April 4th, 2009

Lapua 6mmBR, 220 Russian, and .308 Win Brass at MidwayUSA

Lapua Brass Midwayusa

6mmBR, 220 Russian, .308 IN STOCK
MidwayUSA just received supplies of Lapua brass for the hard-to-find cartridges: 220 Russian, 6mmBR, .243, 6.5 Grendel, and .308. If you need Lapua brass in a hurry, you might want to jump on this, as Midway’s inventory will probably sell out quickly.

220 Russian, item 1270320316, $94.99 per 100-ct box
6mmBR, item 1270323515, $80.89 per 100-ct box
.243 Win, item 1270235456, $82.34 per 100-ct box
6.5 Gredel, item 1270213283, $104.99 per 100-ct box
.308 Win, item 1270187523, $70.99 per 100-ct box

Other Sources
Bruno Shooters Supply expects to have more Lapua brass within two weeks. Grafs.com expects another large shipment to arrive fairly soon as well.

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