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October 7th, 2020

CMP Cancels 2020 Oklahoma Games Due to COVID Concerns

CMP 2020 oklahoma rifle games matches cancelled cancellation

The Civilian Marksmanship Program has announced the cancellation of the Oklahoma CMP HP Rifle & CMP Games Matches due to considerations brought on by the COVID-19 virus. The event was scheduled for 12-18 October at the Oklahoma City Gun Club in Arcadia.

CMP 2020 oklahoma rifle games matches cancelled cancellationAll OK Games Events Will Be Cancelled
The CMP had planned a full slate of events in Oklahoma, including CMP Games rifle, EIC service rifle, multiple pistol matches, M1 Garand, vintage sniper rifle, rimfire sporter rifle, and testing of a new benchrest M1 Garand rifle discipline.

“In seeking a sense of normalcy in its marksmanship event schedule for the balance of 2020, the CMP was looking forward to conducting match activities in Oklahoma,” said Judy Legerski, CMP Board Chairman. “Unfortunately, recent flare-ups of the COVID-19 virus have prompted us to cancel the event in the best interest of our competitors, Oklahoma City Gun Club staff and CMP personnel,” she said.

CMP 2020 oklahoma rifle games matches cancelled cancellation

“We look forward to renewing our Oklahoma rifle and pistol match series in brighter times in 2021,” Mrs. Legerski said. The next scheduled CMP highpower, pistol and games event, the Talladega 600 conducted at the CMP’s marksmanship park near Talladega, Alabama, is planned for 16-22 November.

The CMP continues to follow prudent health practices and is monitoring conditions of all future event locations. Event cancellations will be announced by the CMP on and through social media.

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July 19th, 2019

Heatstroke Open NRL Match This Weekend in Oklahoma

heatstroke open oklahoma
Here’s our friend Jim See, who won the 2015 Heatstroke Open, topping 120 other shooters.

The 2019 Heatstroke Open will be held July 19-21 near Camargo in NW Oklahoma. This major PRS match should attract 120+ competitors. The event schedule includes check-in and sight-in beginning at noon on Friday, July 19, followed by side matches. The two-day match begins on Saturday and concludes at the end of the shooting session on Sunday. An awards ceremony in town will conclude the event.

The Heatstroke Open is one of the longest-running Practical Precision matches in the country. This match venue is a natural terrain field with just a few man-made props. Many targets are tough while other are more-than-generous. Stage time-limits are enough to get all rounds off on each stage. No matter what the shooter’s experience level, this match should be challenging and rewarding. But note, wind reading is critical — conditions have been known to be pretty brutal. Here are three videos covering the last three Heatstroke Open Events in Oklahoma:

2017 Heatstroke Open

2016 Heatstroke Open

2015 Heatstroke Open

McMillan — Heatstroke Open Key Sponsor
McMillan Fiberglass Stocks is sponsoring this year’s Heatstroke Open as well as other events on the National Rifle League’s event roster. Through sponsorship, McMillan works to promote the NRL’s mission to encourage the growth and education of precision rifle shooting. CLICK HERE for complete listing of 2019 NRL-sanctioned matches.

Remaining Major 2019 NRL matches, and Match Directors:
Heatstroke Open – Camargo, Oklahoma, July 20-21, 2019 | Matt Clem, B.J. Bailey
Rock Lake NRL Steel Challenge – Cheney, Washington. Aug. 31-Sept. 1, 2019 | Doug Glorfield
Monster Lake Mayhem – Cody, Wyoming, September 27-28, 2019 | Phillip Velayo, Caylen Wojcik
West Coast Showdown – Pala, California, October 19-20, 2019 | Jorge Ortiz, Scott Satterlee
2019 NRL Championship – Navasota, Texas December 6 – 8, 2019 | Dave Ferguson, Prentice Wink

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November 25th, 2017

Legislative Updates for 2017 — Federal and State

state 2017 legislative update

Politicians need to justify their existence. That means they are constantly fiddling with statutes, and writing new laws, even when none are needed. With legal requirements constantly in flux, it can be difficult for gun owners to keep track of their responsibilities under state and federal law. Thankfully, has prepared summaries of recent federal and state legislation. Short videos summarize the 2017 law changes which may affect gun owners. The primary video (below) covers changes to federal law. Then there are state-by-state summaries for Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, and Virginia.

Legislative Updates for Six States

state 2017 legislative update

florida 2017 legislative update

Florida Legislative Updates 2017
by U.S. & Texas LawShield Gun Law Center

georgia 2017 legislative update

Georgia Legislative Updates 2017
by U.S. & Texas LawShield Gun Law Center

missouri 2017 legislative update

Missouri Legislative Updates 2017
by LawShield Gun Law Center

oklahoma 2017 legislative update

Oklahoma Legislative Updates 2017
by LawShield Gun Law Center

texas 2017 legislative update

Texas Legislative Updates 2017
by LawShield Gun Law Center

virginai 2017 legislative update

Virginia Legislative Updates 2017
by LawShield Gun Law Center

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December 11th, 2016

Gun Law Books and Seminars Explain Key Legal Principles

Gun Law Book states Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, Colorado U.S. Law Shield

Do you really know (and understand) the gun laws in your home state? Do you know when the use of deadly force is allowed? Do you know if the “Castle Doctrine” applies in your state or whether your state has a “Stand Your Ground” law in effect? If you ever carry a firearm for self-protection, you should know the answer to these and other important questions. Thankfully there are some excellent, up-to-date resources that explain the gun laws in five key states: Colorado, Florida, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Texas. These gun law treatises, published by U.S. Law Shield, provide the text of important gun laws, along with expert commentary from experienced attorneys. The books provide clear explanations of gun laws in easy-to-understand language.

Gun Law Seminar Programs in Eleven States
In addition to its Gun Law books (offered for five states), U.S. Law Shield conducts legal seminars in 11 states across the country: CO, FL, GA, KS, MO, NJ, OH, OK, PA, TX, and VA. At these Gun Law Seminars, you can ask questions and get state-specific answers from Law Shield Independent Program Attorneys in each jurisdiction. CLICK HERE to find a seminar in your state.

Law Shield Gun Law Texas book Amazon

Law Shield Gun Law Florida book Amazon

Colorado Gun Law: Armed and Educated
Paperback: 394 pages
ISBN-10: 069264072X
ISBN-13: 978-0692640722
Colorado Gun Law: Armed and Educated Digital Download

Florida Gun Law: Armed and Educated
Paperback: 329 pages
ISBN-10: 0692680217
ISBN-13: 978-0692680216
Florida Gun Law: Armed and Educated Digital Download

Oklahoma Gun Law: Armed and Educated
Paperback: 415 pages
ISBN-10: 0692758046
ISBN-13: 978-0692758045
Oklahoma Gun Law: Armed and Educated Digital Download

Pennsylvania Gun Law: Armed and Educated
Paperback: 378 pages
ISBN-10: 069268011X
ISBN-13: 978-0692680117
Pennsylvania Gun Law: Armed and Educated Digital Download

Texas Gun Law: Armed and Educated
Paperback: 382 pages
ISBN-10: 0692506500
ISBN-13: 978-0692506509
Texas Gun Law: Armed and Educated Digital Download

Video Reviews Texas Gun Laws Book:

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September 4th, 2016

NSSF Offers Two Shooting Sports Fantasy Camps This October

NSSF Shooting Sports Fantasy Camp

The National Shooting Sports Foundation is pleased to announce that registration is now open for its 2016 Fall Shooting Sports Fantasy Camps in Tulsa, Oklahoma. There will be two (2) sessions this October, each with 33 spots available.

Watch Highlights from the First-Ever Shooting Sports Fantasy Camp in Las Vegas:

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 4.27.43 PMThe NSSF 2016 Fall Shooting Sports Fantasy Camp will take place at the world class United States Shooting Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Two date options will be offered:

NSSF has lined up seven of our country’s top professional shooters for this premier event, including the first family of shooting, Jerry and Kay Miculek and Lena Miculek-Afentul, world class professional shooter, Bruce Piatt, 3-Gun pro couple Dianna and Ryan Muller, and Top Shot Season 4 winner Chris Cheng.

In addition to learning from today’s best shots, you’ll also be provided all meals, hotel accommodations, a swag bag full of premium shooting gear and more! You will need to provide your own travel arrangements and the camp registration fee of $3,495.

Camp Placements Will Sell Out Soon
If you are interestested, we recommend that you register soon — don’t delay. NSSF’s first Fantasy Camp (held this past spring in Las Vegas) sold out immediately. There are only 33 slots available for each date choice. For more information visit

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May 12th, 2016

CMP Brings Electronic Targets to Camp Perry and Beyond

Electronic Targets Camp Perry

Camp Perry is moving into the future. The first fifteen (15) electronic targets are being installed right now at Camp Perry’s Petrarca Range. This is the beginning of a process to supply many ranges at Camp Perry with state-of-the-art Kongsberg (KTS) electronic targets similar to those installed at the CMP’s Talladega Marksmanship Park. NOTE — the CMP is not planning a whole-scale replacement of all of Camp Perry’s old-fashioned targets. However the CMP hopes to modernize the Camp Perry facility, by installing some electronic targets on all Camp Perry ranges by summer 2018.

Electronic Targets Camp Perry
Camp Perry’s new Kongsberg electronic targets will be similar to the targets installed at the Talledega facility (shown above). Image courtesy CMP and

New Kongsberg Electronic Targets for Camp Perry
On the Camp Perry Petrarca Range in Ohio, KTS targets for rifle, pistol and smallbore are currently being installed. The CMP states: “The project is going according to plan and is within budget, with completion expected by the end of June for CMP use and those attending the National Matches.”

When the new target systems are installed, the Petrarca Range will offer 10 KTS targets for rifle and five KTS targets for pistol and smallbore. Though the rifle targets will be located at the 200-yard line, the changing of the target faces and the use of reduced target definitions will allow shooters to practice for longer distances as well. Pistol targets will be mounted in portable carriers that will allow them to be set up at 25 or 50 yards.

Kongsberg Target System

More Electronic Targets at Camp Perry by 2018
It is hoped that some KTS rifle targets will be available on ALL of the Camp Perry ranges by summer of 2018. (These will supplement the conventional target frames, not replace them altogether). 2016 National Match competitors will be able to try out the new KT targets when they visit the Camp Perry training site in July. In the future, the Petrarca Range will be open for public use.

Monitors Display Score and Shot Location Instantly
Kongsberg talladega electronic targetEach Kongsberg target connects to a monitor that displays the hit locations to the shooter. Easy push-button controls allow the shooter to cycle through hits and options without having to change positions. The monitors employ non-glare glass protected by an aluminum frame that acts as a shade. This ensures good visibility for the shooter.

Engineered in Norway, Kongsberg target systems do more than just display shot locations to competitors. The system automatically calculate scores, and every target is networked to a central, “command” computer. This can provide updated competitor rankings, and can even display the results to event spectators on large view screens. See how it works in this video from Kongsberg:

Video Demonstrates Kongsberg Target System

Mobile Electronic Targets Will Be Moved Around the Country
The CMP now has set of mobile electronic Kongsberg High Power targets. The CMP plans to shuttle these transportable targets to a variety of ranges in the north, south, east, and west, allowing shooters around the country to experience the benefits of electronic target systems. The CMP has found that shooters love the fact that matches run much more quickly and efficiently with electronic targets, as shooters do not have to be shuttled to the pits between relays. In addition, each shooter has a monitor providing instant feedback of his shot locations and scores.

In April, 15 mobile electronic targets were temporarily installed and fired upon from 200, 300 and 600 yards at the Oklahoma City Gun Club during the Oklahoma CMP Games Matches. The mobile targets were transported from Talladega and mounted by the CMP and volunteers for use during the event. The targets were removed at the conclusion of the event for future use at other High Power ranges.

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March 24th, 2016

CMP Readies Electronic Target System for Oklahoma CMP Games

CMP Traveling Kongsburg electronic targets acoustic

Report by Johnny Fisher
The Civilian Marksmanship Program has just finished temporary installation of 15 traveling electronic Kongsberg Targets at the Oklahoma City Gun Club in Arcadia, OK. These high-tech targets will be employed during the Oklahoma CMP Games, slated for April 6-10, 2016. All the High Power rifle events during this year’s Oklahoma Games will be run exclusively on these electronic targets. Competitors will be scored electronically with match results being processed in real-time. Notably, this means High Power competitors will not have to do “pit duty” the entire week since manual target-pulling and shot-marking is no longer required.

CMP Traveling Kongsburg electronic targets acoustic

The majority of shooting at the Oklahoma CMP Games will be fired at the 200-yard line for the Garand / Springfield / Vintage & Modern Military (GSMM) matches. However, the electronic targets have also been readied for use in the scheduled Excellence In Competition (EIC) and Vintage Sniper matches. Those events require additional firing from 300 yards and 600 yards.

Electronic Target Technology — How Kongsberg Targets Work

CMP Targets technician Bryan Parris explains what makes these targets so special: “These targets were designed by the experts at Kongsberg Targets exclusively for the CMP to fit the standard US target dimensions of 72″ square target backers. What shooters discern as the black of the aiming bull is actually black rubber sheeting that is the entire size of the backer. A layer of white corrugated plastic then covers this rubber with a center hole having been cut out to reveal the appropriate sized bull for that yard-line. All that is required as competitors move further back through the course is to change out the plastic cover to reveal a larger aiming black.”

This acoustically-scored target system uses four microphones to locate the bullet as it passes through the target. The microphone closest to the bullet traveling through the target actuates the remaining three to triangulate the exact shot location for the scoring system and simultaneously display the shot on the shooter’s monitor.

CMP Traveling Kongsburg electronic targets acoustic

Behind the coroplast face and inside the foam insulation, the target is wrapped with rubber to form a type of chamber. This helps insulate the target’s four microphones stay insulated from extreme temperature changes and also helps keep out ambient noise. This chamber need only exist to the extent that it separates itself from the other targets. Parris states: “We’re building these targets to last a great long while. They are extremely durable and can have anywhere from 3000 to 5000 rounds fired through them before any maintenance is required whatsoever.”

CMP Traveling Kongsburg electronic targets acoustic

The entire system can be powered via battery, generator, or combination of both. The target line communicates wirelessly with the firing line computer system for timing courses of fire and recording scores. And of course, there is virtual real-time communication with monitors set up on each firing point to display shot / group location and value.

When fully assembled, each target weighs about 200 pounds. They are a little cumbersome in their current form, but the CMP’s target technicians are “still working some things out [for] potential future travel games.”

Registration Still Open for Oklahoma CMP Games
The 2016 CMP Oklahoma Games will be held at the Oklahoma City Gun Club in Arcadia, OK from April 6 – 10, 2016. Registration is still available. For more information about these Kongsberg Electronic Targets, contact Bryan Parris of CMP Targets at (256) 835-8455 or

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April 5th, 2015

CMP Games Oklahoma Will Be Held April 8-12, 2015

Oklahoma CMP Games

The 2015 Oklahoma CMP Gameswill be held at the Oklahoma City Gun Club next week, April 8-12, 2015. The popular OK Games will feature clinics, SAFS/M16 match, EIC Rifle Match, GSMM Four-Gun Aggregate, Vintage Sniper Match, CMP As-Issued 1911 Pistol Match, Military & Police Service Pistol Match, EIC Pistol match, and several other events! All events will take place at the OKC Gun Club’s Range in Arcadia. Visit the CMP Website for more details and to register.

CMP Games - Oklahoma

Oklahoma CMP Games Resources

Oklahoma CMP Games

Below, Leon Rutherford, CMP Master Instructor, helps a shooter on the firing line during the CMP Small Arms Firing School. The SAFS teaches safety, positions, how to load and clear the rifle, how to loop a sling and prepare for practice firing. Students are issued AR-15 rifles to use during the school and will fire the M16 EIC Rifle Match.

CMP oklahoma
The young shooter IS wearing eye protection, an all-clear set of plastic glasses.

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October 25th, 2014

3-Gun National Championship October 25th in Tulsa, OK

“Rumble on the Range”, the 3-Gun Nation (3GN) Championship, takes place today, October 25th at the U.S. Shooting Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The 2014 FNH USA 3-Gun Nation Pro Series culminates in this season-ending event. This is a big money match, with serious prize money going to the winners. Top 3GN Pro Series competitors will duel in a head-to-head, no holds barred shoot-off for cash, prizes and the championship title.

3 Gun Nation Championship

Lena Miculek 3GN ChampionshipThere are 40 competitors — 32 men and 8 women — with separate classes for the guys and the gals. In the men’s championship, the top 32 male finalists will compete for a $50,000 cash payday sponsored by Leupold and NRA Sports. Shooters will use pistols, AR-platform rifles, and shotguns — all tricked out for maximum speed and high capacity.

The 3-Gun Nation Ladies Professional Series, sponsored by Samson Manufacturing, concludes with the top eight (8) ladies competing for $25,000 Cash. The shooters to beat are 2013 Mens’ Champion SSG Daniel Horner of the USAMU and 2013 Ladies’ Champion Lena Miculek (at right).

Watch Video from 2013 3-Gun Nation Championship

3 Gun Nation Championship

The event will feature 3 stages of fire (shoot-off stages). Each of the top 32 (males) and 8 (females) will be paired against each other based on series rank. The first of the paired competitors to complete the course of fire will advance. Stage 1 will feature 32 males; 8 females. Stage 2 will feature 16 males; 4 females. Stage 3 will feature the final 8 males; final 2 females. The final male will win the $50,000 cash prize. The final female will win the $25,000 cash prize.

U.S. Shooting Academy
6500 East 66th St N
Tulsa, OK 74117
(918) 948-7856

Saturday, October 25
All Day 8:00 AM-6:00 PM
Grand Finale: 4:00-6:00 PM

3-Gun Nation Side Stage
A special Side Stage will be open to the public with guns and ammo provided. Spectators can try their hands at 3-Gun, shooting pistols, AR-type carbines, and shotguns. The top score wins a DPMS AP4 Carbine!

Machine Gun Shoot
A machine gun demo featuring a wide variety of full-auto firearms with be open to the public, under the direction of the U.S. Shooting Academy Range staff. Ammo fees apply.

Sneaky Ladies. Maggie Reese (left) and Janna Reeves (right) try to steal the big $25,000 check!
3 Gun Nation Championship

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March 21st, 2014

6.5×47 Lapua Rifles Shine in Oklahoma PRS Match

6.5x47 L Lapua .308 WinMid-sized 6.5mm cartridges proved themselves at the recent Shoot for the Green match in northwest Oklahoma. Four out of the top five shooters ran a rifle chambered for the 6.5×47 Lapua, with the fifth shooting the slightly larger 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge. 53 shooters from as far away as California showed up to test their skills in the stiff March winds in NW Oklahoma. The course of fire was challenging, with improvised field shooting positions and targets set as far as 1300 yards out. And there were “Troop” stages that competitors have come to expect in Oklahoma. Match winner Rick Reeves stated, “I enjoyed the troop stages more than anything else, even though I didn’t shoot them the best.”
Precision Rifle Seris

Steve Elmenhorst shooting a Troop Stage.
PRC Shoot for Green Oklahoma

Rich Emmons, who steered his 6.5x47L to fourth place, has written a match report for Day One saw temps around 70 degrees with only light, switchy winds. But Day Two was brutal, Emmons reports: “On Sunday… 40-50 mph winds hit NW Oklahoma hard and most competitors were woken up. To say that shooting in the 15-30 mph winds with temps in the high 30s [was really tough] is an understatement. All competitors struggled a bit and scores were understandably lower on Day Two. Conditions were brutal and both the ROs and the competitors deserve a gold star for toughing it out and finishing the match.” CLICK HERE for Complete Match Results

Top 5 Shooters Equipment List

Rick Reeves
6.5×47 Lapua
, 140 Berger Hybrid, Surgeon Action, McMillan A-5 Stock, Bartlein Barrel, Rem trigger, Vortex Razor scope, Built by DMFJ, Tab Sling & bag, Harris Bipod, AAC Suppressor.

Adam Roberts
6.5 Creedmoor
, Desert Tech Armory (DTA), Benchmark Barrel, 123 Lapua Scenar, H4350 powder, Silencer Tech Suppressor, S&B PMII scope w/ H2CMR reticle.

Justin Shireman
6.5×47 Lapua
, Surgeon/ Parry Custom Gun, Silencer Tech Suppresor, Benchmark Barrel, McMillan Stock, Harris Bipod, Swarovski binoculars.

Rich Emmons
6.5×47 Lapua
, Surgeon Rifle, Bartlein Barrel, Mcmillan Stock, Berger 140 Hybrids, Harris Bipod, S&B PM II MSR, Vortex Binoculars, MGM Switchview, 5.11 gear, JEC brake.

John Sommers
6.5×47 Lapua
, Surgeon Rifle, Bartlein Barrel, Mcmillan Stock, Lapua 139, Harris Bipod, S&B PM II MSR, Vortex Binoculars, AAC Suppressor.

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May 8th, 2012

Oklahoma Spring Fun Match with Reactive Targets

reactive targetWe like rifle matches that include reactive targets. As the huge success of the Top Shot TV show proves, it’s fun for both shooters and spectators alike to see targets that break or explode when they are hit. This also provides immediate feedback to competitors, which can help develop good gun handling and aiming.

The 4R Rifle Club of Alex, Oklahoma has a fun match each spring that employs a variety of reactive targets set from 100 yards to 500 yards. This year 36 competitors turned out for the May 5th Spring Shoot. The course of fire consisted of four (4) mini clay pigeons at 100 and 250 yards and four 4″ balloons at 400 and 500 yards. Each competitor was allowed 18 rounds at the bench to break the 16 targets within a 15-minute limit. After the initial go-round, the top six shooters return for a shoot-off.

Dean Morris, Mark Deluia, and Matt Hohnstein all hit every target for “clean” scores of 420, securing spots in the shoot-off. B.J. Baily and Rick Jensen had the 4th and 5th highest scores, but the remaining sixth shoot-off spot required a tie-breaker — a single shot closest to center at 250 yards. Adam Roberts drilled a nearly perfect shot to win the tie-breaker over Tim Mulrine.

The shoot-off proved to be a tight battle between Adam Roberts and Dean Morris. Both men shot perfect scores so the targets were reset again — only this time Adam and Dean were allowed just 9 rounds to score as many hits as possible. When the dust settled, Adam Roberts was the new 2012 Champion and the first repeat winner of this eight-year-old event. Congrats to Adam! Mark Deluia was the Two-Gun Champion, Don Johnston won the Factory Class, and Ross Reeves was top Junior shooter.

4R rifle club alex oklahoma

Equipment Lists for Top Shooters
Adam and Dean both had rifles smithed by Jon Beanland. Adam’s gun was a 6.5 CM with Savage action, Krieger barrel, McMillan stock, and S&B scope. He loaded Berger bullets in Hornady brass with Hodgdon H4350 powder. Runner-up Dean Morris shot a 7mm RSAUM with Kelbly action, Bartlein barrel, PR&T stock, and Nightforce scope. He was shooting Berger bullets with H4350 in Norma brass. Interestingly, the next two shooters also shot 7mm rifles. B.J. Baily ran a straight .284 Winchester, while Rick Jensen had another 7mm RSAUM.

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October 1st, 2010

Third Annual 4R Rifle Club’s Team Hunting Challenge

4R Hunter ChallengeThe 4R Rifle Club’s Team Hunting Challenge is one of the only matches in the country to mimic a long range hunting scenario. The match is held in central Oklahoma and has evolved over the last thee years to challenge not only the competitors’ marksmanship but also their ability to handle stress in the field.

A strict time limit puts pressure on the two-man shooter/spotter teams. In the 13-minute alloted time, the shooters attempt to find and range 12 wooden animal silhouettes and then score hits on the steel vital areas.

Shooters and spotters must work together and communicate well to get through all the targets in the given time. Plus, this year a Speed Shoot was added to the Hunting Challenge. This timed stage gave teams just 40 seconds to engage five (5) known-distance targets with one shot each. That works out to just 8 seconds per target, requiring the trigger pullers to be ultra-fast, AND accurate.

Surgeon Rifles Duo Tops Field
The Hunting Challenge was well-attended, with competitors coming from Missouri, Tennessee, and Utah, to join the usual group of shooters from Oklahoma and Texas. Small targets, improvised shooting positions, and constantly-switching winds made this a tough event, demanding high levels of skill and rifle accuracy. Preston Pritchett of Surgeon Rifles and his ace spotter Wade Stuteville came out on top with 65 out of 89 points. Preston and Wade put on a clinic, beating the second-place team, Dean Morris and Rick Jensen, by 15 points (equivalent to five first round hits). Finishing third was the team of Jeff Badly and Chase Tressler.

4R Hunter Challenge

Hunting Challenge Teams Snag $30K Worth of Gear
This year’s Hunting Challenge prize table held over $30,000 worth of merchandise. Preston and Wade were each awarded a fully-outfitted Savage 10 Precision Carbine rifle, complete with Harris bipod, and 3.5-15x50mm NightForce NXS scope. Dean and Rick each took home a Vortex Razor HD rifle scope with rings. Two Swarovski SLC HD 10×42 binos were handed out to the third-place team. There were prizes for 24 of the 30 teams and the top 15 teams received a prize with a value that equaled or exceeded the $400 match entry fee. Full results, photos, and a sponsor list are posted on the Snipers’ Hide Forum.

Credit B.J. Bailey for this match report and photos.

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July 2nd, 2010

Fierce Competition at Oklahoma Spring Balloon Shoot

Balloon Shoot OKOn June 19, the 4R Rifle Club in Alex, Oklahoma hosted its Spring Balloon Shoot. This challenging “fun shoot” drew nearly 50 competitors from five states. In this multi-yardage event, shooters try to break four balloons, one each at 100, 250, 400, and 500 yards. A total of 18 rounds were allowed. The balloons were worth 10, 20, 30, and 45 points respectively. Shooters attacked the balloons in 12 relays. Even with challenging winds, some impressive scores were fired. When the smoke cleared and all the competitors had tried their luck, only two had perfect scores of 420. Jim Fowler turned in a pair of 410s to win the Two-Gun award, youth winner Dalton Ernst shot a 390, and factory gun champ Don Johnson managed a 365 with his Savage 6BR.

Exciting Shoot-off Decides Match Winner
The top six shooters of the day returned to the bench with clean scorecards for the Shoot-off. They would repeat the same course as earlier in the day — one balloon each at 100, 250, 400, and 500 yards, with 18 rounds. Two competitors, Don Johnson and Rick Jensen, emerged from the Shoot-off tied, having both shot clean scores of 420. The balloons were set up again, only this time, Don and Rick were allowed just 8 rounds. Hard choices had to be made. Both men elected to start at 400 yards, breaking all four balloons before moving to 500, where both Don and Rick broke three. As a final tie-breaker, each man fired a single shot at a distance of 300 yards. When the targets were retrieved, Don Johnson prevailed as the Overall Champion, with Rick Jensen in second. Don was shooting a .243 Win, while Rick had a .284 Win; both guns featured Surgeon actions. Finishing 3rd, 4th, and 5th respectively were: Shane Herman, Jim Fowler (2-Gun Champ), and Arthur McMeans.

Balloon Shoot OK
Top Ten Shooters’ Equipment List (in alphabetical order)
Balloon Shoot OK

Match organizers offer special thanks to the many match sponsors who filled a rich prize table, and thanks to the Reeves family for hosting yet another great match at the 4R Rifle Club.

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