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August 4th, 2015

Diggle Fly Shoot — Fun Match in the UK

Vince Bottomley Fly Shoot Diggle Range Target Shooter Aussie

Our friend Vince Bottomley provides this report about an Aussie-style Fun Match held at the Diggle Range in the UK. Read all the details on the Target Shooter Magazine website.

Fly-Shoot Report by Vince Bottomley
The Fly-Shoot competition involves shooting three, 5-shot groups at 500 yards on a target just eight inches (8″) in diameter. In the middle of the 10-Ring is a fly — bigger than a UK fly admittedly but this is an Aussie competition and I’m told that such flies are normal down-under….

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This year’s Fly Shoot enjoyed a record entry with almost 70 shooters turning up to shoot a fly at 500 yards. Quite a few managed that feat! Steve Barrett was the overall winner. Points are awarded for score and group size and of course for hitting the fly. Fly swatters get a commemorative patch and this is what most competitors covet.

Vince Bottomley Fly Shoot Diggle Range Target Shooter Aussie

For once, the weather was kind – overcast and threatening rain in the morning but, from a shooter’s point of view – perfect, with Diggle’s reservoir resembling the proverbial ‘sheet of glass’ – a rare sight, believe me! The shoot attracts a great variety of custom rifles and with it an equally assorted band of competitors from bunny-bashers to benchresters and, that’s part of the attraction….

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August 4th, 2015

Huge Turnout for AiR-15 Event at Camp Perry

Air 15 Challenge Match Camp Perry Gary Anderson

Though most of the action at Camp Perry this summer has been outdoors, there was also an important match conducted indoors at the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center. The AiR-15 Challenge match attracted nearly 200 competitors this year. Shooters used AR-type air rifles, aiming at reduced-size bullseye targets connected to electronic scoring systems.

AiR-15 Match Rifle Based on Anschütz 8001
Creedmoor Sports offers an AR-style air rifle built around an Anschütz 8001 barreled action. This rifle was designed in conjunction with the development of the CMP’s National Match Air Rifle shooting discipline.

AiR-15 Match Rifle

Some of the nation’s best marksmen were on hand, including 2015 NRA High Power National Champion SFC Brandon Green, who won the AiR 15 Shoot-Off with an outstanding score of 199-7X. Green’s victory earned him a $700 check from the CMP.

Air 15 Challenge Match Camp Perry Gary Anderson

One of the nation’s greatest High Power shooters, SFC Green actually got his start in competitive shooting in sporter air rifle for a JROTC unit in Louisiana. After shooting sporter for a few years, he switched to precision in high school before joining the Army and becoming a member of the USAMU.

“I think, mainly, people come in here to train,” Green explained. “It’s convenient to train and compete – get a little of that match pressure. That’s the reason that I come in to do it. Just to get time on the sights – time on the gun. Plus, it’s exciting to come in and shoot for a little bit of money.”

“Come out and try it,” he added. “It’s a good time.”

The AiR-15 match was part of a series of Air Rifle and Air Pistol Matches held this summer in the Gary Anderson Competition Center, a state-of-the-art indoor facility boasting 80 electronic target-equipped firing points. The center houses classrooms, a large common area, Olympic and other memorabilia and a world-class air range.

Air 15 Challenge Match Camp Perry Gary Anderson

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