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March 21st, 2008

Boron Nitride Bullet Lube Sources

David Tubb of Superior Shooting Systems pioneered the use of Boron Nitride to coat bullets. Hexagonal Boron Nitride (aka “White Graphite” or “HBN”) is an extremely slippery substance with high load-bearing properties. David believes Boron Nitride reduces bullet jacket friction and fouling in the bore. With boron nitride-coated bullets, it is believed that a shooter can fire longer shot strings before cleaning is required. Boron Nitride coating performs much the same function as moly-coating, but David (and others) believe HBN does the job better, and adheres to the bullet better than plain moly. And unlike moly, HBN has no potential corrosive properties.

You have to make you own decision as to whether bullet coatings are advantageous to you. The majority of shooting matches are still won by “naked” bullets. However, if you are a long-term moly user, you may want to investigate the benefits of boron nitride coatings.

Superior Shooting Systems will coat your naked bullets with Boron Nitride for $0.05 (five cents) per bullet with a 1000-bullet minimum order. If you want to save dollars and coat your own bullets, the process is similar to that for moly-coating — impact plate the bullets by tumbling with Boron Nitride powder. Boron Nitride powder is available in bulk from This Canadian firm sells powdered boron nitride in three sizes, .070 micron, 0.5 micron and 1.5 micron. The 0.5 micron size seems to work best for bullet coating. Current price is $79.00 US per pound, plus shipping. Call 1 + (416) 509-4462 to order.

Smaller quantities of a Boron Nitride bullet lubricant are offered by 21st Century Ballistic Solutions (“21stCBS”). This company offers a proprietary Boron Nitride blend specially formulated for easy application and excellent adhesion. 21stCBS has done extensive testing with both varmint and match rifles. They believe the Boron Nitride coating significantly reduces both copper and carbon barrel fouling. This allows up to 120+ rounds to be fired with no significant reduction in accuracy. The 21stCBS product applies easily in a vibratory tumbler–you don’t need steel shot or ball bearings to get the Boron Nitride to adhere to your bullets. Cost of the 21stCBS “custom blend” is $10.25 shipped for one (1) ounce of product, enough to coat 1000+ bullets. For more info, or to order, contact Mike Brenner,, (641) 485-0047 or (641) 753-3670. Mike also notes that the Boron Nitride does a great job of reducing friction when applied to leather benchrest front and rear sandbags.

Aerosol Boron Nitride Lubricant
We haven’t tried it, so we can’t confirm its effectiveness, but a new Aerosol spray coating is available that contains Boron Nitride. Produced by Slide Products in Illinois, Hi Temp 1800 was designed as a metal lubricant and mold release. The Boron Nitride retains its friction-reducing qualities even at very high temperatures.

We’ve been told that some shooters are experimenting with this spray-on Boron Nitride product. If it works with bullets, that will simplify the application process, since you won’t need a tumbler. But we caution that right now, spray on Boron Nitride is “experimental” at best. Cost is $87.20 for a case of 12 cans. For more info, or to order, call Slide Products, Toll Free 1-800-323-6433, or (847) 541-7220. Samples are available on request.

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March 21st, 2008

New CMP Rulebook Available

The CMP has finalized its 2008 rules for service rifle, service pistol and as-issued military rifles. The 12th Edition (2008) of the CMP Competition Rules is now posted on the CMP web site and can be downloaded for free. Printed copies of the 2008 rulebook can also be ordered from the CMP. DCM representative Gary Anderson reports that “just like in 2007, there are not a lot of rule changes, [and] nothing in the 2008 rules is going to substantially change any CMP courses of fire or the way competitions are conducted. There are some rule changes, however, that are designed to address issues that have come up or to respond to recommendations that were received from match sponsors and competitors.”

CLICK HERE for a Summary of all the New Rules


ECIs now Required for Rimfire AND Pistol Classes
One noteworthy change in the 2008 CMP rules is that ECIs (empty chamber indicators) confirming that firearms are unloaded and safe are now required in ALL rifles and pistols in both CMP and NRA matches at all times except during preparation and firing periods. Highpower and air rifle shooters quickly accepted the mandatory use of ECIs for centerfire rifles and CBIs (clear barrel indicators) for air rifles, but smallbore and pistol shooters resisted. Now several years of experience have demonstrated how effective these safety flags are in allowing range officers to quickly confirm that guns are cleared. Accordingly, the use of ECIs is now mandatory in all classes.

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