September 21st, 2008

Lead-Free E-Tip Bullets on Sale at Midsouth

In some areas of the country, for environmental reasons, shooters and hunters are not allowed to use solid lead or lead-cored bullets. One of the options available for these shooters is the new E-Tip® bullet from Nosler. The E-Tip features a plastic tip, an expansion cavity, and a patent-pending alloy construction that Nosler claims provides less fouling, and better bullet-weight retention than traditional pure copper designs. Nosler claims that the E-Tip’s Expansion Cavity allows for immediate and uniform expansion yet retains 95%+ weight for improved penetration.

As a “September Special”, Midsouth Shooters Supply, is offering E-Tip bullets at discounted prices. Four bullet weights are offered in three calibers. The prices shown below are for 50-count boxes.

Caliber Bullet Midsouth Product ID Price for 50
.270 Win (.277) 130gr Spitzer 115-59298 $28.29
7mm (.284) 150gr Spitzer 115-59426 $29.73
30 Cal (.308) 150gr Spitzer 115-59378 $29.73
30 Cal (.308) 180gr Spitzer 115-59180 $31.80

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