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April 9th, 2009

Hornady (aka Stoney Point) OAL Gauge on Sale at MidwayUSA

Now through April 30, 2009, MidwayUSA has the Hornady (formerly Stoney Point) Lock-N-Load Overall Length Gauge (item 570611) on sale for $25.99. That’s $4.50 off the regular price. Note, in addition to the Gauge itself, you’ll need a threaded modified case for each caliber you shoot, and we recommend having a comparator body with caliber-specific insert. The comparator allows you to measure from base of case to bullet ogive (rather than bullet tip).

OAL Gauge shown with Comparator to allow measurement from bullet ogive.

This Editor personally uses the Hornady Overall Length Gauge to find the distance to the lands for all his centerfire rifles. With practice, using the right technique, you can achieve measurements that are very repeatable. Here’s my method:

1. After screwing the modified case securely to the gauge, insert the case (with a bullet in neck) into the chamber. Make sure the modified (threaded) case goes ALL the way into the chamber. (Note: a heavily-fouled chamber can interfere with the seating of the modified case.)

2. Slide the gray pusher rod gently forward until you feel the first, slight resistance, then stop.

3. Now with the tip of your finger, tap the gray rod gently two or three times. This should give you a good, repeatable bullet contact with the lands, without going into the rifling.

4. You do NOT want to push hard on the gray rod. This will cause the bullet to engage the rifling. That will cause the bullet to stick, and you will end up with inconsistent length-to-lands measurements.

Some folks complain that this tool is not particularly repeatable. Well, if you use and practice the technique above, I think you’ll find the opposite is true. Using the Hornady OAL Gauge with a Berger bullet in a 6PPC, I recently measured length to lands five times in a row, with a couple witnesses to the procedure. Each of the measurements was consistent within .0007″ as recorded with a set of Mitutoyo Digital calipers. The key is using the same technique and pressure every time. CLICK HERE for a complete review of the Hornady OAL Gauge, with many photos

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April 9th, 2009

New Website for Turkey Hunters

All turkey, all the time — that’s the concept behind the new turkey hunting website created by Realtree. This content-rich site contains tons of info for turkey hunters, including gear reviews, hunting reports, video clips, and even a turkey trivia game. The gear archives cover everything a turkey hunter needs: firearms, clothing, footwear, decoys, turkey calls, and shooting accessories.

turkey hunting web

HD Video Webcasts of Real Turkey Hunts
The new website boasts impressive HD (high-definition) video content on “Turkey Television”. You’ll find multiple high-quality archived hunting videos. Each Friday the “Daybreak” webcast will feature a “semi-live” turkey hunt followed by a segment on the latest turkey hunting guns and gear. You can also download video “podcasts” to your home computer or media player. Topics include: Selecting the Right Turkey Gun, Choosing Turkey Optics, Sighting-In a Shotgun, and Mounting A Scope (or Fiber Optic Sights).

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April 9th, 2009

Submit Event Info for 2009 Event Calendar

Among its many features, offers a searchable Event Calendar. We try to include a wide variety of competitions, shooting events, and major gatherings (such as the NRA National Meeting next month in Phoenix, AZ). Where possible, our event listings include web links and match registration info. Calendar

Hey Guys — You Can Submit Major Events for Calendar
We solicit reader contributions to our event calendar. While we can’t list typical weekend club events, we’ll try to include major championships and special annual events, such as “Extravaganza of Silhouette” in California, and the Williamsport “World Open”. Please include the dates of the event, a one- or two-sentence summary, plus a link to a descriptive webpage. You can also attach an event logo, range map, and/or photo. Please limit submissions to important events of significant regional, state, or national interest. Please send your calendar listings to mailbox [at]

NRA Event Calendar
The NRA, through its Shooting Sports USA publication, offers a comprehensive calendar of shooting matches nationwide. This covers all the NRA disciplines: pistol, black powder, silhouette, air rifle, smallbore, F-Class, and High Power. The Shooting Sports Calendar is updated regularly, and can be downloaded for free in .pdf format. Click the link below to download the latest version of the NRA’s competition calendar.

CLICK HERE to download Shooting Sports USA Events Calendar

Shooting Sports USA Calendar

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