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March 3rd, 2008

In-line Seater Dies — Custom, Standard, and Micrometer Versions

One of our Forum readers asked “How can I get a custom in-line seater for my new rifle?”. First, we would say that, if you are not shooting an unusual Wildcat, check first to see if L.E. Wilson makes a stainless Micrometer Seater Die for your rifle. These dies are a joy to use, and we’ve found the fit to be exceptionally good with many calibers. Wilson stainless micrometer-top seaters are available for the following calibers: 20 Tactical, 204 Ruger, 20BR, 222 Rem, 223 Rem, 22 PPC, 22BR, 22-250, 223 WSSM, 6 PPC, 6BR, 243 Win, 243 WSSM, 25 WSSM, 6.5-284, 270 WSM, 30BR, 30 IHMSA, 30×47 (not Lapua), 308 Win. The Wilson stainless micrometer seaters are priced $79.50 at Sinclair Int’l, item 50-1X.

If you do want a custom seater die, the process is relatively simple. Purchase a die blank from Wilson and have your gunsmith run the chambering reamer in. Forum member Gunamonth explains: “I start with a Wilson seating die blank. They’re available from Sinclair and other vendors. Just run the reamer in. For some of my rifles, where I wanted the stainless die with the micrometer adjustment, I bought a smaller die and had the smith ream it with the chamber reamer. That’s how I had my 6 Dasher and 6mm AI seaters made. With the Dasher I stared with a 6mmBR Micrometer die.” Sinclair Int’l sells Wilson die blanks, item WBLAX, for $37.50.

Wilson inline seater die and blank

Micrometer Top Add-on
We really like micrometer tops on a seating die. But what if Wilson doesn’t make a micrometer top seater for your chambering? Don’t despair, Sinclair Int’l sells a micrometer top that can be added to any Wilson standard seater or to a custom seater die made from a Wilson die blank.

The Sinclair Micrometer Attachment For Wilson Seaters, item WSM, costs $38.50. You can use the Sinclair Micrometer top with a new custom die, or Wilson’s standard inline seater dies. Wilson makes the standard (non-stainless) chamber-style bullet seaters for dozens of calibers for which the stainless micrometer seaters are not offered. Standard Wilson inline seaters (non-micrometer) retail for about $39.00. They are made from 12L14 mild steel. This 12L14 steel WILL rust, so you should keep a light layer of rust preventative (such as Eezox or Corrosion-X) on the die.

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March 3rd, 2008

View Bullet-Making Process on TV

American Rifleman Television features Barnes Bullets this week. Managing Editor Chad Adams went to visit the Barnes operation in Utah. The broadcast shows how the Brooks family transformed a basement operation into one of the most advanced bullet-making operations in the world. Among the many Barnes bullets of interest to precision shooters and varminters are the Barnes Varmint Grenade, and the just-released MPG bullet. Lead-free MPG bullets feature a frangible, powdered-metal copper-tin core inside a guilding metal jacket. “MPG” stands for “Multi-Purpose Green”. “Green” is military shorthand for “lead-free”—a requirement in military and LE practice environments. California also recently passed legislation banning lead-core bullets in thousands of acres of hunting lands. Barnes’ MPGs may be just what California hunters need.

Also in this week’s American Rifleman TV episode, Editor-In-Chief Mark A. Keefe, reviews the Blaser F3, a high-end over-under shotgun built to exacting European standards. Part of MidwayUSA and Outdoor Channel’s “Wednesday Night On The Range” lineup, “American Rifleman Television” airs each Wednesday at 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. The show repeats on various days and times throughout the week.

Barnes offers a FREE DVD, called “Bullet Myths Busted”. This video tackles popular misconceptions about bullet performance and unmasks false claims. The DVD shows the explosive effects of the Varmint Grenade bullet and exclusive high-speed video compares hunting bullet expansion and penetration.

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