March 9th, 2011

RWS Brass Coming to Huntington’s in April

Huntington Die Specialties (Huntington) has acquired a large selection of the hard-to-get RWS brass for 29 different cartridge types. German-made RWS brass, renown for its superb quality, is very, very hard to obtain in the USA. While the quantities to be imported are limited, this is NOT vapor-ware. The brass is “on the boat” right now and Huntington’s hopes the RWS brass will clear customs in the USA by mid-April. We asked Fred Huntington how he managed to bring in supplies of RWS brass, when other American vendors have tried for years to import the prized brass without much success. Fred revealed: “We acquired this through a third party in Europe. RWS would not sell directly to us in the USA.”

RWS Brass Inventory List — Quantities Very Limited
Here are the calibers that will be available in mid to late-April, 2011. NOTE: Prices are subject to change! If you want RWS cases for any of the calibers listed, you should place your orders promptly. Quantities range from a few hundred to a few thousand cases per caliber. To order, visit the Huntington website, or call 1-866-735-6237, or (530) 534-1210.

Story sourced by Edlongrange.