August 7th, 2015

Ultra-High-Grade Norma .284 Win Brass Now Available Shiraz Balolia Norma .284 Winchester Win Brass

At SHOT Show 2015 President Shiraz Balolia signed a contract with Norma to produce a large quantity of ultra-high-quality .284 Winchester and 6mm Dasher brass. The .284 Win brass is now in the USA and it is very good indeed. Now .284 Win and .284 Shehane shooters have a true premium product, without having to neck-up 6.5-284 brass. In addition, special enhanced quality-control measures were employed by Norma (as a condition of the contract) to ensure this brass is very uniform and very long-lasting. Expect the primer pockets to stay tight for a long time, even with stout loads.

This custom-made .284 Winchester Brass from Norma is double-drawn for body consistency and the heads are double-stamped for longer primer pocket life. This “special run” brass, created exclusively for, is produced to extremely high tolerances from high-grade raw materials. President Shiraz Balolia (left) and Norma Managing Director Paul-Erik Toivo sign contract for ultra-high-grade Norma brass.

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