March 7th, 2011

Nosler’s ‘Australian Overrun’ Deal: 1000 6mm bullets for $103.80

Nosler is running a great special right now on over-stock 6mm varmint bullets. Nosler is selling 55gr flat-base spitzer bullets at just $103.80 for ONE THOUSAND bullets. That’s right, you read that correctly — you can buy 1000 bullets for just $103.80. And get this, shipping on all Nosler orders over $150.00 is FREE in the contiguous USA.

55 grain 6mm Nosler bullets

55-grainers Were Produced for Australian Shooters
These bullets were specifically made for the Austrailian kangaroo market. They are a flat-base, soft-point, spitzer bullet. According to Nosler, these 55-grainers do “very well for target shooting and varmint hunts”. Why are the bullets so cheap? There was a factory overrun in production, so that’s why Nosler has excess inventory. If you need lightweight 6mm varmint bullets, get your orders in right away. We expect this deal to sell out quickly. (And by that, we mean they could well be gone within 24 hours. You snooze, you lose.)

CLICK HERE For Australian Overrun Sale Shopping Cart Page.

Story sourced by Edlongrange.

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