June 21st, 2008

New Tubb 111gr 6mm Bullets to Ship

Many readers have been asking: “When are the new 6mm plastic-tipped 111gr Tubb bullets going to be available?” Well, we talked to David Tubb, and he indicated the new DTAC 111-grain MJPT (Match Jacket Plastic Tip) bullets should start shipping next month. These bullets have a shorter bearing surface than the older DTAC 115s, so they should be more versatile, and not require rifles to be chambered with such a long throat. The Ballistic Coefficient, calculated on the bullet design, should be around 0.575. However, David notes that, as with all bullets, the exact BC is velocity-dependent.

CLICK HERE for DTAC 111 Information Sheet (.pdf file)

DTAC Tubb 111 bulletDavid predicts that this new bullet will be more accurate than the DTAC 115 — David’s testing showed superior overall performance from the slightly lighter-weight projectile. The 111 should also be easier to tune than the 115. The 111-grainer’s bearing surface is .015″ shorter than the 115. The jacket draw on the 111 is shorter than a 107 SMK. David says: “Shorter draw translates to better jacket consistency.”

The new 111gr bullet features a plastic tip. This, David believes, provides more consistent bullet-to-bullet BC — and tests by others support that view, so long as the tips themselves are uniform and properly attached. David says: “The typical out-of-the-box bullet could have a spread of 10% in true BC, from bullet to bullet. With the plastic tips you cut down the BC variance considerably. What we’ve seen in field testing is a spread of only 2% in actual bullet BC. This has reduced the shot-to-shot velocity spread as actually measured at long range.” When bullets maintain more uniform speed over the course of flight, you may see tighter groups with reduced vertical spread, all other factors being equal.

This new DTAC 111 MJPT will be available either “naked” or coated with Boron Nitride (BN). Call (806) 323-9488 for current pricing and to place an order. Visit www.DavidTubb.com for more details.

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