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March 7th, 2011

Nosler’s ‘Australian Overrun’ Deal: 1000 6mm bullets for $103.80

Nosler is running a great special right now on over-stock 6mm varmint bullets. Nosler is selling 55gr flat-base spitzer bullets at just $103.80 for ONE THOUSAND bullets. That’s right, you read that correctly — you can buy 1000 bullets for just $103.80. And get this, shipping on all Nosler orders over $150.00 is FREE in the contiguous USA.

55 grain 6mm Nosler bullets

55-grainers Were Produced for Australian Shooters
These bullets were specifically made for the Austrailian kangaroo market. They are a flat-base, soft-point, spitzer bullet. According to Nosler, these 55-grainers do “very well for target shooting and varmint hunts”. Why are the bullets so cheap? There was a factory overrun in production, so that’s why Nosler has excess inventory. If you need lightweight 6mm varmint bullets, get your orders in right away. We expect this deal to sell out quickly. (And by that, we mean they could well be gone within 24 hours. You snooze, you lose.)

CLICK HERE For Australian Overrun Sale Shopping Cart Page.

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March 7th, 2011

After Battling Cancer, Matt Emmons Is Named USA Shooting Athlete of the Month

When Olympian Matt Emmons wasn’t on the firing line at the 2010 International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) World Cup Final in October, the shooting community took note. Emmons was in New York battling thyroid cancer and recovering from a surgery that removed his entire thyroid. After his surgery, Emmons competed in the 2010 USA Shooting Winter Airgun Championship and reached the podium each day in Men’s 10m Air Rifle.

In February, Emmons won the 2011 Rocky Mountain Rifle Overall Championships. With that gutsy performance, Emmons served notice that he is back, and he’s the man to beat. Emmons set a new USA Shooting National Record with 1188 points in Men’s 50m Rifle 3P qualifier. Moreover, Emmons finished the three-position match with a 19.6 point margin over the silver medalist. His final score was 1188 points in day one, 1179 points in day two and 101.6 points in the final for a total of 2468.6 points. He also topped the competition in Men’s 50m Rifle Prone with 1303.6 total points. Emmons also took gold in the Men’s 10m Air Rifle event with 1295.3 total points.

Emmons was named the match’s Overall Champion after winning all three events in the Rocky Mountain Rifle Championships and finishing an impressive 27 points ahead of the next competitor. National Rifle Coach Major Dave Johnson said, “Emmons continues to build towards the spring World Cups; he’s had an incredible tournament and has worked very hard in recovery.” Performances such as Emmons’ deserve to be recognized, which is why Matt Emmons is the ELEY/USA Shooting Athlete of the Month. We congratulate Emmons and wish him continued success as he prepares for his first ISSF World Cup of the season in Sydney, Australia, March 21 to 30.

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March 7th, 2011

Free-Recoil Benchrest Shooting Demonstrated

In our Shooters’ Forum one member asked for an explanation of the free recoil shooting method. This style, or some variant thereof, is used by many successful short-range (100/200 yard) benchrest shooters. However, we must point out that there is a difference between “pure free recoil” and what you may actually see on the firing line of a registered benchest match. Different shooters may employ a slightly different style — perhaps shouldering the gun a bit, or maybe laying a thumb lightly behind the tang. Technically speaking, that’s no longer free recoil. Remember, there is no “best” technique for every caliber and every gun. And to shoot with a “pure” free recoil method, i.e. touching only the trigger, and not contacting the stock in any way, requires a well-balanced rifle and a highly optimized set-up of front rest and rear bag.

Tony Boyer Video
In the video below you’ll see Hall of Fame shooter Tony Boyer shooting his gun at the Shamrock tournament in 2009. Tony only touches the trigger, but he does index his right hand on the side of the stock. Note: there are some audio problems with this video when you view it at 360p resolution and the playback speed seems slowed down slightly. If the audio cut-outs bother you, try viewing at 720p (HD), or just turn down the volume and focus on Tony’s technique. The slight “slow-motion” effect actually makes it easier to see what Tony is doing. The video does seem to run best at 720p, if you have a high-speed connection.

YouTube Preview Image

Introduction to Benchrest Video
Birgir Saemundsson IBS RecordIn this second video, Birgir Runar Saemundsson of Iceland demonstrates free recoil technique near the start of the video. If you watch carefully you’ll see that only Birgir’s index finger touches the trigger. The rifle’s butt is not contacting Birgir’s shoulder when he pulls the trigger. This 11-minute video is part of an introduction to benchrest shooting that Saemundsson offers through his BRS Custom Rifles website. Birgir is a skilled shooter who set a 10-shot 200-yard IBS world record at the Kelbly Range in 1988. At right is Birgir’s 10-shot record target.
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March 7th, 2011

Lapua Introduces New .224 Caliber Bullets

new Lapua bulletsLapua recently announced that it is replacing three of its .224-caliber bullet types with new and improved versions. For service rifle shooters, the new GB541 looks like a good choice for short-course events.

55gr Softpoints Replaced with Non-Cannelure E539 Bullet
Two older soft point bullet designs, the 55gr E372 and the 55gr E369, are being replaced by Lapua’s new E539 55gr bullet. The E539 is a multi-purpose NON-cannelure soft point design with a 0.202 G1 BC.

New Higher-BC GB541 Bullet Replaces 69gr GB401
The .224 GB501 69gr Scenar has been replaced by a ballistically superior GB541 69gr Scenar bullet designed especially for long range target shooting. The new GB541 bullet has a 0.341 G1 Ballistic Coefficient and a 0.171 G7. Both numbers were established in field testing using Doppler Radar.

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