July 15th, 2008

Nosler Offers Free Shipping on Orders over $75.00

This is Nosler’s 60th Year in business. To celebrate six decades in the shooting industry, each month Nosler is offering a special promotion. This July Nosler is offering FREE shipping on all products orders totaling $75.00 or more (with the exception of gun safes and firearms). This applies to direct orders through the Nosler Online Store.

You’ll find that Nosler’s direct-from-manufacturer bullet prices are competitive with other premium bullets sold by major retailers. Here are a few examples of the current Nosler Store prices:

20 Cal. 40gr Ballistic Tip 100 ct. $19.95
22 Cal. 50gr Ballistic Tip 100 ct. $19.95
22 Cal. 80gr HPBT match 100 ct. $19.95
6mm 80gr Ballistic Tip 100 ct. $22.95
6.5mm 140gr HPBT match 100 ct. $21.95
7mm 140gr Spitzer Ballistic Tip 50 ct. $16.95 (for 50)
30 Cal. 155gr HPBT match 100 ct. $23.95

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