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March 22nd, 2008

Wind-Reading Skills for Hunters

On, you’ll find a good article about wind reading by Shawn Carlock. Shawn Carlock is a veteran law enforcement marksman and the current USPSA national precision rifle champion. Shawn offers good advice on how to estimate wind speeds and directions using a multitude of available indicators — not just your wind gauge: “Use anything at your disposal to accurately estimate the wind’s velocity. I keep and use a Kestrel for reading conditions….The Kestrel is very accurate but will only tell you what the conditions are where you are standing. I practice by looking at grass, brush, trees, dust, wind flags, mirage, rain, fog and anything else that will give me info on velocity and then estimate the speed.”

Shawn also explains how terrain features can cause vertical wind effects. A hunter positioned on a hilltop must account for bullet rise if there is a headwind blowing up the slope. Many shooters consider wind in only one plane — the horizontal. In fact wind has vertical components, both up and down. If you have ever piloted a small aircraft you know how important vertical wind vectors can be. Match shooters will also experience vertical rise when there is a strong tailwind blowing across an up-sloping berm ahead of the target emplacements. Overall, Shawn concludes: “The more time you spend studying the wind and its effect over varying terrain the more successful you will be as a long-range shooter and hunter.”

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March 22nd, 2008

Norma 6XC Brass and 111 DTACs Now Available

Norma 6XC brass is available direct from Superior Shooting Systems for $60.00 per hundred. These days, that’s a good deal for premium brass. Other vendors are selling the Norma 6XC for up to $89.00 per hundred. This is excellent brass that has shot extremely well for German Salazar and other top prone and cross-the-course shooters. It has a large flash hole and large primer pocket. It has enough case capacity to drive 110-115 grain bullets to 3000 FPS in most 27-28″ barrels.

Norma 6XC Tubb Brass

The much-awaited, polymer-tipped 111 DTAC MJPT (Match Jacket Plastic Tip) 6mm bullet is still awaiting delivery. [UPDATE: As of 7/17/2008, the ship date keeps slipping. Superior Shooting promised initial shipments at the “end of June”, but everyone’s still waiting.] The price is $105/500 for naked bullets, and $110/500 for boron nitride-coated bullets. The new DTAC 111 is showing good accuracy and can be shot in most rifles throated for the 105-107 grain bullets, though, ideally, you’d want freebore about .030″ longer (and we recommend a 1:7.5″ twist barrel). David says the new bullet’s ballistic-coefficient (BC) is “right around .600″ based on field testing using multiple chronographs set downrange. (This is actually measured, not calculated, BC.) When shot from a 6XC, 6-6.5×47, 6-250 or similar cartridge, you should be able to push this bullet at 3000 fps. The plastic tips provide a more uniform bullet-to-bullet ballistic coefficient according to David Tubb: “With the new bullet tip you no longer have to uniform the meplats to get a consistent BC shot-to-shot. What we’ve seen in field testing is a spread of only 2% in actual bullet BC.”

Download DTAC 111 Info Sheet

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