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June 23rd, 2008

Sam Hall Shoots 0.913", 50-5X group at 600 Yards

Sam Hall of Boonville, NC has been the man to beat at 600 Yards this season. It looks like he nailed yet another IBS record with that hot-shooting 6BR of his. On June 14, at the Piedmont Gun Club in Rutherfordton, NC, Sam fired a 0.913″ five-shot group with his 28-lb 6BR Heavy Gun. The group was fully centered up, scoring a 50-5X on the new, smaller 600-yard target. Sam told us: “I believe this group is the smallest 50 ever shot in competition — with 5Xs to boot.” The previous record, we believe, was a 50 (1.174″) by Terry Brady.

Sam Hall 6BR IBS Record

Sam tells us: “This was the first group of the morning at Piedmont. Conditions were good …. I put 11 MOA elevation into my new March 50X scope (mounted just the day before) and almost hit the 2 1/4 inch skeet sighter on the first shot. On my last two shots on the skeet, I could see my shots hit dead center, so I knew I was on.

During record fire, I relaxed, took my time, because conditions were not changing, and let the rifle do what it was capable of. (I feel this rifle can hold 1.5″ at 600 pretty consistently, in windless conditions.) At the end of the 5 shots, my spotter, Brian Moore, and myself could see a little cluster in the middle of the bull. When that target was posted, man was I one happy fellow!”

Sam Hall 6BR IBS Record

Action: BAT MB, RB-LP-RE. 1.40″ diameter.
Barrel: 31″ Lilja, 1.25″ straight, fluted, 1:8″ twist, 4 groove, .236 bore
Cartridge: Standard 6mmBR Norma, .268 neck, .104 freebore, Kiff Reamer
Stock: Shehane fiberglass ST-1000, orange and white, with “lots of lead” in buttstock. Gun is 28-lbs overall.
Scope: New March 50X, Target CH, Kelbly X-high rings.
Gunsmith and Stocker: Leonard Baity.

6BR (standard) with .268″ neck (.267″ loaded round), Berger 105 VLD (from last year’s orange box) +.010″ into rifling, 31.0 grains Reloder-15, CCI BR-4 Primers, Lapua Brass. Velocity, about 2970 fps.
WARNING: This load IS TOO HOT for most rifles.

Sam’s 6BR Heavy Gun Holds Multiple Records
NOTE: This combination holds three IBS 600-yard world records at this time: A 192 Score, a two-gun (LG and HG) group agg. of 1.955″, and now a score record of 50-5X, 0.913″. Also, this gun shot an 0.870″ at Oak Ridge, TN in March (the Record, at that time, was 0.861″ by Terry Brady).

Sam Hall 6BR IBS Record

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June 23rd, 2008

Oak Ridge Hosts IBS 600-Yd Nationals, June 26-28

From June 26-28, the 2008 IBS 600-yard National Championship will be held in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, at the Oak Ridge Sportsmen’s Assn. (ORSA) facility. We expect many of the nation’s top 600-yard shooters will be attending the event, including record-holders Terry Brady, Mike Davis, Sam Hall, and Mark Schronce. If the weather cooperates, new records could be set.

ORSA offers 20 Benches, to accommodate 80 competitors in four relays. Eight targets will be fired for both Light Gun (LG) and Heavy Gun (HG). On Thursday, LG will shoot 3 targets and then HG will shoot 3 targets. On Friday, HG will shot 3 targets and then LG will shoot 3 targets. On Saturday, LG will shoot 2 targets and then HG will fire two targets. Sunday is the rain make-up date. The range will be open for practice on Wednesday, the 25th.

If you plan to shoot and haven’t registered already, do so right away! Entry fee for 2 guns is $150. Entry fees for one gun (either Light or Heavy) will be $80. For more info, contact Larry Sparks, larrysparks [at] .

Directions to Range
Oak Ridge City Information
GPS Location for ORSA: 35° 59′ 14.00″ N 84° 19′ 30.90″ W

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