March 29th, 2011

Great Deals on Shooting Accessories in New CDNN Catalog

CDNN Investments recently released its new 2011-1 Catalog. As we’ve come to expect from CDNN, the new catalog is full of deeply-discounted pistols, rifles, shotguns, optics, magazines, gunstocks — plus myriad other gun parts and accessories. CDNN typically buys overstock or obsolete inventory from manufacturers and then resells these items — often at prices way below normal retail. You should download the 2011-1 catalog and see for yourself. Along with the firearm bargains, we found some amazing deals on shooting accessories. Here are a few…

Sllencio Ear Muffs Just $4.69
First, CDNN is offering Silencio EarMuffs for just $4.69 (or $3.99 for 6 units or more). If you help run a gun club or junior shooting program, and you need a large quantity of ear muffs — here’s your opportunity. You can buy a dozen muffs for just $47.88. Stellar deal.

CDNN Investments

Quality Kydex Holster for $9.99
Next, CDNN offers Uncle Mike’s molded Kydex straight-drop holster for just $9.99. This Editor owns this very same holster and I use it for general range practice and IDPA matches. I really like the straight drop which allows the holster to be used in multiple strong-side positions as well as cross-draw. This holster fit my Glock perfectly (way better than a $95.00 BladeTech holster I used to own). Don’t be fooled by the low price, this is a very good holster, with a better fit to the gun than many $100 holsters. Check the advert for availability for your Glock, Beretta, HK, or S&W M&P. If you can’t find a CDNN sale item to fit, you can normally get these holsters for under $22.00 at gunshops.

CDNN Catalog

Better Grip for Your AR — Just $14.99
One of the first things many AR15 shooters do is replace the standard plastic pistol grip, with something that fills the hand better. One of our favorite replacement grips for AR platform rifles is the MFG Grip from Israel. Much more ergonomic than the standard grip, the MFG was originally developed for Israeli Special Forces. It features a stippled back, finger groove, and an internal storage compartment with trap door. It’s on sale at CDNN for just $14.99.

CDNN Catalog

Hi-Viz 52″ Rifle Case Only $18.99
The last item that caught our eye is a Burnt Orange 52″-long plastic rifle case. This Plano-made gun case is lockable and airline-approved. Why would you want a bright-colored rifle case? Well, at a well-attended match you’ll often see dozens of virtually identical rifle cases. If your case is orange while all the others are black, there’s less chance someone may walk away with your rifle by mistake. And Airport thieves are less-inclined to grab a bright-colored case that is easy to spot at a distance.

CDNN Catalog

CLICK HERE to Download Latest CDNN 2011-1 Catalog (34 meg PDF file).

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