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April 8th, 2009

Spring Smack the Smiley Match Kicks Off

Our own Asst. Editor, Jason Baney, runs a popular “postal match” called “Smack the Smiley”. Four times a year (Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter) you can shoot an official target at your own range, and then submit it for judging. Over $2000.00 in prizes will be awarded for each 2009 seasonal match. You can compete with shooters from across the continent.

Jason started the Smiley matches in 2004. Since 2006, a share of monies collected from entry fees have been donated to American military marksmen via These donations have totaled over $5000.00.

Jason is accepting entries for the current Spring Match. Order your targets now. The Spring Match officially starts April 13, 2009. Your finished Spring targets must be returned (postmarked) by May 26, 2009. Targets will be scored and ranked on shooting forums including, West Coast Tactical, SnipersParadise, and the main contest site,

Smack the Smiley Prizes
Prizes donated by manufacturers are raffled off, lottery-style, after each match. This means that every participant has a chance at winning a valuable prize. The prize list totals over $2000.00 in value for each Smack the Smiley match. You’re smart to shoot all four seasonal matches (Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter). A four-match Aggregate will be tallied this year with a possible prize for the Aggregate winner.

CLICK HERE for Smack The Smiley 4-Season Match Calendar

Smack The Smiley Postal Match Rules

● There are two classes, rimfire and centerfire, with no other rifle restrictions. Rimfire guns shoot at 50 yards, while centerfire rifles shoot at 100 yards.

● All rifles must be shot from the ground, either sitting or prone position, with NO tripod rests allowed. Only bipods or other field expedient rests are allowed.

● You must shoot official targets only, ordered from These cost $3.50 each with a max of 4 targets per class. One dollar ($1) from each target goes to

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April 8th, 2009

Shooting USA Features 3-Gun Match at Fort Benning

On today’s broadcast of ShootingUSA television, Jim Scoutten and his crew feature a recent Three-gun Challenge Match at Fort Benning, Georgia. In this event, hosted by the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU), both Army and civilian shooters compete with pistol, rifle, and shotguns in a multi-stage, timed course of fire. ShootingUSA airs Wednesdays on the Outdoor Channel at the following times:

* Eastern Time: 4:30 PM, 8:30 PM, 12:00 Midnight
* Central Time: 3:30 PM, 7:30 PM, 11:00 PM
* Mountain Time: 2:30 PM, 6:30 PM, 10:00 PM
* Pacific Time: 1:30 PM, 5:30 PM, 9:00 PM

Stages Re-Create Medal of Honor Scenarios
Each of the eight stages in the three-gun match recalls the actions of a Medal of Honor recipient with portions of each citation read to the competitors as the explanation of the course of fire. This annual three-gun match helps advance the Army Marksmanship Unit’s mission of improving skills throughout the Army, according to AMU Commander, LTC Frank Muggio, “This type of competition is exactly what we want our soldiers to be able to do in the field. They identify a target, they choose the right weapon system to engage the target, and they take out the target, and not anything around the target.”

The video clip below (not from ShootingUSA) shows Erik Lund’s Stage 5-winning performance at the 2008 Fort Benning 3-Gun Challenge.

YouTube Preview Image
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April 8th, 2009

Grafs has Lapua Loaded 6mmBR Ammo has loaded Lapua 6mmBR ammo in stock. This ammo is expensive (about $36 per box of 20 rounds) but the 6mmBR loaded ammo is really good stuff. We’ve tried it in a half-dozen custom 6BRs. In calm conditions, it has shot between 1/4 and 1/2 MOA. In the USA, this ammo is offered with two bullet weights — 90gr Scenar or 105gr Scenar. Both types of ammo shoot great.

If you own a 6mmBR rifle with a no-turn neck, we recommend purchasing at least one box. Test it through your gun with a chronograph. This will give you a useful benchmark to assess if your barrel runs faster or slower than average. (In a 25.6″ barrel, the 90s are rated at 2950 fps while the 105s are rated at 2790 fps.) You may be surprised at how accurate this stuff can be. It is loaded to be about .025″ off the lands in a .100″ freebore chamber.

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