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April 16th, 2009

New Deluxe Snap Caps for Match Cartridges

Well-known competitive shooter Eric Kennard has come up with a great new product: “Snap Cap”-type dummy practice cases — for the cartridges that match shooters really use. Eric explains: “I was surprised when I started the long range game that Snap Caps were not available in the most used target rifle calibers. How does one dry-fire a target action without risking a fracture of the firing pin? I have seen this happen several times now. Usually in the middle of a match!”

Eric decided to do something about the problem of fractured firing pins. Eric has created a new line of aluminum-bodied Snap Caps for target rifle chamberings. These are made from red-anodized solid aluminum and have a spring-loaded brass plunger to absorb the firing pin shock. Now you can dry-fire to your heart’s content.

Eric sells the Target Rifle Snap Caps for $12.95 per pair, plus shipping. Currently, the aluminum Target Rifle Snap Caps are available for six (6) chamberings: .223 Rem, 6mmBR, 6XC, 6-6.5 x 47 Lapua, 6.5 x 47 Lapua, and .308 Win. (More calibers are coming soon.) If you have a tight-necked chamber, Kennard is able to turn down the necks of the dummy cases if you give him the dimensions (extra costs may apply). If you’re curious, the 6mmBR Snap Caps come with a .266 neck while the .223 has a .250 neck. To order Eric’s aluminum Snap Cap practice cartridges, send email to ericskennard [at]

Kennard rifle snap caps Snap Cap Chamberings

.308 Win


6-6.5 x 47 Lapua
(not shown)

6.5 x 47 Lapua


.223 Rem

More Calibers Coming Soon
Eric reports these dummy cartridge work great for High Power practice: “One of my evaluators has found them perfect for dry firing in rapid fire with a reload. Yes I know, it is an across the course High Power thing!” Eric plans to add more chamberings: “I have decided to add a couple of calibers due to all the interest. I am adding 6.5-284, .260 Rem, .300 Win Mag, and .338 Lapua. They should be available soon.”

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April 16th, 2009

Make Your Own Motivational Poster

Have you seen those motivational posters on the walls of corporate offices? Well here’s a free web tool that lets you make your own motivational artwork. Simply upload a photo from your computer, type in a title and message line, and the automatic poster-maker from does the rest. You can customize borders and fonts if you wish.

CLICK HERE to make your own Motivational Poster.

Jef Fowler Benchrest Record Aggregate

The poster above features the late Jef Fowler’s remarkable world-record 0.1500″, 5-target (25-shot), 100-yard LV Aggregate. (That’s right, the official measurement was exactly 0.1500″.) Using his own custom bullets, Jef shot this Agg with a 6PPC at Roanoke, Virginia in June, 1994. These five targets established a new NBRSA 100-yard Light Varmint World Record that still stands today, 15 years later. Sadly, Jef has passed away, but Fowler Bullets are now produced by Scheider Accuracy in Beaufort, SC, (843) 522-3651.

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April 16th, 2009

Versatile Point Blank Ballistics Software is FREE

The website offers Point Blank Ballistics and Reloading software free of charge. That’s right, the program is absolutely free, forever — not just for a trial period. We use Point Blank all the time, not just to calculate come-ups and windage for our rifles, but also to compare ballistics among various chamberings, or to compare different bullets. With Point Blank it is easy to just change your bullet BC value and instantly see the effect on windage and drop. Point Blank will even calculate muzzle energy and recoil force. Point Blank will also hold all your reloading info in a built-in database. You enter the caliber (chambering), bullet, powder, velocity, and other important variables. Then you can quickly access hundreds of different load combinations.

CLICK HERE TO download PointBlank Reloading & Ballistics Software v2.0 ZIP Archive.

(Note: this 1.13mb file is for Windows computers; you need WinZip or other program to unzip the file archive.)

You can even use Point Blank to plot your shots on a test target. This way you can easily compare the accuracy of different “recipes” during load development. You can record up to 10 shots per target.

Calculate Recoil, Muzzle Energy, Knock-Out Power
Point Blank has many other useful functions. Click on the “Misc Functions” tab, and you’ll find the program will calculate recoil and muzzle energy. If you clock bullet speed at both the muzzle and a 100-yard target, the program will also calculate actual bullet Balllistic Coefficient. For hunters, the program calculates Taylor Knock-Out values, and the program even provides handy English/Metric unit conversions.

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