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November 6th, 2015

Monte’s Manfrotto — F-Class Spotting Scope Stand

Spotting Scope Stand Monte Milanuk Manfrotto
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Here’s a very interesting spotting scope stand, from Forum member (and ace F-Class shooter) Monte Milanuk. You can see this stable rig can be adjusted super-low for prone shooting. The components are from Italian photography accessory maker Manfrotto (but it’s not as expensive as you might think).

Monte tells us about his spotting scope stand, which is really a conventional photography tripod adjusted to a very low position, with a special head:

This stand has a Manfrotto 322RC2 pistol-grip head to make positioning easier. It actually goes even lower, and much, much higher. Both the head and the tripod are about $170-ish each, so it’s a bit more expensive than a Ray-Vin, a little less than a Creedmoor Polecat, and a whole lot more flexible overall.

This Manfrotto 055XPROB Pro Tripod is actually a little on the big side – probably should have gone with a Manfrotto 190 model (couple inches shorter on the legs) so it can be a bit of a hassle to set up when you have to shoot two-to-a-mound a la Fullbore.

It’s probably not as [expensive] as you might think… a Ray-Vin F-Class stand (without head) is about $170 from Creedmoor Sports. A Ray-Vin stand head is $150, plus the outrigger attachment is another $100+. I’ve got two of them downstairs for when I used to shoot conventional prone[.]

Comments from Facebook Fans:
Pretty high end setup, should work well for prone, not sure about other positions. — John T.

An excellent and sturdy Manfrotto stand. I have one that I use not only for a spotting scope but to mount the rifle on when allowed for unknown distance tactical matches.–Dennis Santiago

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September 17th, 2014

Thumbhole and Pistol Grip Tactical Stocks from McMillan

McMillan stock gunstock A-2 A-TH A3 tacticalMost of us are familiar with McMillan’s popular “A” series of tactical gunstocks. The original A-2 is a still-popular “tactical classic”. The A-3, a modified, lighter version of the A-2, is probably the most widely-used field sniper stock. The A-4, originally designed for the USMC, features a butthook on the underside of the stock — a feature you now see on many other tactical designs.

In addition to its conventional A-series stocks (A2-A5), McMillan now offers two very different tactical stock designs: the A-TH and the TPR. These stocks are designed to work well for off-hand as well as prone shooting. They offer many of the advantages of a chassis-style stock with durable, user-friendly fiberglass construction. If you are planning a tactical rifle project for the Precision Rifle Series or other application, you may want to consider the A-TH and the TPR.

McMillan stock gunstock A-2 A-TH A3 tacticalMcMillan A-TH Thumbhole Stock
The A-TH stock was created after numerous customer requests for a thumbhole stock in McMillan’s tactical line. It uses a flat, square-type forearm very similar to the popular A-3 but with textured grooves on the sides for better grip when shooting off-hand. The butt-hook also has texture and a thumb groove for enhanced grip and control when shooting off a bench or prone. The ergonomics of the pistol grip are designed to put the shooter’s hand in the most natural and comfortable position. The A-TH must be ordered with one of the integral cheekpiece options and is available in right hand only. It can be inletted for most Remington, Sako, Tikka, and Savage blind magazine type actions and for barrel contours up to a 1.250″ straight blank. Color shown: Tan, Dark tan, Olive vertical marbling.

McMillan stock gunstock A-2 A-TH A3 tactical

McMillan TPR Stock
In designing the pistol grip TPR stock, McMillan came up with something completely different — not just another “A” series variant. The design evolved from a desire to create a stock that offers everything that a straight line chassis stock offers along with the enhanced accuracy, vibration damping, and recoil reduction characteristics of a fiberglass stock. Fully ambidextrous, the TPR can be inletted for most Remington 700 type actions and Savage blind magazine actions. The forearm can be inletted for most barrel contours up to a 1.350″ diameter straight contour and has enough depth for installation of a Versa-Pod bipod stud. Color shown: 50% olive, 25% black, 25% tan marble.

McMillan stock gunstock A-2 A-TH A3 tactical

McMillan stock gunstock A-2 A-TH A3 tactical

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August 23rd, 2011

Tuff 1 Rubberized Grip Sleeves Work on Rifles and Pistols

The Tuff 1 Grip Cover is a simple new accessory that may benefit tubegun shooters, AR owners, and pistol enthusiasts. Tuff 1 Grip Covers are made from a proprietary, grippy rubberized material that can stretch up to 200%. This elasticity allows the covers to easily fit all revolvers, semi-autos, and rifle or shotgun pistol grips. As you’d expect, Tuff 1 grip covers give you a more secure hold. Importantly, the material also helps absorb recoil (though not as much as Hogue grips). When fitted over a standard, hard-plastic AR grip, the Tuff 1 sleeve definitely provides a more comfortable, “high-traction” feel in the hand. On semi-auto pistols, Tuff 1 grip covers give a secure hold without the rough feel you get with stick-on skateboard tape.

Boa or Bad-Ass
Three surface patterns and four colors (Black, Olive Drab, Desert Tan, Hot Pink) are offered. We prefer the raised button “Boa Snake” pattern, but there is also a grid pattern with raised lines, and a skull pattern, for those “bad-ass” types. The $16.95 MSRP is the same for all colors and surface patterns. You can order from major vendors or directly from the Tuff 1 Online Store.

Tuff1 pistol grip

The one-size-fits-all Tuff 1 grip covers are easy to install. Simply roll the rubberized grip up like a sock, place it on the grip, then unroll it. (Watch installation video below). The Tuff 1 covers can be just as easily removed without harming the rubber.

Useful Product — But Consider Other Options
If you sweat a lot or shoot in wet climates, Tuff 1 grip covers provide a simple, low-cost upgrade. A Tuff 1 grip sleeve does markedly enhance the standard plastic AR15 pistol grip, which is hard, and slippery when wet. But then, for not much more money, you can select among a half-dozen or more aftermarket AR grips which will probably fit your hand better AND provide more cushioning.

For wood-handled wheelguns, we like the Tuff 1 covers in Boa or ‘Double-Cross’ pattern. The Tuff 1 grip sleeves provide better “traction” and cushion the hand a bit without changing grip geometry or making the grip overly thick in your hand. For a tubegun, we prefer the feel and ergonomics of a wood grip, such as those crafted by Doan Trevor (photo at right). These cost $75.00 from or For $175.00, Doan also offers fully customized stippled grips, fitted to the shooter’s hand, and finished in satin or gloss.

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March 29th, 2011

Great Deals on Shooting Accessories in New CDNN Catalog

CDNN Investments recently released its new 2011-1 Catalog. As we’ve come to expect from CDNN, the new catalog is full of deeply-discounted pistols, rifles, shotguns, optics, magazines, gunstocks — plus myriad other gun parts and accessories. CDNN typically buys overstock or obsolete inventory from manufacturers and then resells these items — often at prices way below normal retail. You should download the 2011-1 catalog and see for yourself. Along with the firearm bargains, we found some amazing deals on shooting accessories. Here are a few…

Sllencio Ear Muffs Just $4.69
First, CDNN is offering Silencio EarMuffs for just $4.69 (or $3.99 for 6 units or more). If you help run a gun club or junior shooting program, and you need a large quantity of ear muffs — here’s your opportunity. You can buy a dozen muffs for just $47.88. Stellar deal.

CDNN Investments

Quality Kydex Holster for $9.99
Next, CDNN offers Uncle Mike’s molded Kydex straight-drop holster for just $9.99. This Editor owns this very same holster and I use it for general range practice and IDPA matches. I really like the straight drop which allows the holster to be used in multiple strong-side positions as well as cross-draw. This holster fit my Glock perfectly (way better than a $95.00 BladeTech holster I used to own). Don’t be fooled by the low price, this is a very good holster, with a better fit to the gun than many $100 holsters. Check the advert for availability for your Glock, Beretta, HK, or S&W M&P. If you can’t find a CDNN sale item to fit, you can normally get these holsters for under $22.00 at gunshops.

CDNN Catalog

Better Grip for Your AR — Just $14.99
One of the first things many AR15 shooters do is replace the standard plastic pistol grip, with something that fills the hand better. One of our favorite replacement grips for AR platform rifles is the MFG Grip from Israel. Much more ergonomic than the standard grip, the MFG was originally developed for Israeli Special Forces. It features a stippled back, finger groove, and an internal storage compartment with trap door. It’s on sale at CDNN for just $14.99.

CDNN Catalog

Hi-Viz 52″ Rifle Case Only $18.99
The last item that caught our eye is a Burnt Orange 52″-long plastic rifle case. This Plano-made gun case is lockable and airline-approved. Why would you want a bright-colored rifle case? Well, at a well-attended match you’ll often see dozens of virtually identical rifle cases. If your case is orange while all the others are black, there’s less chance someone may walk away with your rifle by mistake. And Airport thieves are less-inclined to grab a bright-colored case that is easy to spot at a distance.

CDNN Catalog

CLICK HERE to Download Latest CDNN 2011-1 Catalog (34 meg PDF file).

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