March 22nd, 2008

Norma 6XC Brass and 111 DTACs Now Available

Norma 6XC brass is available direct from Superior Shooting Systems for $60.00 per hundred. These days, that’s a good deal for premium brass. Other vendors are selling the Norma 6XC for up to $89.00 per hundred. This is excellent brass that has shot extremely well for German Salazar and other top prone and cross-the-course shooters. It has a large flash hole and large primer pocket. It has enough case capacity to drive 110-115 grain bullets to 3000 FPS in most 27-28″ barrels.

Norma 6XC Tubb Brass

The much-awaited, polymer-tipped 111 DTAC MJPT (Match Jacket Plastic Tip) 6mm bullet is still awaiting delivery. [UPDATE: As of 7/17/2008, the ship date keeps slipping. Superior Shooting promised initial shipments at the “end of June”, but everyone’s still waiting.] The price is $105/500 for naked bullets, and $110/500 for boron nitride-coated bullets. The new DTAC 111 is showing good accuracy and can be shot in most rifles throated for the 105-107 grain bullets, though, ideally, you’d want freebore about .030″ longer (and we recommend a 1:7.5″ twist barrel). David says the new bullet’s ballistic-coefficient (BC) is “right around .600″ based on field testing using multiple chronographs set downrange. (This is actually measured, not calculated, BC.) When shot from a 6XC, 6-6.5×47, 6-250 or similar cartridge, you should be able to push this bullet at 3000 fps. The plastic tips provide a more uniform bullet-to-bullet ballistic coefficient according to David Tubb: “With the new bullet tip you no longer have to uniform the meplats to get a consistent BC shot-to-shot. What we’ve seen in field testing is a spread of only 2% in actual bullet BC.”

Download DTAC 111 Info Sheet

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