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April 4th, 2009

Investment Grade Snakes — Royal Blue 'Precious Metal'

The recent multi-trillion-dollar orgy of federal spending has many economic experts worried about the “I word” — inflation. As the government borrows more and more money, these experts caution we can expect the dollar to fall and prices to rise. Are there “safe havens” in inflationary times? Real estate is depressed, the stock market has been devastated, and as for bonds… well if interest rates rise in the months ahead, you have to be very careful about buying low-return bonds right now.

Colt Python

We are NOT qualified to hand out investment advice, particularly in these troubled economic times when all the “conventional wisdom” has gone by the wayside. Nonetheless, it appears that demand for fine firearms remains high. In particular, “classic” high-grade revolvers have been appreciating even while stocks tumble and home values sink.

Colt Python

Colt Python — An Appreciating Asset
Among the most desirable of double-action revolvers is the Colt Python, preferrably with Colt’s famous high-polish Royal Blue finish. Pristine blued Pythons sold for $800.00-$900.00 just a few years ago. Now the same revolvers are fetching up to $1900.00 at auction. The mint-condition 1977 6″ Python shown below sold for $1850.00 just last week on, and there were 15 bidders! (See Completed Auction 125683644.)

Colt Python

Would a Python be a good short- or long-term investment? You have to decide that for yourself. But consider this: Colt stopped producing Pythons in 2005, so the supply is fixed. And the recent Pythons are not (yet) considered as desirable as Pythons made in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. So the price of the older Pythons keeps rising. Pythons were produced with 2.5″, 4″, 6″ and 8″ barrels. All lengths are popular, but the 6″ Python seems to be the most sought-after currently.

If you’ve ever carefully inspected a Royal Blue Python, and worked the action, you’ll understand why they are so popular. The liquid-like ultra-smooth blued finish is simply the best ever offered on an American handgun. Chuck Hawks writes: “Colt’s Royal Blue is the ultimate polished blue finish for steel guns. No other blued production revolver can compare to the beauty of Colt’s Royal Blue Python.” And the Python’s double-action trigger is considered by many to be the smoothest ever made. The triggers on S&W Performance center revolvers are very, very good, but the trigger in a 60s or 70s Python is better — right out of the box. Typically, Pythons are extremely accurate, shooting sub-inch at 25 yards. Ergonomically, Pythons are a pleasure to shoot because the bore axis is lower than on most other large-frame revolvers. Chuck Hawks agrees: “Subjectively, this finest of all DA revolvers is a soft shooter… most shooters feel that the Python kicks less than other DA magnum revolvers of comparable weight.”

Colt Python

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April 4th, 2009

Lapua 6mmBR, 220 Russian, and .308 Win Brass at MidwayUSA

Lapua Brass Midwayusa

6mmBR, 220 Russian, .308 IN STOCK
MidwayUSA just received supplies of Lapua brass for the hard-to-find cartridges: 220 Russian, 6mmBR, .243, 6.5 Grendel, and .308. If you need Lapua brass in a hurry, you might want to jump on this, as Midway’s inventory will probably sell out quickly.

220 Russian, item 1270320316, $94.99 per 100-ct box
6mmBR, item 1270323515, $80.89 per 100-ct box
.243 Win, item 1270235456, $82.34 per 100-ct box
6.5 Gredel, item 1270213283, $104.99 per 100-ct box
.308 Win, item 1270187523, $70.99 per 100-ct box

Other Sources
Bruno Shooters Supply expects to have more Lapua brass within two weeks. expects another large shipment to arrive fairly soon as well.

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