April 8th, 2009

Grafs has Lapua Loaded 6mmBR Ammo

Grafs.com has loaded Lapua 6mmBR ammo in stock. This ammo is expensive (about $36 per box of 20 rounds) but the 6mmBR loaded ammo is really good stuff. We’ve tried it in a half-dozen custom 6BRs. In calm conditions, it has shot between 1/4 and 1/2 MOA. In the USA, this ammo is offered with two bullet weights — 90gr Scenar or 105gr Scenar. Both types of ammo shoot great.

If you own a 6mmBR rifle with a no-turn neck, we recommend purchasing at least one box. Test it through your gun with a chronograph. This will give you a useful benchmark to assess if your barrel runs faster or slower than average. (In a 25.6″ barrel, the 90s are rated at 2950 fps while the 105s are rated at 2790 fps.) You may be surprised at how accurate this stuff can be. It is loaded to be about .025″ off the lands in a .100″ freebore chamber.

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