April 6th, 2009

Like Father, Like Son — Chris Brady Wins Hickory Shoot

A Brady won the Hickory Groundhog and Egg Shoot this year, but it wasn’t Terry, IBS world-record holder. This year Terry’s son Chris Brady earned top honors among 186 registered competitors, shooting a 91 with his dad’s Borden-built 6 Dasher to win the match overall. This was the combined score for 100, 300, and 500 yards. At the Hickory shoot, one is allowed to shoot two rifles. Doing that, Chris Brady also took 4th place overall with a “super-modified” 33-lb 6BR that Terry built just for events like the Hickory. Greg Cooper took second overall. Tommy McKee was the first to break an Egg. There were only 2 or 3 broken during the day as the wind was tricky and switching left to right.

Conditions, though warm and sunny, suprised the competitors, according to Terry Brady: “All week long it had been cloudy and cold, and that’s what we were tuning for. But it was sunny and warm on Saturday.” Though Terry and Chris were expecting big things from the 33-lb 6BR, it turns out that Terry’s old black Borden (re-chambered from 6BR to 6 Dasher) shot the best. In the black Dasher, the Bradys used a fairly moderate load of 32.5 grains Reloder 15 with Berger 105gr bullets. Terry finished 10th overall.

IBS 600-yard Shooter of the Year Sam Hall praised Chris Brady’s performance: “Just got word that Chris Brady (Terry Brady’s son) won 1st place overall at the Hickory Shoot with a 91. He also got 4th place with his second rifle (the 33-pounder). [Chris] has been in the top 5 or better several times. I’m tickled to death he finally won it! Way to go Chris.”

Chris gave credit to his fellow competitors and suggested that you’ll see him on the firing line again soon: “There was alot of talent on the range today. The wind was a constant battle and the topic of every discussion. All you could do was shoot and pray. Thanks goes out to Dad for all his help (every year), Berger Bullets, D&B Supply, and Bulls Eye Sporting Goods for hosting this competition every year! See everyone at Piedmont sometime soon….” For his 1st Place and 4th Place finishes, Chris won a 50% off certificate for a Nightforce Scope and a D&B Supply (Shehane) Tracker stock.

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