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September 23rd, 2008

Schatz Wins NBRSA 1000-Yard Championship

Legendary North Dakota shooter Richard Schatz, the “Duke of Dashers”, has done it again. Competing in challenging conditions at Byers, Colorado, against a field of top shooters, Richard took the two-gun championship. Glen Sterling also shot very well. Both Richard and Glen broke the existing NBRSA 6-target Light Gun Group Aggregate record. Glen posted a 5.3272″ Agg, while Richard had a 5.3702.” The previous record (6.125″) was set by Schatz at Byers in 2004. We’re waiting for final results, but there was some talk that Schatz may also have set a new 12-target Score record, but that is unconfirmed. Excellent performances were also turned in by Duane Capehart, Robert Hoppe, Daryl Kopriva, Dee Thompkins, and Joe Thielen.

Schatz shot his trusty 15.5-lb, 6mm Dasher in both Light Gun and Heavy Gun classes. This rifle features a Shehane Baby Tracker stock, Nesika Model ‘K’ RBLP, right-eject action, and a 27″ Krieger barrel. The chamber is basically a no-turn neck, but Richard does “clean up” his necks, turning them to a uniform .013″ neck-wall thickness. Richard’s match load was 33.0 grains of Reloder 15, CCI 450s, and 105gr Berger VLDs. This load runs 3020-3050 fps. Richard notes: “That’s the [velocity] spot where every barrel I’ve had likes to run.” Richard’s Krieger barrel now has about 2000 rounds through it. When the barrel was new, Richard seated his bullets just “kissing the lands.” He has not chased the lands over time so he thinks his seating depth is now at least 0.010″ off the lands but he hasn’t measured recently. “I don’t know [the exact depth], and I don’t care,” Richard told us, “because it still shoots great.”

6mm Dasher

Complete Match Results
Thanks to Forrest Foster, below we offer complete Match Results for the 2008 NBRSA Nationals in spreadsheet format. Right Click and “save as” to download the files. You will need MS Excel (or an Excel Viewer) to open the files.

NBRSA 1K Nationals Complete Score | NBRSA 1K Nationals Complete Group

The course of fire at this match was 12 total targets at 1000 yards, six targets for Light Gun and six for Heavy Gun. There are five (5) shots for record per target in LG, and ten (10) shots per target in HG.

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September 23rd, 2008

New Catalog for AR-platform Rifles Lists 2000+ Items

Brownells has released its latest Catalog of AR-15 parts and accessories. This Third Edition has 76 pages of accessories, parts, tools and supplies for the popular semi-auto rifle platform. The new catalog lists 2000+ items, including 595 new products, plus almost 400 factory parts.

Brownells AR-15 Catalog #3

According to CEO Frank Brownell, “We matched the format of the big book (Catalog #61) making it really easy to find things. With the side bars, all the new products, the new custom-built guns, and the Made in USA flags, we think this is the best specialty book we’ve done so far.” Plus, for many products, there’s an online instructional video available.

You can order the FREE catalog at or by phone at 800-741-0015 (mention code #PEG). Or, download a FREE .pdf version of the catalog by clicking the link below.

CLICK HERE to download Brownell’s AR-15 Catalog #3

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