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March 28th, 2022

Bargain Finder 340: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

1. KYGUNCO — RemArms 700 Magpul Rifle starting at $988.99

remington rifle sale

Modern Magpul stock, versatile long-range target and hunting rig

Looking for a serious long-range rifle for under $1100? Check out these RemArms 700 Magpul rifles. Starting at just $988.99 for the 6.5 Creedmoor 22″ bbl version (without bipod), these are well-made, reliable, and accurate rifles with a nice modern Magpul stock. For $1054.99 ($66 more), you can get bipod-equipped versions in .308 Winchester or 6.5 Creedmoor, both with fluted 20″ heavy barrels. Currently out of stock is a .300 Win Magnum version with 24″ heavy barrel and bipod ($1054.99). When it becomes available again, we think the .300 Win Mag model would be a great long-range hunting rig for large game.

2. Midsouth — Hornady 168gr BTHP Match, $164.99 for 500

hornady bullet sale
Great price for quality 168gr .30-Caliber bullets

Do you need affordable .30-cal bullets for an M1 Garand or 1903 Springfield? Or perhaps you want to get started in F-TR with lower cost projectiles? If so, you can now grab 500 168gr BTHP Match grade .30-cal bullets for just $165.99. That works out to just $33 per hundred — a great deal. You could easily pay twice as much (or more) for some other brands. This is a good option if you don’t need the Heavy 185-220 grain bullets. These bullets have a good BC for their weight class.

3. Graf’s — Hornady Ammo Plant Progressive Press, $1299.99

hornady press sale
Excellent progressive press with case feeder and bullet feeder

Do you reload large quantities of pistol ammo, or .223 rifle ammo? Then you can save significant time with a quality progressive press. Right now you can save over $200 on the Hornady L-N-L Ammo Plant Progressive Reloading Press Kit. This is a complete loading system with a 5-station, auto-indexing press plus a brass feeder and bullet feeder. The system uses a precise and easily-adjusted powder measure that we prefer to the Dillon powder system. NOTE: After buying the press kit, you’ll need to purchase the appropriate shell plate and dies for your choice of cartrdige(s). Guys, this is a good deal — the same Hornady Ammo Plant system is currently $1525.99 at MidwayUSA.

4. Sportsman’s WHSE — Leupold SX-4 Pro Guide Spotting Scopes

vortex spotting scope sale
Good values on 20-60X and 15-45X Leupold Spotters

Looking for a quality spotting scope at a great price? Then check out the Leupold SX-4 Pro Guide HD spotting scopes on sale at Sportsman’s Warehouse. Chose the 15-45x65mm spotter for $699.99 or the bigger 20-60x85mm spotter for $899.99. Fully waterproof and fogproof, these Leupold spotters feature a rugged magnesium body plus an oversized eyepiece for all-day comfort. Both spotters offer Leupold’s Twilight Max HD Light Management System, which helps in low light conditions, while reducing glare in direct light. The 15-45x65mm SX-4 spotter is hard to beat at that $699.99 price.

5. Amazon — Tipton Compact Range Vise, $24.99

Tipton compact vise Amazon deal sale collapsible rifle cradle
Good, transportable product for working on hunting/varmint rifles

Tipton compact vise Amazon deal sale collapsible rifle cradleHere’s a very handy gun cradle that helps you clean and maintain rifles while at the range or at home. The Compact Range Vise folds and collapses to 11-1/4″, so it is easily transported. Two padded “V” brackets hold the rifle while protecting the finish during cleaning/maintenance operations. Made from solvent-resistant polymer, Tipton’s Compact Range Vise is durable and should last for years. NOTE: For typical hunting and varmint rifles this Range Vise works well, though it is not suited for wide-forearm benchrest or F-Open rigs.

Tipton compact vise Amazon deal sale collapsible rifle cradle

6. Creedmoor — Deluxe Fold-Up Shooting Mat, $99.99

shooting mat sale
Very comfortable mat — worth the money if you shoot often

If you do a lot of prone shooting you NEED a quality, comfortable mat. One of the best mats on the market today is the Creedmoor Deluxe Folding Mat. This offers double-thick jute padding under the textured elbow pad sections. Carrying handles are provided so equipment can be carried within the fold of the mat. The mat features a waterproof vinyl bottom and a marine finished top. The combination of these materials makes a comfortable and durable mat. NOTE: These mats are custom made by Creedmoor, so, for a modest extra fee, you can order extra knee-zone rubber, or additional padding in the top third.

7. Amazon — Torque-Controllable Screwdriver, $29.99

torque wrench sale
Everyone needs a tool like this to set fasteners correctly

When mounting a scope or installing an action, you need to set torque correctly or you risk damaging things. For basic tasks requiring precise torque levels, consider the Sanliang Torque Screwdriver Set. With a range of 10-70 inch pounds, this will perform a multitude of gunsmithing jobs. It’s easy to preset the torque —- simply pull down to unlock, then set the torque you need and push to lock. Includes a set of 10, 1/4’’ bits with convenient storage case.

8. Natchez — Bushnell Banner Rifle Scope – 3-9x40mm, $29.99

bushnell scope sale
Crazy-low price on basic hunting scope with good warranty

Here’s a VERY affordable optic that could be good choice for a youngster’s first rifle, or serve as a back-up for a hunting gun. Right now Natchez offers the Bushnell Banner 3-9x40mm scope for just $29.99. You read that right — $29.99. You could pay more than that for a set of rings. Fitted with a Multi-X Reticle, this scope has a good 3-9X magnification range for hunting. It features Bushnell’s Dusk & Dawn Brightness (DDB) lens coating for enhanced low-light performance.

Midsouth — .22 Caliber Aguila FMJ Bullets, 1000 for $99.99

bushnell scope sale
Great deal on bulk .224 and 9mm bullets

Need a large supply of budget-priced bullets for your AR15 or varmint rifle? Here’s an amazing deal — get 1000 55gr or 1000 62gr .224-caliber bullets for just $99.99. That’s right, 1000 bullets for under 100 bucks. These won’t rival high-quality Berger or Sierra bullets, but they will be adequate for varmint work, 3-gun practice, or plinking with your AR. If you load 9mm, you can also get 1000 115gr 9mm bullets for $99.99.

10. Amazon — Frankford Arsenal Trickler, $17.99

powder trickler sale
Inexpensive, works well, stable, tall enough

Every handloader can use a good powder trickler. However many tricklers are light and unstable, making them frustrating to use. We’ve been impressed with the Frankford Arsenal Trickler . This is a solid unit with some heft, with a hard rubber base. The mass and good design make this easy to use, allowing simple, accurate trickling.

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September 10th, 2018

Bargain Finder 155: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

Accurateshooter Bargain Finder Deals of Week

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

1. — Norma Tac-22 Rimfire Ammo, $2.50 per Box

Norma Tac-22 Match 22 .22LR ammo liquidation going out of business sale ammunition discount

This Norma .22 ammo is good stuff — no doubt about that. This Editor bought 1500 rounds of Tac-22 when it was on sale for $3.50/box, and now it is even cheaper. In all honesty, we don’t think you can find better rimfire ammo at anywhere near this $2.50 per 50ct box price. This is basically liquidation pricing, because is closing its doors for good at the end of September. This ammo is good for pistol plinking, and rifle fun shooting and rimfire cross training. NOTE: Many other products are still available at at crazy-low liquidation prices.

2. Natchez — Big Savings on Nikon Optics (Scopes, LRFs, Binocs)

Nikon natchez scope deal bargain refurbished sale discount

Need a scope or LRF for hunting season? Here’s a chance to save hundreds on a quality Nikon optic. Natchez Shooters Supply is offering exclusive deals on both new and refurbished Nikon riflescopes, rangefinders, and binoculars including camo finish hunting scopes for hunters. There are some truly excellent bargains, plus you can get $5 Flat Rate Shipping with Code 180910 (through 9/12/18). Here are some of the best deals on Nikon scopes at Natchez right now:

Nikon 2-10x50mm Monarch 5 scope (new), BDC Reticle
Now $319.99 (Reduced from $599.95 — Save $279.96)

Nikon 3.5-14x50mm ProStaff 5 scope (new), Illum. Nikoplex Reticle
Now $294.99 (Reduced from $579.95 — Save $284.96)

Nikon 4-12x40mm Active Target scope (new) , Realtree Camo, BDC Predator Reticle
Now $184.99 (Reduced from $329.95 — Save $144.96)

3. — Nosler RDF Bullets, $24-$29 per 100

Monmouth Nosler RDF bullets 6mm 6.5 mm Creedmoor 140 175 105 reduced drag factor

Nosler’s line of RDF (Reduced Drag Factor) bullets have high BCs for their weight. Precision shooters are reporting outstanding accuracy. Given their high performance and consistency, RDF bullets represent a superior value. At ARMorAlly you can get Nosler RDFs for under $29 per 100 for popular 6mm and 6.5 mm sizes. That’s up to $25 less per box than some other premium brands. And the .22-Caliber RDFs are even cheaper. ARMorAlly also has great pricing on Nosler Ballistic Tip, Custom Competition, Accubond, ABLR, and Lead Free bullets. All Nosler Bullets HERE.

4. Precision Reloading — All Lee Products on Sale

Lee Precision Reloading Sale Case Press dies

Now through September 14, 2018, Precision Reloading has discounted all Lee Precision Products in stock. Lee has a reputation as a budget brand, but many of Lee’s products really stand on their own merits. For example the Lee Collet dies are popular with many hand-loaders because they produce very straight ammo with consistent neck tension. And this Editor uses a Lee Decapping Die and Lee pistol dies. Here are some of the recommend Lee products on sale now:

Lee Classic Cast Single Stage Press, $105.29 on Sale (Reg. $116.99)
Lee Auto Bench Prime Tool, $26.09 (Reg. $28.99)
Lee Universal Decapping Die, $12.59 (Reg. $13.99)
Lee 9mm Luger Carbide Die Set, $38.51 (Reg. $32.49)
Lee Universal Shell Holder Set (11), $31.94 (Reg. $35.49)

5. Midsouth — Hornady Progressive Press, $378.99

Hornady Lock N Load AP Progressive Press Sale Rebate Discount

If you need large quantities of pistol or rifle ammo, it makes sense to get a progressive press. This auto-indexing, 5-station press will give you one loaded round for every complete cycle of the loading handle. We’ve used this Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Progressive press and can confirm that it works well. We actually prefer the rotary powder measure to the sliding powder system on Dillon progressives. We find it much easier to change load weights with the Hornady system (which uses inserts), and it is more precise with certain types of powder. Right now you can save $113.00 with the $378.99 sale. Plus press purchasers qualify for 500 free bullets through the Hornady Rebate Program.

6. CDNN — Colt Competition AR15 Kit, $499.99

Colt AR AR15 match rifle upper lower kit discount CDNN
The Colt Kit does NOT include barrel, bolt carrier group, charging handle, or magazine.

This affordable Colt AR15 Kit includes upper, complete lower, handguard, and Magpul stock. To this, add your choice of barrel and optic. We like this option because the barrel is so important to accuracy and overall performance. This Colt package costs $499.99. Add a match-grade, finish-chambered barrel from Criterion or Krieger, plus bolt carrier group, and you’re in business. The Magpul PRS stock features a quick-adjustable cheek-piece and butt-plate — allowing you to easily adapt head position and LOP for your discipline of the day. The straight-toe PRS stock works great in a rear bag. This is a good platform for a PRS Gas Gun Division rifle.

7. Smith & Wesson SD9VE 9mm, $239.99 with Code M8Y

Smith Wesson SD9V 9mm carry pistol handgun bargain brownells

The two-tone Smith & Wesson SD9VE 9mm pistol features contrasting stainless-steel slide and barrel. Weighing just 22.7 oz, this DAO pistol ships with two 16-round magazines, offering plenty of fire-power. Overall length is 7.2″ with a 4″-long barrel. Both front and rear sights are drift-adjustable. This is a nice medium-sized pistol that shoots well. The Smith & Wesson SD9VE is on sale now at Brownells for just $249.99 (plus $10 FFL fee). SAVE MORE: During check-out at, you can use code “M8Y” to receive $20 Off and get FREE delivery. That lowers your net cost to just $239.99 shipped to your FFL.

8. Midsouth — New Lyman Reloading Presses on Sale

Lyman Ideal c-frone reloading press sale discount Midsouth

Midsouth Shooters Supply is running a big sale right on Lyman’s impressive new Brass Smith line of reloading presses. There are three models, each offering great performance and value for its class. You can save quite a bit of cash with this Midsouth Lyman Press sale. If you haven’t tried orange yet, we think you’ll be impressed. The little C-Frame is a steal at $69.99. And the new 8-station Lyman Turret press ($192.99 on sale) is very impressive — with more stations than the competition, a handier priming system, and extra strength.

9. Amazon — Jialitte Scope Bubble Level, $11.99

Scope Optic bubble level 30mm 1

If you shoot long range, you need a scope level. This nicely designed Jialitte Scope Bubble Level is fully CNC-machined to close tolerances for a good fit. It features a 30mm milled inside diameter, plus an inner insert ring so it will also fit 1″-diameter main tubes — that dual-diameter versatility is a nice feature. We also like the way the unit is nicely radiused, and has a low profile in the middle. User reviews have been very positive. You could easily pay $35.00 or more for a 30mm scope level. Purchasers have praised this product — almost all verified buyers have rated this five stars.

10. Amazon — Two Rolls of 3″ Neon Target Stickers, $14.95

Red Orange Neon 3

We like these bright, Neon 3″ target stickers. They are big enough to see easily at 600 yards, giving you a 1/2 MOA target center at that distance. For $14.95 at, you get 250 3″-diameter self-adhesive centers (125 targets per roll) that stick to almost any surface The high-contrast fluorescent red/orange color provides an excellent HI-VIZ aiming point, along with good contrast for bullet holes that fall within the 3″ circle. To help line up your reticle cross-hairs, the target centers feature black markers at 3, 6, 9, and 12 0’Clock. NOTE: These stickers may qualify for FREE Shipping with combined orders over $25.00.

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