March 8th, 2009

Check with E. Arthur Brown for Lapua Brass

We announced that a new shipment of Lapua cartridge brass is due to arrive within a couple weeks. Both importers, Graf & Sons and Kaltron, have ordered large quantities. However, some cartridge types, including 6mmBR, do not appear to be included in this container.

We’ve checked around, and most everybody seems to be sold out of 6mmBR, 220 Russian, and .308 brass. You may want to check with E. Arthur Brown, That company’s shopping cart system is still showing availability of Lapua brass of most types, including 6mmBR. No guaranties however — you may want to call E. Arthur Brown first before placing your order: (320) 834-3000, or for Orders Only, 1-800-950-9088.

Eabco Lapua

Eabco Lapua

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