March 17th, 2011

Low-Cost Prvi Partizan .308 Match Ammo

Need some quality factory-loaded ammo for your .308 Win? is offering a great deal right now on Prvi Partizan .308 Winchester Match ammunition, loaded with 168gr BTHP bullets. This is brand-new, 2009 production ammo with reloadable brass and boxer primers. There is no military crimp. Shooters using this ammo says it shoots to a similar point of impact as Federal Gold Medal match ammo. Accuracy-wise, we expect this could shoot 1.5 MOA or better in a good rifle. The price is just $12.95 for 20 rounds or $318.75 for 500 rounds. Compare that to $34.00 or more for a 20-round box of Federal Gold Medal Match loaded with 168gr SMKs (Midsouth price). If you have an M1A, the Prvi Partizan is a good choice for training ammo — just don’t expect accuracy on a par with the more expensive, American-made .308 Win ammo.

Story sourced by Edlongrange.