April 20th, 2009

April Deals at Midsouth Shooters Supply

Some good deals are to be had among Midsouth Shooters Supply’s April Specials.

Barnes M/LE Bullets on Sale
Barnes Bullets has introduced a new line of Military Law Enforcement (M/LE) lead-free bullets. Based on technologies Barnes developed for military applications, this new line of bullets should be popular for self-defense, hunting, and the fast-growing Tactical market. Sale items include include the all-copper TAC-X™ rifle bullets and Barnes’ new RRLP™ (Reduced Ricochet, Limited Penetration) bullets. TAC-X are a solid copper projectile that provides controlled, double-diameter expansion — a good choice for hunters. The RRLP bullets feature a frangible, powdered-metal copper-tin core inside a guilding metal jacket. These open-tip bullets combine accuracy with explosive fragmentation.

Last but hardly least, Midsouth offers the new 50-Caliber TAC-LR™ Long Range bullets. These high-BC, solid-brass beauties are individually milled on CNC equipment. Two types are available, a long-nosed secant ogive style (035-51075) and a tangent ogive style (035-51076). Both 50-cal projectiles are priced at $32.90 for 20 bullets. That’s expensive yes, but still much cheaper than comparable milled 50-cal solids from “boutique” bullet-makers. Barnes’ 750gr secant ogive TAC-LR bullet has an amazing 1.070 BC.

TAC LR Barnes 50 Caliber

Allen 50″ Euro Gun Case
The Allen “Euro” is a quality 50″-long case with enough interior space to handle 29-30″ barrels. This deluxe case features a fatter/taller front section to fit guns with wide forearms or attached bipods. This is a very nice soft case for a long-barreled varmint rifle or F-Class gun with a larget scope. It features very thick foam padding (1.5″ per side) and multiple, velcro-closed external pockets. Midsouth Shooters Supply offers this case in hunter green (item 168-91550) for $35.09. Supplies are limited so don’t hesitate! A similar Allen-made case in blue or tan sold as the Remington Yukon.

Allen 50

Montana Xtreme Solvent with Free Bolt Grease
Though the end of April, if you purchase a 4 ounce bottle of Montana X-Treme bore solvent for $5.86, Midsouth will include a FREE syringe of X-Treme Gun Grease as no extra cost. The Gun Grease normally retails for about $4.50 buy itself. Every bolt-gun owner should have some grease in a syringe applicator to prevent galling of the lugs.

Midsouth Owner Interviewed
In related news, Midsouth Shooters Supply owner David King was recently interviewed by WKRN television in Nashville, TN. When asked about the current ammo shortage, King said this is the most accute shortage he can remember: “I’ve been doing this since the early 60s and it’s never been like this … The ’94 shortage was tough, but not like this.” In fact, King said it’s so bad one of his dealers sold more ammunition in one day than he did in all of 2007. According to King, the surge in ammo sales began after the Presidential election in November and has continued unabated due to concerns that Congress will impose new regulations on firearms, ammunition, and reloading components. King said ammo-makers are producing product as fast as they can but he expects in may take a full year before the balance of supply and demand situation returns to normal.

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