue to be sold. With the new 155.5 Palma, Berger now offers three 155-class match bullets. (FYI, the max legal weight for Palma bullets is 156.0 grains.)

Bullet Weight 155.5 175 185 210
Calculated BC 0.486 0.528 0.570 0.647

Product Availability
The new 155.5 Palma bullets should be available in 2-3 weeks. The 175s, 185s, and 210s, should be at vendors in 6-8 weeks. The new bullets will supplement Berger’s line-up of 30-caliber VLD bullets, currently offered in five different sizes: 168gr Match VLD (0.512 BC), 175gr Match VLD (0.528 BC), 185gr Match VLD (0.556 BC), 190 gr Match VLD (0.574 BC), 210gr Match VLD (0.631 BC). For more INFO, contact michelle.gallagher [at]

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March 26th, 2008

Heavy Caldwell BR Rest now $129.99

This deal is set to expire soon, so don’t hesitate if you’re looking for a very heavy front rest at a bargain price. Now through March 31, 2008, MidwayUSA has knocked $30.00 off its 1000-yard competition “Rock” front rest (item 627414), so it’s priced at just $129.99. Offer expires 3/31/08. This is the extra-heavy 24-lb. version with an 18″ footprint. It is designed for big 1000-yard guns and comes with a 5″-wide three-lobe front bag. The rest top, however, will accept other bags from Caldwell or other suppliers.

Caldwell Rock BR Competition Rest

Note that Caldwell BR rests adjust windage by rotation of the rest top rather than linear tracking. Still, we’ve used these 24-lb rests and they are solid and functional, though many owners eventually upgrade the rather thin 3-lobe front sandbag. Purchaser Richard S. from Colorado reports: “The rest is heavy and very solid. This is a great rest for the money. I replaced the Caldwell bag with a leather Protektor bag. The rest has groves made to accommodate the Protektor bag and it is a perfect fit.” Butch Lambert of ShadeTree Engineering can also adapt his joystick rest top to these units.

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