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June 14th, 2008

For Father's Day — Great Gear for Dad, all under $50.00

Tomorrow is Father’s Day. For all the dads out there, here’s a selection of cool tools and handy shooting accessories — all priced at fifty dollars or less. If you’re doing some last-minute shopping for the family patriarch, or just rewarding yourself for being a good dad, you’ll enjoy the bargains below. Many of the items are special sale priced for a limited period of time, so jump on these bargains while you can.

Cabela’s Gun Vise, $29.99

This handy polymer Cabela’s Gun Vise, item 1AJ-227687, is on a special sale, marked down from $44.99 to just $29.99. The unit holds your rifle securely and contains compartments for solvents and cleaning tools. We’ve used similar units and they work well. The polymer material is impervious to most solvents and the light weight of the gun vise makes it easy to move around a loading room or bench. It’s light enough to easily lift to a high shelf for storage when not in use.

Sinclair International
Motorola FV700 Talkabout Two-Way Radio Set, $49.99

Compact, rugged, and easy to use, the Motorola FV700 walkie-talkie set is ideal for long-range shooting matches. With a range of 12 miles, the FV700 delivers reliable communications between the firing line and workers in the pits at 1000 yards and beyond. Employing both FRS and GMRS frequencies, the FV700 offers 22 talk channels, plus 11 NOAA weather channels. The units run on common AAA batteries or included NiMH battery packs. Priced at just $49.99, each set includes two radios, 2 belt clips, a charging adapter, and dual charging cradle.
MTM Mini Digital Reloading Scale, $29.99

This light-weight, ultra-compact reloading scale is ideal for use at the range, and as a back-up for a larger digital or balance-beam scale. With output in both grams and grains, the MTM Mini offers resolution to ± one-tenth of a grain. Max capacity is 1200 grains–more than enough to weight 50-caliber bullets and cartridge cases. This unit has an easy-to-read backlit LCD display. To save battery power, there’s an auto shut-off after three minutes.

Midsouth Shooters Supply
ThermaCELL Insect Repellent System, $17.51

Nothing’s more annoying than mosquitos or black flies buzzing around your head. You can use creams or sprays to prevent bites, but the buzzing can still drive you nuts. Solution? ThermaCELL. The ThermaCELL portable “bug-buster” creates a 15′ by 15′ zone of protection around you that repels up to 98% of mosquitoes, black flies, and no-see-ums. Trust us, ThermaCELLs really work. We wouldn’t go camping without one. One fill lasts for about 12 hours. If you’re skeptical, READ these REVIEWS. Now through the end of June, ThermaCELLs are on sale at Midsouth for just $17.51.

Big River Tactical
Howard Leight Electronic Ear Muffs, $49.99

We’ve featured the Leight Impact Sport electronic ear muffs on the Bulletin before because they are a great product at an unbeatable price. Light weight with a slim profile, they don’t interfere with your cheek weld when shooting rifles or shotguns. One Forum member bought a pair recently and told us: “You guys were right, these are great. They work as well as units costing 4 times as much.” The Leight muffs help you hear range commands while diminishing rifle noise (sounds exceding 82db are attenuted). Note, the Leight Muffs have a 22 NRR (noise reduction rating). For enhanced ear protection we suggest using the muffs over a set of foam ear plugs.

Lyman Electronic Digital Trigger Pull Gauge, $44.99

Every serious shooter needs an accurate, repeatable trigger pull gauge, and the Lyman digital unit is the best available, plain and simple. The Lyman Gauge is on sale this month at MidwayUSA for $44.99, marked down from $48.99. The Lyman Gauge uses strain-gauge technology to read ± 0.1 ounce with a range of 0 to 12 pounds. The controls are easy to use, and we like the built-in Averaging function. Note: 9 volt battery must purchased separately.
Craftsman Wet-Dry Vac, $14.99 (Half-Price Sale)

If you have a home workshop, once you get a portable wet-dry vacuum you’ll wonder how you ever did without it. This editor has a similar unit that’s used almost on a daily basis. The Craftsman Clean N Carry model has a 1.5 hp motor providing ample cleaning power. Right now, through 6/15/2008, you can buy it for HALF PRICE. The machine costs just $14.99 at Sears, marked down from $29.99. That’s a steal. Hurry though, this is a special Father’s Day deal.

Craftsman Clean N Carry® 2 gal. Wet-Dry Vac
Sears item# 00917713000, Mfr. model# 17713

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June 14th, 2008

Farley Calls for Bolt Inspections

Farley Manufacturing, makers of the Coax II Front Rests and Farley actions, has asked owners to return bolts for inspection. There have been issues regarding bolt lug integrity that Farley wishes to resolve. This applies to all Farley actions except the current Black Widow actions. Farley has issued the following statement:

“To our customers and anyone who may own a Farley Action. We need to inspect your bolt. Most of these actions have been in service for 6-12 years. However, regardless of age or use we need to inspect the bolt.

If your Action is currently in use please send us the bolt as soon as possible. If it is not in use please call us to schedule it in. Black Widow Actions are not included. We understand that this is very inconvenient. We will try to turn them around to you in 7-10 days.

This is an important safety issue and we are depending on your help. Please send bolt(s) via UPS and we will reimburse shipping. If you would like a pre-paid mailer please contact us via email or phone and include serial # of Action along with your name, address and phone number.

Thank you,
Jim Farley Jr.
President, Farley Mfg.”
Phone: (405) 732-7852

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